From Homeless Heroin Addict to Millionaire Juice Mogul

Khalil Rafati once lived on Skid Row in Los Angeles, got sober and founded the juice and smoothie empire, SunLife Organics.
4:53 | 10/28/16

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Transcript for From Homeless Heroin Addict to Millionaire Juice Mogul
The next story will inspire you or make you hungry. A few years ago the man you're about to meet was a drug addict on skid row. Now he's a successful businessman hobnobbing with celebrities. Here's Nick watt with all the details. Reporter: Skid row, los Angeles. Why are you here? Reporter: We're here because for a year half this was this man's home. I'm not scared of any of this stuff. I can handle myself. But the smell, I'm now sweating. You know? Reporter: It's bringing it back? It's bringing it back. Reporter: Life as a destitute heroin addict. Your teeth are rotting out of your head and you have a smell on your body that is so disgusting that it's unbearable, and the only thing that you can do at that point is get high. Reporter: That was 13 years ago. He now has a juice and smoothie empire based in malibu. I'm getting a mildly cullty feeling. I'll take it. Reporter: A devoted celebrity clientele. Cindy trau Cindy Crawford, Liam Hemsworth. How did this happen? Pause, that face and that face, same guy. This has got to be a hell of a story. I think the obsession and the addiction has gotten more powerful as the years have gone by, but, again, in channelled into a positive direction. Reporter: No more snack and crack. It's smoothies now. Banana snz. Reporter: All organic. Everything is organic. Reporter: We're definitely in malibu now. Yes. Reporter: It is still a reflective of an addictive personal personality. You're being polite, but you can say it. I'm an addict. And it's never going to change. Reporter: His daily fix hot yoga and this stuff. That has vegan protein powder. We use a special honey from India that is while it's being made the monks are chanting. Reporter: This is sounding very crazy California right now. It is, yeah. Reporter: He was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. There was a lot of violence when I was a child and sexual abuse. Reporter: He came to California as soon as he did, did odd jobs for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor. He was able to maintain and sustain. Reporter: Dealing a little weed and fun in the sun. Once heroin came into the picture, I didn't care. It was as if god himself came down and hugged me. There was no fear. There was no anxiety. I literally did not care. I was like I don't care if my life goes to hell. Reporter: A life he tried to end after a fight with a girlfriend. I took everything I had. I put it in a spoon and shot it. Reporter: Hoping to die? Absolutely. Hoping to die. Ultimately I was that guy sitting at the gas station just like this, because that was all I could manage to do was just panhandle. Reporter: Here on skid row. It was really about moving, walking, scoring, selling, fixing. I can't believe I got out. I mean, you don't get out. Reporter: He just wrote a book, I forgot to die. Why put this in a book? To let people know they can change if they truly want to. Reporter: Finally, he truly wanted to. Found sobriety and juice. My friend, SHAWN would bring me ginger and raw nuts when I was newly sober and he nursed me. Reporter: He worked and met his current business partner, and girlfriend, Haley. Not everybody can open a chain of juice stores to keep them clean. It's not just super foods that saved my life. It's a healthy lifestyle that saved my life. Reporter: Okay, but listen, L.A. Is bristling with juice bars. Many fail, but not this one. Why has it worked? Because it's authentic, because it's real. Those spiritual masters said to serve is to rule. But it's true. You know how whitexcited I was to make you that smoothie? That's what life is about. Reporter: That's very good. When we come back, Mariah

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Khalil Rafati once lived on Skid Row in Los Angeles, got sober and founded the juice and smoothie empire, SunLife Organics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"43125293","title":"From Homeless Heroin Addict to Millionaire Juice Mogul","url":"/Nightline/video/homeless-heroin-addict-millionaire-juice-mogul-43125293"}