Do Guardian Angels Exist?

In moments of terror, people report being comforted by an invisible friend, but is it real?
6:36 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for Do Guardian Angels Exist?
Is it otherworldly -- synapse in the brain. Trapped in a car caught up in a terror attack it's those moments while fighting for survival that some people reported overwhelming sense of calm piercing through the panic. It's repeatedly described as spiritual even divine. Could -- the work of guardian angels ABC's -- -- their discovers some very surprising answers. In a moment of may. In that instant of exquisite fear and -- -- -- minor things. This is. Human beings often report being comforted by an invisible companion and you know pulling my guardian Angel could have saved me from such an accident in this -- rose -- and Bhutto says she glimpsed Hurst at the scene of a terrible car wreck. Nixon D'auria never felt alone -- lost for days in California canyon did you at any point. And I my body that -- -- I'm excited -- presents. And the last words Felix Baumgartner heard before stepping from the brink of space in route to setting the world skydiving record and worthiness. OK yeah. And I thought it -- -- take care of him. Again and again and again as my guardian Angel was here who. Is a guardian and. Well that's -- great mysteries. John Geiger internationally known explorer and author has been investigating this phenomenon for years. His book the third man factor lays out his -- The stories are always similar that there is sense of -- another being. -- presence very vividly there's never any fear. Or panic. When is being appears there's just a sense of calm. Peace. It happened to Stephanie joie bound about his religious and so. These would -- cave diving for a search project in the Bahamas she suddenly lost -- guide -- in an instant her life was on the line. The suddenly realize that I was in trouble if I knew my heart -- here it bouncing in my years. And I just kind of sat on the floor and I started crying -- never cried underwater for. Only weeks before -- and -- husband and diving partner rob Palmer had died in a diving accident in the Red Sea and now alone she's facing her own dark death. Suddenly the whole. -- just brightened up. And into that world float in the words of staff -- husband and believe you can believe you can either way. -- right. And then I. -- calm down and then I suddenly looked around and I saw what I thought was a threat to white bread which is my -- that's -- So I. Flooded out and lo and behold it was my line. He was there -- -- in -- way you know enough. An emotional way. So -- Stephanie is experience to be explained. Isn't this just possibly and hallucination. No I don't think it is hallucination. I I think what people are experiencing as a saint -- area no concrete survival mechanism that is. You know part of. -- believes that any life threatening crisis in our minds experienced both the terror of the moment and a piece of perspective. And then the bringing. Able to sort of stand back from that. And sort of rise above that and rationally figure a way. To help this person get through that -- guardian Angel gives us the guardian angels -- us. In extreme cases are subconscious companion appears to take the form of a physical or spiritual entity. Rose -- and -- for example believes this photograph seen by millions on the Internet. He is proof of the guardian Angel who helped her escape from a near fatal car accident. John Geiger doesn't see it. When -- officially -- I'm skeptical and yet voices he says like the one Stephanie Schwab are heard seemed to be almost commonplace. And they always -- -- -- -- heard a voice -- -- -- I say well did you wasn't -- with other people heard the -- -- so their there's a communication that's that's happening. Inside inside. Sometimes the communication. Isn't with sound but with images. Few weeks ago Marty Hodges took his two teenage boys skiing in Colorado. Wide open spaces perfect for a man -- an extreme case of claustrophobia. But then an apple and -- side just coming towards me. It's really fast and I can do anything and and I finally my goggles ripped off -- I and snow coming down my -- I couldn't breathe for like fifteen seconds. For me. You know when -- was it was known and I immediately was turned inside and out in this complete blackness. Did brochure was going to die but instead of being paralyzed by his claustrophobia. -- mind delivered an even more chilling -- And a reason to fight his way -- I could see myself literally at Denver International Airport. Are on the tarmac then watching him going old fashioned pine box being slid into the back of 77. Me I can see it very clear that -- that image come -- I have no idea. Driven by that haunting image Marty instantly made his decision. Battling through the snow he was able to search for and then reunite with -- -- And just last week in Boston Steve Burns standing at the finish line when the first bomb exploded and made a split second decision to turn away from where the next bomb would -- its hat. I know that 12 different and six inches to the right and it would have been a whole different outcome for myself I. -- guardian Angel was down through my shoulder that today. Left on answered of course is why so many others never found their guardian angels. Still in the -- all of these case remind us again that it can be a very rough universe out. To survive it help from an invisible companion. Just be a -- humans are very resilient and I think that. The basis of that resilience in part is this capacity that's that's the sense that we are not alone.

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{"id":19055487,"title":"Do Guardian Angels Exist?","duration":"6:36","description":"In moments of terror, people report being comforted by an invisible friend, but is it real?","url":"/Nightline/video/guardian-angels-exist-19055487","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}