Is a Gluten-Free Diet Really Helpful?

Latest diet craze is feeding a multi-billion dollar industry that's facing some questions.
4:51 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Is a Gluten-Free Diet Really Helpful?
Like any respectable fad diet going gluten free had -- celebrity advocates legions of fans who say it's helped them. And a multi billion dollar industry that's follow. But -- He's giving up gluten actually a good thing for most people here's ABC's Terry Moran. By now you've probably heard about going gluten free the latest Health Grades. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow delegation -- There -- gluten free. Grocery store shelves -- -- with gluten free products it's also big business -- the US gluten free market predicted to reach six point six. Billion dollars by 2017. But what do people really know about -- anyway okay. Well luckily NS Jimmy Kimmel asked some gluten free -- if they know what gluten it is but what is written. This is pretty sad because I don't know. It is part I believe. Those weeks that. I don't know. -- -- This Grogan -- wheat gluten free movement. -- -- Vague term -- due to categorize things that are bad you know calories -- -- back. Somebody just told you you probably shouldn't eat at your local Christian -- And and the money. So let's review many celebrities hate. Food industries making billions off of people eliminating gluten from their diets -- -- get this a new study finds that many people who say they are sensitive or intolerant to gluten. Probably. This is. Really become a fat doctor Suzanne Stein -- as director of women's heart health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. People have grabbed onto the gluten free issue because they think it's healthy but this is a trend and it's connect. As quickly as -- can. Before it goes let's at least find out. What is gluten well it's a combination of two proteins found in wheat rye Barley and other grains. And many processed foods soups salad dressings and sauces to. And there are people about one in a 133. Who are -- -- with a genetic disorder. Called Celia disease that makes them truly unable to tolerate gluten. Like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. This is -- Special -- -- -- my name isn't just me on here -- visit to hang out. Back in 2012 we talked with Elizabeth and cohost of the view now with Fox News about her struggle with -- -- disease going gluten free. And how much better she feels now. Everything from Greg Brown's team of -- keys to. Adelson expand high -- in the -- those that are adopting yes for fashion trends that -- probably like get. -- going to see it there are many more options than any thoughts do you think I'd be better off. Reducing or eliminating gluten from my -- I think that if you gave yourself a challenge for you infantry he would find they -- energy levels would -- And then he would like how you felt every single day. Many people who don't have -- -- disease but say they suffer from gluten sensitivity have gone gluten free and they love it. But that is exactly what the recent study conducted in Australia. Debunks. Researchers gave people a high gluten diet and a gluten free diet making sure there were no other hard to digest compounds in the food. And it turns out that people who are not diagnosed with -- -- disease but say -- sensitive to gluten. Couldn't tell the difference in a blind test. So if people stopped eating gluten and still feel better are they imagining it. I'm not a 100% sure and keep -- intolerance is -- real thing. I had it myself. I have thousands of patients who have it now they suspect -- some people are severely intolerant. Some people have -- -- that disease -- -- extremely severe intolerant but some people have the money intolerance but they still haven't intolerance. It's real I see it every day in my practice I have to believe my patient. That's what we know now. Is it might not -- from the gluten but it actually might be from the short change difficult to digest carbohydrates. So and -- going gluten free taking these carbohydrates out of the diet. People started feeling better. And that began fat. But doctors who work with people claiming gluten sensitivity reject this new study they say it was too small just 37 people. And they are certain they are treating something -- sometimes it's hard to know what disease. -- -- -- -- I'm Terry Murray.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Latest diet craze is feeding a multi-billion dollar industry that's facing some questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23789144","title":"Is a Gluten-Free Diet Really Helpful?","url":"/Nightline/video/gluten-free-diet-helpful-23789144"}