'Invisible War' Shines Light on Rape in the Military

Oscar-nominated documentary reveals a hidden crisis among American servicemen and women.
5:29 | 02/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Invisible War' Shines Light on Rape in the Military
It has long been a shameful secret inside the US military. The widespread epidemic of rape and sexual assault. -- our country's defenders find themselves defenseless. And often with out a way to seek justice. Now many of them are telling their stories in a powerful and moving Oscar nominated documentary. Women have reached some of the highest echelons in the military. They -- fighter pilots. Sit at the controls of green want to have earned silver stars for courage under fire. As well as a general's Forestar -- -- may be succeeding on the front lines there is an invisible battle that is taking its total. Listen to these women. The data I was rates he hit me in the head and knocked me out I remember putting the closet thinking. What just happened. And their stories are the heart of the Oscar nominated documentary the invisible war. This is happening to me surely I'm not the only one a film that shines a light on a hidden epidemic. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs some 30% of women in the military had been raped or sexually assaulted. While serving their country. Just astounded by the statistics I mean. 191000. Men and women are being sexually assaulted chair in the US military. The film unveils not just the high prevalence of attacks. But also focuses on the military's response. You keep hearing the same stories again and again mean three times we heard. A story about a woman -- a single. She was raped by a married man yet she was charged or threatened to be charged with adultery. Just attend as is one of the survivors whose story is highlighted in the film. The military -- something that always ended -- I come from a military family I want to go and join. And start a career so you and let's I don't -- you tell me what you did. I was crew chief on an F fifteen I was responsible for the whole aircraft. Top to bottom and look forward to retiring in the military conflict that was medically retired from PT ST from being -- Tell me what happens. I went to go to sleep and this -- was an an adjoining room he -- -- through my bathroom and raped me. Walked back out through the adjoining room -- this book bag and thinking anybody and laughed. Her alleged attacker told authorities he stopped when she said no. -- -- Jessica was transferred to another base the -- -- accused of sweeping her was given a commendation. For his work. Ultimately the military command weighed in and dismissed the case. I felt like a formal threat to justice pharmacists so wrong. In fact only 8% of assault cases go to trial it's fully controlled by the chain of command and it's not an impartial judicial system the way we. Expect as Americans. Susan -- represents Jessica and dozens of other servicemen and women in the lawsuit against the military. So from my perspective. What we have is the very people who are the bravest among -- scene of the most willing. To get out there and you know sacrifice. To defend the nation they don't -- -- the same justice that we as Americans take for granite and it's not just that Europe. Predator is not going to be punished the chances are you will be asked you lose your career. Every survivor. Who had the courage to report all of them drummed out of the service. The case was recently dismissed. A fed rate that the hazard to military service. And I can't believe that since reality -- Unnerving at -- that rape. Is a hazard of military servants yes. If that activity is into the the buzz phrases incident to service so if it's an occupational hazard. More women are raped and proof that women shouldn't be in the military more men are actually rape and women -- more men are raped than women in the military. The military reaction to the film. Far from criticizing at the military has many using the film and -- sexual assault training program. We estimate that in 2012 alone 10% of the military saw the -- 235000. Men and women. So we hope that changes culture but again the most important change has to come at the top. And that may be happening within days of screening the film secretary of defense Leon Panetta. Calls for change. Sexual assault has no place. In the military. It is a violation of everything. That the US military stands for. But just attendance and Susan -- say relying on the military to correct the problem is nigh eve. Congress -- to -- to change the law if. Congress. Doesn't step forward and fix that. You wouldn't we have just we've made our troops second class citizens in our own nation can we fix that they have at how war. To eradicate. Rape and eradicate sexual assault it's doable. Disney's to be done it doesn't have to take another twenty years -- -- -- a year -- -- -- this can be done immediately and effectively Sara Collins. There's -- a zero dollar. -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Oscar-nominated documentary reveals a hidden crisis among American servicemen and women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18572947","title":"'Invisible War' Shines Light on Rape in the Military","url":"/Nightline/video/invisible-war-shines-light-rape-military-18572947"}