Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Families Pray for Ceasefire

As missiles fly across Gaza and Israel, troops gear up for what could be all-out war.
3:49 | 11/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Families Pray for Ceasefire
We turned out of the high stakes stand up gripping the Middle East today Israeli strikes killed 28 Palestinians according to the Gaza health ministry. As the war -- to -- different -- possible or -- full scale war is just around the corner. ABC's Alex mark -- reports from Gaza on Middle East on the brink. Day six of this escalation in the rocket fire between Israel and the Gaza Strip remains a strong and destructive as ever. While tonight there's talk of a cease fire here in Gaza it feels a long way away it was like him. Small they bombed and everywhere. Today at this refugee camp in northern Gaza children were sweeping up the debris from blown up buildings. This is not the kind of life Mohamad -- -- wants for his four year old daughter. They wanted and having these. No one no one wants -- no one. All the fuss is the peace but what kind of -- cleaning. Does that -- Israel is ready to escalate their operation. Dubbed pillar of defense. The deal cannot be reached its Israeli tanks and troops have been massing along the border for days. And the army has called up 40000 reservists. Israel is prepared to do what ever action is necessary. To defend our people. Today Hamas said the ball is in Israel's court and family I say that we are not against a truce hamas' top leader said. Because we did not start the war. Until then the carnage continues. More than 100 people have been killed in Gaza almost half civilians and three in Israel. Yesterday the deadliest attack on the deadliest day. An Israeli strike killed eleven people in one house knowing from a single family including a mother and her four children. Today the bodies -- the -- family were taken from the morgue for burial. And most here are extremely high again they're filming anything. -- The most feared there is no thinking about a ceasefire. All the children and innocents being killed he wants Hamas to keep firing at Israel the hope the menace of -- -- what did they do to be killed like that this man told us. We ask all the Palestinian groups to retaliate for these massacres. Israel says Hamas is using civilians as human shields by launching missiles from populated areas. Israel says it has taken down some 350. Of the rockets fired from Gaza -- -- sophisticated iron dome missile shield. It was developed with the help with the US which contributed 200 million dollars to fund it so far it's been very effective. Israel says it has hit 90% of the missiles heading for populated areas. It's also expensive. Every interceptor missile it fires off cost as much as a 100000 dollars. Almost 700 rockets have landed in Israel here one hit a girl's school in the southern city of ash along. Thankfully it was -- classes have been canceled since the fighting started. Air raid sirens forcing people to stay home and take cover in bomb shelters. Civilians on both sides of this conflict are in the line of fire tonight some of the most vulnerable children. Palestinian and Israeli alikes running for cover as missiles fly in. But it won't be until the adults sit down and hash out a deal that they'll be safe. And as is always the question in this part of the world if peace does come how Long Will it last. For Nightline I'm Alex mark part in the Gaza Strip.

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{"id":17765510,"title":"Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Families Pray for Ceasefire","duration":"3:49","description":"As missiles fly across Gaza and Israel, troops gear up for what could be all-out war.","url":"/Nightline/video/israeli-palestinian-conflict-families-pray-ceasefire-17765510","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}