Hoax Hunter Claims to Expose People Who Fake Illness, Ask for Money

Taryn Harper Wright says she has cracked 17 cases of suspected illness fraud in the last three years.
8:06 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for Hoax Hunter Claims to Expose People Who Fake Illness, Ask for Money
It began with the desperate plea on what appeared to be a cancer stricken families go fund B page a sob story that one hopes detective says turned out to be. A tall tale. Tonight inside the investigation as she says she uncovers a couple's attempt to exploit their supposed illness online and confronts them. Here's ABC's Alex Perez. Huge sell heartbreaking Sondra. Let's keep looking for their website hey my name is Julian I'm making this account for my sick husband Jason Taylor I have never done as more and he could really use all the help and yet. Jason Taylor Martinez apparently stricken with a bewildering variety of cancers he's been sick all his life with cancer often on earth for the past five years he's had a brain tumor which is now three. Stomach tumor and not stage for a bone cancer. Jason's loyal husband Julian baker takes to the crowd funding Internet site go for agreeing to make a passionate plea with the headline help save a life. It's a story Terry harper writes in says she knows all too well as touching tale of being emotional pleas for help and money there's just one problem. She thinks the line. Heinous Karen harper right and I am a hoax contact. The 37 year old former futures trader from Chicago prides herself on being called the internet's premiere faking illness detective I. History can't heater box and it started something like that just sort of getting the bottom of the stories carried says she cracked seventeen cases of suspected illness fraud in the last three years. Part of this soaring Internet crime rate that the FBI says cost consumers 800 million dollars a year. Her first hoax busted way back into any twelve might some familiar. Remember little Eli during the courageous six year old cancer survivor known as warrior Eli I think at three different types of cancer at one point the Internet had been humming with his story for years. But turned right to a skeptical and a hunch she tried searching the web for other places that der photos might have appeared. Lo and behold this image of Eli siblings and sunglasses. Posted on their dads is supposed did FaceBook page also appeared on a site of a popular mommy blogger. In of all places. South Africa. Have you discovered at Stephen T images of my children you lawyers into her story of seek aid didn't realize until after the first hoax that I uncovered I'd I didn't realize how much this impacted people. We met with terror and just the issue is preparing to post her latest case to her blog taking a last look at Julian and. Please everybody he could use all the help he gets you read that are back and that's pulling your heart strings there if I don't know he Terence says that what he really shows isn't cancer but is in part they psychological behavioral condition. And as mud houses lay injured. Much custom Bynum turned it is a term like corn and back in the year 2000. To refer to cases in which people go on line. And use her lie about it or exaggerated ailments psychiatrist doctor Mark Feldman is a preeminent experts on bogus illness claims they do that because. They like the emotional gratification they kept from having people pay attention to them but what are our Jason into wins claims. And why is right so convinced the wrong. The star she says Jason doesn't seem to know the first thing about the cancer he has supposedly been battling for years. The wave that his certain things he can't be named the head of cancer that he has he knows that begins with a C. And she says the couple's claims of a fatal illness seem contradicted by Jason's apparently healthy appearance in photographs are to Feldman agrees. There's a photograph of him holding a tired old. Looking robust. Even clearer Jason has rust it is blood from staples allegedly left inside his body. He says put him on dialysis. This was among the most highly suspect cases. I've ever seen and I've been looking into these cases reporting Ayers the most egregious post according to paranoid. If picture of Jason allegedly close to death from cancer and pneumonia laying in a hospital back. If he had pneumonia if he had a blood pressure what's and he forever hundred. The doctor apparently told a news on his deathbed. You have an oxygen mask over his face he would have an IV he would not have again like a mass that they can be at the airport when you have a cough. The monitoring machines according to rights is skeptical fellow bloggers seemingly not actually connected to his body. And force their repeated requests for money they're focus keeps being on Monday. And so I do think this falls into the criminal or elm. Criminal joy it has previously been arrested and convicted of negotiating worthless instruments. But Terrence as in this case all comes down to that go far me page with a 45000. Dollar fundraising goal. How much money have they re so far 1870. Dollars and when you look at the stories of the people who have donated. I wish I could do so much more I'm literally in tears right now looking at your page I'll send you more when I can't return right. It's time to press send your about to go live with this have climbed from the respond. Almost instantaneous. Night it's got one from. Jason don't write it has cancer what do you tell it's not a hoax why would someone lie about being sick I would never that's not right. In Africa that's crazy I would kiss deepens. Think that. Mean chemotherapy. Treatments. Do not require it be okay can land. War in Medicaid. Patient. The couple insisted they were telling the truth posting on their go funding paged. I'm really sick and going through a lot and people wanna say this kind of stuff it hurts us back why would anyone want to lie about anything so painful is this. Just four days after terror and revealed her findings go funds meet terminated the campaign and refunded all sixty of their donors so far and be told us they remove the campaign due to a high velocity of complaints. And said in a statement we remove any accounts that we deem to be fraudulent. Banned the campaign organizer from our site and work actively with low portrait to help them prosecute criminal activity. After Terence his story posted and Jason and Julie and set up a time to meet with ABC news to tell us their side of the story but canceled at the last minute. After repeated attempts to interview them fail to we went down to rural Alabama to pay them a visit or. Coming up. On. Trailer home that we believe. Jason and Julie deliberately. Hello hi around my name is out spread with ABC news we're trying to find. Julie end her days then can you help us out. The landlord leader told us they left suddenly without notice in to owed money did you hear anything about our website somewhere on a website named Karen writes. Terror and our right. You know where they sit it out if any of them within. We're gonna call the lower here and see if we can find them straight Julian first. To voicemail. The silence it wouldn't last long the couple reaching out to us by email denying they had done anything wrong and saying they would talk to us when they were ready. We're still waiting to have that conversation. Based upon the evidence this is made up from day one terror and sees the takedown of Jason and Julie in school fund me as another feather in their cap. Something that would make Nancy Drew she were real very proud. For Nightline I'm Alex Perez in Chicago. There is a contributor to ABC's sister network fusion and recently signed on with a production company to develop a TV show. Centered on her investigations.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"Taryn Harper Wright says she has cracked 17 cases of suspected illness fraud in the last three years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"36369533","title":"Hoax Hunter Claims to Expose People Who Fake Illness, Ask for Money","url":"/Nightline/video/hoax-hunter-claims-expose-people-fake-illness-money-36369533"}