Insta-Sales: Using Instagram for Personal Shopping

Entrepreneurs and major fashion brands are turning to the photo-sharing social tool to promote items for sale.
6:52 | 12/04/14

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Transcript for Insta-Sales: Using Instagram for Personal Shopping
Most of us use instagram to post pictures of our pets, our kids, our food, and, of course, ourselves. But now, it's becoming a sort of digital age consignment store. High fashion for low, louse prilow prices. And we're going to tell you how to get in on this and maybe even cash in, as well. Here's ABC's Mara schiavocampo. Reporter: It's an insta-shopping revolution. Instagram, not just for selfies and food porn anymore. Now, it's also heaven for fashionistas. Your own personal shopping mall. The store frontses are hash tags. Search insta shop, shop my closet or insta sale and you'll find over 5 million posts, receiving everything from des designer shoes and bags to vintage couture. There's no more hard work. You don't have to lug bags across town to the resale shop. You can do everything from your own bedroom. Snap a photo and post it right then and there. Style blogger Alyssa says she's made $300 in just one month, just from clearing out items she no longer wanted. What got you doing this? I am constant it will on instagram, like I said, and I noticed people doing this. I thought, maybe I'm building up enough of a following here where I can do the same? And I thought, hey, let me give this a try and just in the first round I had some great sales, so, it's good. Reporter: And women all across the country are cashing in. My name is Bethany, I'm an instagram seller. I have 5,183 followers. Reporter: Bethany, from Dallas, tells us her insta selling startled as a hobby in college. Here's where the magic happens. Reporter: Now, she's turned it into a full-time business. This jacket. I think I bought it for maybe $5 and then I had it for sale for $30, $35. Reporter: She buys items from Shi thrift stores and resells them. This is one of my favorite places in Dallas to shop. These are going home with me. Reporter: How much are they? These are 20. Reporter: So you'll sell them for -- Maybe 75? I need to clean them off a little bit. But that's so easy. People really do love vintage. So, I will probably get this one. Reporter: She's cashed in $5,000 from instagram sales this month. I am here to pick up instagram stuff. Reporter: Insta selling also helps women like Ashley. She had a small consignment shop in Tennessee, but to boost sales, Ashley took to instagram and customers came flocking. When we opened this in January, we knew we wanted to use online sales as a way to drive customers to our store, but we didn't want to use the traditional means we were using before. Reporter: Now, a quarter of her revenue is insta-based. It drives customers into our store that are local that have never been in our store before. They'll come in to get one item that they've seen on instagram and usually end up buying several additional items. Reporter: So, how does it all work? Search a hash tag, like, insta sale, and go shopping. When you like an item, comment on it, letting the seller know you want it. The transaction happens through services like paypal. I decided to see for myself. Could anyone take closet clutter and turn it into insta money? I invited Alyssa over to shop my closet. What could I sell? I'm seeing some great faux fur right here. Tell me about this. This was a target special. I have never worn it. Exactly. That's why this is so great. We all have items sitting in our closet that we bought on impulse or thinking, this is awesome, and you never wear it. Someone else will, believe it or not. I think this is actually the perfect item. It's seasonal. It's perfect for fall right now. It would photograph well. Reporter: What would you price this at? You have to keep in mind what you want to get out of the sale. I would probably price it at $35. See how it goes. Reporter: Okay. What else do you think might work? Let's see. I really like this polka dot top. Reporter: Funny. I hate it. Someone will love it out there. This is a great brand name. It's bcbg. It's sheer, sheer is always in. It has the plate detail. Kind of a classic pattern. I think it appeals to a wide audience. A lot of people love it. So, I think it's perfect. I would probably post it, maybe $20, 25 bucks. Reporter: But to do it right, cure rating is key. Items need to stand out and be unique. This is the perfect example of something that may or may not sell. It's kind of just a plain T, it has the graphic on it. I think this is something that someone may be able to go into any local chain store and just kind of purchase on their own for maybe even the same price. Reporter: And taking a good photo is everything. Really important to update the brightness up. I put most of the descriptions in the caption of the photo and I say a few key words. Sheer polka dot blouse and I say the size. Let's try 20 for this one. Reporter: Let's do it. Let's post this one. Reporter: First customer to comment wins the sale. Another thing that's really important is kind of customer service. You still want your customers to finish it feeling like, hey, that was awesome and I want to buy something from Alyssa again. Reporter: The success of insta shopping has big brands taking notice. Mark Jacobs, Michael kors, coach and Bannan that republic are just some of the few that have turned to instagram to appeal to virtual window shoppers. In fact, 93% of big brand lgs N now have an instagram presence. That's up from 63% in July. Although you can't directly buy items from those big designers on instagram just yet, knee is a Garcia says there's a huge business potential for brand retailers selling on instagram. Instagram is changing the game in terms of fashion, because it's such a powerful visual tool. They're using instagram to further communicate their message, to inspire, to possibly get the customer to come and look at their product, to come and walk into a store. Reporter: We reached out to instagram and they said it wasn't meant to be a commerce platform, but they are inspired by the ways individuals and organizations have grown their brands. As for my own wardrobe? Well, I'm still waiting for my first insta sale. That polka dot shirt is looking for a happy closet. For "Nightline," I'm Mara see ca

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{"id":27356300,"title":"Insta-Sales: Using Instagram for Personal Shopping","duration":"6:52","description":"Entrepreneurs and major fashion brands are turning to the photo-sharing social tool to promote items for sale.","url":"/Nightline/video/insta-sales-instagram-personal-shopping-27356300","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}