Hillary Clinton Makes History

Clinton secures the Democratic nomination after a dramatic DNC roll call, but emotions are still running high for Bernie Sanders supporters.
8:44 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Makes History
Clinton is not known for being brief. In 1988, the then-governor's 33-minute speech got a roar of applause, only when he announced it was almost over. In closing -- Reporter: Of course, we all wonder what role first gentleman bill Clinton will play in the white house, if his wife manages to win in November. On "60 minutes," Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim kaine alluded to a potential role for the former president. Senator, you're going to be vice president in a white house with two presidents. I mean, it's an embarrassment of riches. What do you think of that notion? I think it's an all hands on deck time. President Obama called on the secretary to explain him stuff. I think there are areas he can speak uniquely based on his own circumstances. Reporter: Despite vocal protests and infighting between the sanders and Clinton camps, on the convention floor tonight, the party seeming to come together. Tonight, tonight, on this night, we will shatter that glass ceiling again. Reporter: With the official nomination and roll call -- Are we ready to make some history? Reporter: State by state, delegates pledging their votes for both Clinton and sanders. 27 votes for the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton. Bernie sanders. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nine votes for Bernie sanders. For a future we can believe in, senator Bernie sanders. Reporter: Of course, it was Hillary who beat out their candidate. But for those like Hawaii's party chair Tim van Der veer, this is no time to hold grudges. Is today a defeat for you? It's not a defeat, absolutely not. The revolution will continue. Bernie has said, made quite clear, we're just getting started, this is the beginning, and we've got to come together as democrats, nominate the next president -- Reporter: Among those speaking on stage for Hillary tonight, people personally touched by Clinton's work, like 9/11 survivor Lauren manning. She walked into my hospital room and she took my bandaged hand into her own. Our connection wasn't between a senator and a constituent. It was person to person. Reporter: Also showing support, Anton Moore, a local community activist dedicated to reducing gun violence in south philly. In society today, we must stand up, promote nonviolence, and that's why I'm with Hillary Clinton come November. Reporter: The 30-year-old is the founder of unity in the community. I met up with him yesterday in the south philly neighborhood where he grew up, in the shadow of the convention hall. Why is Hillary good on this? She understands what a lot of these families are going through. It's tough times out here. What makes you say that? A lot of people think Hillary's out of touch. Here's the thing. There's never a perfect candidate, but you have the good and you have the bad. I look at experience. We need somebody with experience to handle these issues. Reporter: And tonight Hollywood out in full force, both on social media and on the convention floor. Whoo! Reporter: Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham, America Ferrera, and actress Elizabeth banks, took the convention stage. Her entrance, rather familiar. Trump's campaign is so hard up for money I fought their fog machine on Ebay for 30 bucks. I think a week and a half ago a fog machine light show at a political convention would have been a joke. And it's still a joke this week. Reporter: And Alicia keys closing out the show. Here in Philadelphia, the city that gave birth to the ideal that all men are created equal, now the birthplace for a new era of gender equality.

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{"duration":"8:44","description":"Clinton secures the Democratic nomination after a dramatic DNC roll call, but emotions are still running high for Bernie Sanders supporters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"40914773","title":"Hillary Clinton Makes History","url":"/Nightline/video/hillary-clinton-makes-history-female-presidential-nominee-40914773"}