Inside Disney Pixar, Home of the 'Brave'

A private tour of the fun house where the Oscar-nominated animated blockbuster was made.
3:00 | 02/16/13

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Transcript for Inside Disney Pixar, Home of the 'Brave'
-- a little upstart movie studio -- 29 Oscars in just eighteen years while vacuuming billions at the box office while. It helps to build the coolest office space in America. Complete with a hidden speak easy free cereal and sword fights and then use it to attract the best computer animators and storytellers. In the world. Brave is the latest feel good academy -- -- -- -- -- -- Pixar before director Mark Andrews dons the red carpet talks. He's given ABC's Bob Woodruff firsthand look at Pixar is precious it. For our series Oscar confidential. Yeah. Here's what happens when you combine that Disney style fairy tale with a healthy dose of Pixar movie magic. -- epic -- but not so fair princess. Brave is already grossed more than 500 million dollars. Taken home a Golden Globe and is in line to win -- -- seven Oscar for best animated movie. Down from parts aren't. -- Armed with a bow and arrow merit is a fiery red headed lass whose battle is less with a rival Scottish clans and more with her mother. Who is unhappy that unlike other Disney princesses America has no intention of marrying a prince. She's more interested in fighting for her freedom. Braves' director Mark Andrews knows a thing or two about freedom. His job description includes shooting woes and arrows he gave us a rare glimpse inside Pixar and the place he calls an off. So when I came on board the -- this is all the stuff that I do you normally at home and on weekends and stuff but I'm. Just to have a good time -- just an exercise bank of my head. It may just looked like fun and games this is how the filmmakers actually research branch mark wanted to -- animators to know how which fell to hold the weight of the -- so that they could recreate that reality in the the film. I used to Cleland to catch that I can lock their sword down -- just do that and it. You know used to other parts of my body to fight so in the video we see of the film producers hope that we'll just like that. Oh yeah there's that sort of -- Ferguson and Mike Pence down. America comes -- -- -- -- -- -- This type of intense research is nothing new for Pixar whose thirteen movies have won over hearts and wallets. For blockbusters like Finding Nemo and a trilogy of toy stories. For brave filmmakers even went to Scotland to get every detail right. Going to Scotland this Easter Island -- to lie down and Heather and you know that's how they get out the window to see how dark the water is that changes. The person to characteristic we put that in the film. That helps make this story those details real -- audience wants to be swept away go to these places not superficial bullet. Really stands out -- brave is -- his fight against her parents' plans to get her -- It just isn't really glad I have -- -- And her -- fiery red hair why red hair. We will basically we want to see here at every frame of the film like that for Pixar this is also their first fairy -- Movies they've never liked people. Honestly my memory it is. I was the one that would walk into the room and say I hate fairy tale movies and you've got to make it be something that I would -- enjoy. And and so I was sort of throwing the dollar down as the test case for like can you make people that would normally wanna go to -- that has. Castles and princesses and it wanted to see it. In 2006 Pixar was bought by ABC's parent company Disney. The studio stands as a citadel of creativity. Steve Jobs design this atrium to get people out of their offices in Mingo to cultivate I. Although Pixar has developed incredible software. John Lasseter the chief creative officer told Nightline's Bill -- two years ago that their real goal is to be remembered mostly as storytellers. We never won at the technology. To be the thing that people were interest. It's a story and it's the characters in brave that old adage may be truer than ever -- the first Pixar film with a female protagonist. She is a dynamic character -- emotions she's -- -- and that isn't to -- teen age and it's you know that's kind of growth. And and adventure and action she's -- this transition. America -- replies we want -- to represent back. You certainly don't want under the about ready teenager minority want something about a domineering mother it's got it it's big -- -- yes. And that was really hard to to -- to fine tune. The teenager who in a moment of rebellion turns her mother into a fair. It's spends the rest of the -- trying to save her. Why did you -- this idea that the mother would be a fair. -- that show her strong yeah I mean you know first of all there's the protection element there's no one. You know no one more powerful than -- a mother bear protecting her young. So there's that. -- -- As they have so many times before Pixar has pushed creative boundaries as far as they can. And this. Fantasy rules. The grown kids. For Nightline I'm Bob Woodruff and emirates California. And you can see how brave fares on Academy Award night right here on ABC February 24. The big show airs thanks to Bob.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A private tour of the fun house where the Oscar-nominated animated blockbuster was made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18517828","title":"Inside Disney Pixar, Home of the 'Brave'","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-disney-pixar-home-brave-18517828"}