Golden Dawn: Greece's Violent, Radical Political Party

The extreme right group blames foreigners and Jews for the country's economic crisis.
3:00 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Golden Dawn: Greece's Violent, Radical Political Party
An economic crisis reveals its miserable results and a lot of different ways for example. A soccer player in -- scores a goal and celebrates with an apparent Nazi salute. As public outrage spilled this man used Twitter to insist he didn't know the meaning of the -- But it's still cost -- a lifetime ban from the Greek plea. Because that country is struggling to contain the explosion. Of organized hate. A nasty side effect of the debt crisis there after seeing that salute hearing so many other disturbing tales. I took a trip to the oldest democracy in the world to see what we could learn about a far right group known. As gold. I didn't love the this is not how most politicians get out there. And policy debates currently -- body -- -- you look at what this is what's become of politics in the cradle of western civilization. Like most -- Athens I couldn't help but wonder the -- and wonder at the ancient Greeks who gave us democracy. -- philosophy but just blocks away. The founding modern Greek society on the brink crippled by years of failed leadership and a mountain of -- it cannot pay. Businesses shuttered neighborhoods got it and almost two out of three young -- unemployed. It's only natural look for somebody to blame. And. Into that vacuum of -- -- suspicion. March -- group known as golden all. -- -- the problem is anyways the dark skin and foreign blood. And as tensions rise immigrants in Athens can now literally -- -- resentful writing on the wall. Or fluttering from the golden dawn flag what does that symbol -- But the main insignia of the party it kind of resemblance to his -- Fear in their mind to Constantin -- your juices is a young filmmaker who managed to charm his way into the inner circle golden dawn. And over the course of -- month capture unguarded moments of sheer racist hatred toward the immigrant community. Mortgage and upper level the electrical meter humble -- this must be vulnerable as sort of the labels and I'm not build a political alternative people got -- my thinking about a -- won't. It is doubtful that it is -- you have it would not. That's turning them into soap making lamps from their skin and this guy is the equivalent the American in America he would be a candidate for. Congress. -- the film sparked outrage among the vast majority of Greeks and an investigation by the nation's criminal prosecutor. It's still considered the fastest growing and third most popular political party here. Winning eighteen of the 300 seats in parliament there is a part of the Greek and -- support the pond may be the thing that in -- to -- you know. That we have more policy it's good to have good movement he says that instead of embracing the thoughtful democratic legacy of Plato and Aristotle. Many of today's young Greeks are more enamored with the warriors spartans. -- trade in movies like 300. Violent race based attacks are on the rise. Those just once reported. Yeah and the party spokesman has yet to face charges after a pair of nationally televised attacks. On female opponents. -- -- After tossed a glass of water and woman's face punched another three times and he picked up 6000. Legs -- FaceBook yeah. And that of the marches through the stalls of immigrant merchants where work papers -- demanded and winners trash. They hold Greeks only food drives. This one ended with riot police and tear gas. But the efforts to win hearts and minds can be more subtle sometimes hate takes a form of a padlock playground. Out of that but I -- -- about. Out of but we'll look at them. To many of the -- -- the implication seemed clear that. Because immigrant children had been using this playground now no children could use this playground. And then came a message that was a lot less. Written in big patriotic -- him. White letters to the entrance of this church. That says all foreigners. Out of groups. -- bad numbers out of Oklahoma have moved up by double -- -- -- -- you have very. The bush got -- -- -- -- The party recently opened offices in Germany and Australia and a web -- even popped up claiming to be the New York office of golden dawn the first indication they want to spread their message to Greek Americans. We're good -- -- we'll got those that he. Because -- -- your juices film shows. This party sees blamed for Greece's woes spreading far beyond its shores with it and -- Jews in the small monitors in -- -- -- -- Our offense has since you know especially in you know they they keep posting aren't -- like. It's you know it's the -- come become about his. Both Greece to this point -- -- I think as we told you -- human beings to more about them they already had 7% injury they could get more. If you care about democracy whether -- American Greek. Israeli -- know -- that there anyplace of the plummets. We should stop people like.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The extreme right group blames foreigners and Jews for the country's economic crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19953130","title":"Golden Dawn: Greece's Violent, Radical Political Party","url":"/Nightline/video/golden-dawn-greeces-violent-radical-political-party-19953130"}