'More Than Human': Animal Portraits

Photographer Tim Flach's series aims to explore the raw, human-like emotions in animals.
3:00 | 02/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'More Than Human': Animal Portraits
In viral YouTube videos are any indication we love watching people act like they're animals but what those animals whose gestures and expressions make that -- surprisingly. Human. Well one photographers on a mission to break down species barriers and the results. Are priceless here's ABC's mix shift from. Look into their office. -- -- appeared echo human gestures and human poses. Human love. -- was not -- -- importance. From the deadly. The -- photographer Tim flash has spent the last seven years and covering all that humans and animals by shedding. A baby I'm not it is something that we instantly make a pretense about ourselves. Even creatures we think nothing of stepping. Call crisis -- is something you think we can make interest I wanted to make a portrait that had school must. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Animals' gruff and scared yeah there's a sense of it could be something from content of the opera is looking -- They're still taking shape unexpected -- He's captured hundreds of images from every corner of the plan. And -- spontaneous. But how in the world could get them to sit still it's okay. It's like OK gang busted again think of lost it and I got to go go go -- The ninth -- that turns out not so easy. What I'd like it is today how can creates a new city outreach animal but he invited us to watch and photograph of barn now named Barney Syrian capital way it. I think you get -- Tom -- piece of would it be the other way around. Turns out working with animals can be like working with well spoiled -- looks like us we had a good -- back day. You its usage this. And none of it can be stressed that loser make until it's okay to be that. And he does that would all kinds of creatures. Who's the -- is the elephant in the monkey who looks like he's -- -- the panda who looks like he's singing. And then there's -- the chimp who's suffering from human condition he lost his hand. You know it's no human has put -- -- think he could be some character from the film. Television should look more intensely things come -- the convention. To other people. -- -- CA quote and his way out whether it's improved -- with Barney is slightly frustrated Tim resorts to scare in the port Fella. Remember the -- but -- not that I -- That's that you got it. And suddenly this emerges I think -- did he -- -- one. And another it takes -- not just to the bad -- and other associations. -- like a human -- gesture but considered. Engaging and looks like it's it's -- to communicate with you. Communicate -- empathy we didn't even realize that we had those who is that presence of just being wore a mention. And are you still and thank. I'm still enjoy it makes sense still that he might I think and claps. For Nightline I'm -- -- -- in London.

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{"id":18415956,"title":"'More Than Human': Animal Portraits","duration":"3:00","description":"Photographer Tim Flach's series aims to explore the raw, human-like emotions in animals.","url":"/Nightline/video/human-animal-portraits-18415956","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}