Harvey Weinstein fired after misconduct allegations surface

The New York Times published a report alleging that several women had made accusations against Weinstein.
7:36 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein fired after misconduct allegations surface
Some say it was an open secret. Hidden just behind the glittering red carpets and all the praise. I would like to thank Harvey Weinstein. Thank you to Harvey. Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today. It's an old Hollywood joke that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein gets more thank yous at awards shows than god. My agent, and god, Harvey Weinstein. Now turning to condemnation after a stunning fall from grace. Bombshell allegations of sexual harassment throughout the past 30 years. There were rumors. We are not surprised at all. I've been hearing about this for more than 20 years. It began Thursday with a scathing "New York Times" report, stories of women being paid off to keep silent about Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct. The media powerhouse targeted young assistants and famous actresses alike. Stars like Ashley Judd, who finally put Weinstein's face to a story she's been telling for years. The way she tells us, Harvey Weinstein was in his bathroom and he starts making her a kind of series of offers starting with, you look so tired. You've been shooting all night. Can I please give you a massage? And she said that she said no. According to Ashley, he said, will you at least watch me take a shower. Her voice carries a lot, a lot of weight. And people look at her as courageous, as they should. Judd now being praised for her bravery, opening up about alleged harassment, the kind women often stay silent about, especially when it involves powerful men. He had a tremendous advantage. He had power. He had money. You know, he could dangle in front of people the possibility of awards, the possibility of becoming movie stars. And on the other side of that was the opportunity to get smeared by his lawyers, be blacklisted in the industry and wreck your life. According to "The New York Times," Weinstein reached private settlements with at least eight women, with an agreement to stay silent. One of those women is reportedly actress rose Mcgowan. Rose Mcgowan has gone around for many years kind of just dancing around the implication that she's had some horrible experience with Harvey Weinstein. Taking to Twitter after the "Times" article Mcgowan posting this photo of herself from years ago with the message, this is the girl that was hurt by a monster. This is who you are shaming with your silence. Weinstein responded to the article saying he planned to take a leave of absence and, quote, I appreciate the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and iincerely apologize for it. Weinstein had already hired lawyer Lisa bloom as an adviser. She talked to good morning America Friday. I've worked with Harvey for a year and these rumors have swirled around him for a long time. I said to him, what's going on? This is not okay. A day after this interview, bloom quit. At the same time Weinstein's personal lawyer said the article was saturated with false and defamatory statements and that Weinstein was going to sue the newspaper. Weinstein, a notoriously hot tempered executive discussed his reputation in an interview with my colleague Terry Moran while filming the movie "Bully." I have to be honest, ten years ago I had a pretty bad temper. Redemptive because the press around you is you're a tough guy. Bully not but certainly tough and temperamental about work pf I've always defended people who needed it. I've always hated injustice. I might be tough, but I hate injustice. Harvey liked to operate from a point of fear. Harvey was the guy who yelled at everybody. This was not a nice guy, but he was a wealthy guy. He was powerful guy. He could make careers. The co-founder of miramax, head of the Weinstein company, the name behind blockbusters like "Silver linings playbook." Do you feel that? That's emotion. And "Django unchained." What's your name? Catapulting the careers of some of Hollywood's a-listers. Harvey Weinstein who believes in us and made this movie. I must thank the book of Weinstein. Mazel tov. But by Sunday his own career seemed to be over. The Weinstein board including Harvey's younger brother Bob fired the company co-chair. It's possible that there were things that they know that we don't know that haven't come out yet that may be even worse. Sharon Waxman was a "New York Times" reporter back in 2004 when she says she first tried to break a story about Weinstein's alleged inappropriate behavior with women. Went to London to meet with somebody who I was -- I could confirm had been paid off, but I didn't know how much. I didn't know for what. I didn't have the details. It was not something that I could publish in "The New York Times" or elsewhere. But I knew she existed because I met her. But she was terrified to speak. I understand why. Because she knew she was open to legal liability if she did that. The "Times" responding to Waxman saying no one currently at the times has knowledge of editorial decisions made on that story. But the only reason a story would be held would be it didn't meet our standards for publication. Now, more women coming forward with allegations about Weinstein, some dating back years. Good evening, everyone. It's 7:00. I'm Lauren savin. A former local news anchor in Long Island in an interview with Megyn Kelly says Weinstein made unwanted and lewd sexual advances to her at a New York restaurant more than ten years a ago. He cornered me in the vestibule and leaned in and tried to kiss me, which I immediately rebuffed. I had no idea what was going to happen. It happened very quickly. And he immediately exposed himself and, you know, began pleasuring himself, and I just stood there dumbfounded. Why is it that so many women stay silent? I think that we need a culture on the corporate side of all companies where women are actively encouraged to speak up when they encounter harassment. Some Hollywood elites pushing back against the notion that Weinstein's decades of misbehavior were an open secret. Vocal feminist Meryl Streep issuing a blistering statement. The disgraceful news about Harvey Weinstein has appalled those of us whose work he championed. One thing can be clarified, not everybody knew. His ouster comes amid an upheaval of media moguls. The late Roger Ailes resigned and Bill O'Reilly was fired from high powered positions within Fox News following a string of sexual harassment allegations. Both men denied the allegations against them. When men get too much money they think they can misbehave. Can Hollywood return from this? I think they call that a cliff-hanger. There's many people that don't have a second act left in them. But it will take a while. He was very, very badly damaged.

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{"id":50384031,"title":"Harvey Weinstein fired after misconduct allegations surface","duration":"7:36","description":"The New York Times published a report alleging that several women had made accusations against Weinstein.","url":"/Nightline/video/harvey-weinstein-fired-misconduct-allegations-surface-50384031","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}