Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher Talk 'Star Wars' Then and Now

After starring in the original movies together, Ford and Fisher are back as Han Solo and Leia in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."
6:29 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher Talk 'Star Wars' Then and Now
You know, there's a little move why opening onned from. It's called "Star wars: The force a wakens." Already getting stellar reviews and it's not even officially out yet. Harrison Ford and Carrie fisher let "World news tonight" anchor David Muir in on the secrets to their iconic chemistry. Turns out there's a little behind the seens competition as well. Reporter: The even opening of "Star wars: The force a wakens" almost here. Chew chew why, we're home. Action! Reporter: Director Janet Jackson Janet Jackson Abrams and the Cass on day 1. We are here on day one. Of "Star wars episode 7." How incredible that is? Reporter: Janet Jackson Janet Jackson Abrams has said he loves what creator George Lucas set out to do from the very smart start. That these were filming about the every is man, every is woman, absolute nobody hot were decembered. Thank you. Yeah. I think that's true. That is salt of the Earth type people are put in difficult circumstances. It's true. All of it. Reporter: You've seen this thing. Oh this thing? This big thing, truss me. It's good. What do you think? The parts where I'm in it are distressing. But everything but everything else is really great. When they hear the art parts with lie yeah are distressing when. I got older and anyone told me. And then they put me on a screen really, really big. And they put me in hi-def. Reporter: The epic reunion fans have been waiting more than 30 years for. Harrison Ford and Carrie fisher together again in "Star wars." You spend spent so much time with Harrison Ford over the years and in this move why that you ran out of things to say except that you're still endlessly impressed by how svelte he still is. That is so a nowing. Men have 1 fat sell and women have 2 to that 1. Harrison looks really good and he works at it too. He also was born with D a DNA jackpot. Reporter: We told him what she said. Moseley interested in how Harrison has stayed in such good shape all these years. Thank you, Carrie. Reporter: Carrie fisher setting the record straight all those years later on that controversial gold bikini in "Return of the jedi." I never hated the bikini. I was surprised when it happened because I'd been covered in white for most of the movies. If you're going to water wear a slave outfit, make sure a giant slug forces you to do it. And make sure that you're 23. Reporter: In fact, she was just 19 in the first "Star wars." I had a very round face and they asked me to lose, tap, 10 pound pounds. They thought it was all in my face. At 19 when they tell you that you have to lose wait for a film when. You want to hide. You think they're going to say, oh, you didn't lose it. Bring in Jodie foster! Which didn't happen. No, but I seriously was when you know. Nervous. The irony there, though, that is princess Leia really inspired young girls right from the start. But not to be pretty. But she was really pretty. No, no when yes, and yes know that. Reporter: She knows that now. Harrison Ford's own return didn't go quite as expected. Fa pass to forward 30 years Ar or mother more, you make it to the set, they nearly take you out. Second day, yeah. Yeah. When the door comes down. Waelsed the first whole day. Reporter: He broke his leg, pinned to the floor. Were you on the set when the door came down on him? You could feel a disturbance in the whenning some had had bad happened. I was in think my trailer. You literally looked up and thought,ing some bad happened. Then it sort of moves through when it was in the air. It was really bad. Reporter: Then another accident. Haired to son Ford's crash in his vintage manner. The fuel system failed. Then you break the other leg. I break the other leg. It's been a tough year for my family. Reporter: But he's flying again. Has anyone in the fall family said, maybe we should just stick to the falcon? No. Reporter: He recovered by summer to join Carrie and the companies at cammic-con. You walk out, the audience is wild. There was actually a moment when Harrison looked a little overwhelmed, moved. Doubt it. He's per never been moved. Han solo or Harrison? I don't ow. Was that a reminder of the wonder of this film from the very beginning? Yeah, it was a remine minder of sort of power of the audience. And I was glat glad to be you know, still a round. Reporter: It was the tension between Han solo and princess Leia that fueled it all here in "Empire strikes back." A trade I was going to leave without giving you a good is by dis. I'd just as soon disdisa would be why. I can arrange that. You said, I'd rather play happen Han solo? Yes, that's true. That's the business character. I'm glad the female can yell at the men. You're driver than I thought. From "Star wars" to "Empire strikes back" and one of the most famous seens of all. I love you. I know. The famous moment where you say I love you. I know. That's what he says. I know. Would he say that today? Yeah he would. Not wiser? Still the wise guy? He is still a wise guy. But what we've all been through a lot, we're trying together to get it together. Do you get together? I can't tell you that. Present you. You might need this. I think I can handle myself. That's why I'm giving to it you. Life experience in 30 years. There's history which has influence on his character. The notes of ironic cynicism, the certain wobbly moral system, is still there. Reporter: A generation later the children who once watched in awe are now part of it. After actor John boyega bringing his storm trooper for Harrison to sign. He signed his action figure! Do they have any what what they're walking 92? How could you know? You have no idea. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm David Muir in New York. Oh, "Star wars: The force a wakens" comes from our parent company Disney. The hotly anticipated film opens in theaters everywhere from.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"After starring in the original movies together, Ford and Fisher are back as Han Solo and Leia in \"Star Wars: The Force Awakens.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"35813978","title":"Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher Talk 'Star Wars' Then and Now","url":"/Nightline/video/harrison-ford-carrie-fisher-talk-star-wars-now-35813978"}