'Godfather' Mansion for Rent: $600,000 a Month

The Beverly Hills mansion, which includes 29 bedrooms and a nightclub, is available to high rollers.
4:46 | 03/02/13

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Transcript for 'Godfather' Mansion for Rent: $600,000 a Month
Even by the standards of the rich and famous more than half a million dollars a month for a -- home. Is nothing short of extreme from a seller stocked with expensive fine wines to your own private nightclub. One historic Hollywood mansion is real estate at its most unreal. One of the price -- rentals in America ABC's nick watt brings us a private tour. Of what a -- 600 -- can buy you well at least temporarily. People like us a rarely lead to hang it in places like this -- with private nightclubs Paul war -- libraries. Pool tables that didn't take quarters gigantic swimming pools in the -- big enough to seek 400 within. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look right now past. How do you know if they're just tourists. Or if -- serious. Thirty years in the business it's very easy to tell if I don't know the name I can't go over them I ask for bank reference the bankrupt or they can even see it before they can see it. Yes exactly. And the money you would need 600000. Dollars a month the most expensive rental we confined in old. Paris and you're looking that can afford 600 and a month. It's going to be somebody who. Most likely. Is used to doing this think they will -- on for the same amount of money. You know for the summer the winter. Or not someone like me just pay utilities the utilities include. William Randolph Harris lived his final years here with that glamorous movie star Marian Davis and he pulled the ceilings with him. From his console in the -- Steve Martin -- the place when the chair it riches. Okay and let's stop pocket under don't want any vegetables. Which -- live here in the -- you might argue that science is about drank -- The cost will know this -- This is this legendary a view from Hollywood movie -- can be. The staircase you see there that's a famous Americans. -- Are there many places like this -- sadly there aren't. -- -- -- Many of the houses were torn down by people who wanted. Modern contemporary houses that's what makes this house source content it is one of the last remaining. Grant the states the -- The silver screen stars of today seem to prefer cliffs -- -- -- -- Exhibit a Julia Roberts twenty million dollars edifice and Adam -- displays nearby exits into the glass. And that news -- -- Downey junior he's rubbing shoulders with the Venice Beach poet Illinois received. That this glorious fragment of American history is -- for -- sale. Dollars Jeff -- -- thinks any buyer would likely before. 815 million dollars. And most likely it's going to be a buyer who live here maybe six weeks eight weeks out here has multiple -- -- Orioles -- sort of took notice. Someone's gonna pay a 115 million bucks to live here for six weeks a year exactly exactly and that's the case -- are high and the states. -- -- spelling mansion bowled by the British Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone. For -- reported. Cases are million -- And this would not be -- second home for anybody this will be a fourth -- fifth. A sixth home. -- but I don't know to save them from -- If you just want to rent and seventeen bedrooms and 29 bathrooms aren't quite enough there's also a seven bedroom guest -- and available for 85 grand a month gas tax -- -- -- -- yes yes one of the two fifths. You can have your mother looks they'd never see. With that the -- they're there. The wind said there it would also be a pleasure as with the -- cool pool and the constant team. But defendants. To come and relax me. -- -- Do you even -- it won't. Listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're not -- People actually pay 600 grand a month to rent this place this is -- The other half -- this is how a minute fraction of -- 1% -- -- -- -- I didn't envy. And it -- for Nightline. Beverly --

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{"id":18635109,"title":"'Godfather' Mansion for Rent: $600,000 a Month","duration":"4:46","description":"The Beverly Hills mansion, which includes 29 bedrooms and a nightclub, is available to high rollers.","url":"/Nightline/video/godfather-mansion-rent-600000-month-18635109","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}