Jeffrey Epstein's death behind bars raises questions about investigation, NYC jail

The accused sex trafficker was found dead of an apparent suicide on Saturday. Attorney General Barr said Epstein's case would continue and that he was "angered" by the jail's "failure" to secure him.
8:52 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for Jeffrey Epstein's death behind bars raises questions about investigation, NYC jail
I really wanted justice. I really wanted him to take up for what he did and to be put in jail. Reporter: The alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, the financier charged with sexually abusing and trafficking dozens of underage girls, reacting to his death by apparent suicide. He was found hanging in his cell Saturday morning at the metropolitan correctional center in downtown Manhattan. This photo showing emts attempting to revive Epstein as he's wheeled into a New York hospital. Many of his accusers like Michelle lacota now worried their chance at justice is gone. I know that everybody else is livid, angry, that they don't get to see him go to jail. Reporter: His death sending shock waves and raising questions about whether or not he was being watched carefully enough by the prison. It touched off immediate cries of how does this happen. Jeffrey Epstein was a high-profile inmate in a federal jail that's filled with high-profile inmates. Reporter: As questions swirl, federal investigators were seen raiding Jeffrey Epstein's property in the U.S. Virgin Islands today. Is that significant? It is clear that they want to turn over everything in Epstein's life at this point. They want to know any wrongdoing that he was up to. Reporter: It was less than three weeks ago that Epstein was first put on suicide watch. Whatever happened with Jeffrey Epstein in prison back in mid July still has not been fully explained. He was unresponsive in his cell with what sources describe to us as marks on his neck. He even went to the hospital. Reporter: But just six days later Epstein was taken off suicide watch, in part at the urnling of his defense attorneys. Sources familiar with the decision told ABC news. He would have undergone more than one psychiatric evaluation and the move even went all the way up to the deputy attorney general Jeffrey Rosen, who was informed that Epstein was no longer on suicide watch. Reporter: Attorney general bill Barr said he is appalled by the federal prison's failure to secure Epstein. We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. The FBI and the office of inspector general are doing just There have been complaints of chronic understaffing inside MCC Manhattan. A number of overtime shifts. Reporter: Guards were supposed to check on Epstein every 30 minutes. But sources say the protocol was not followed in the hours before he was discovered. The wealthy financier was set to go on trial next year. Prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's office allege that from about 2002 to 2005 Epstein sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York, and palm beach, Florida. Among other locations. Using cash payments to recruit a vast network of underaged victims. Some of them as young as 14 years old. His death came less than 24 hours after 2,000 pages of new court documents including depositions and police reports were made public. The people who have to be really concerned are the ones who may have been involved with helping, aiding, abetting because they're looking at this as a possible Korns. Reporter: The documents now in a civil defamation case between alleged trafficking victim Virginia Roberts gufray and long-time Epstein associate the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell who Epstein yierz describe as his madam. In deposition testimony she says Maxwell recruited her to be a teenage sex slave taupestein and that Epstein directed her to have sex with powerful men including former governor bill Richardson, former senator George Mitchell, and prince Andrew. All of these men have adamantly denied these accusations. Mitchell and Richardson issued statements that they never met gufray. Maxwell has not been charged and consistently denies the accusations against her. Over the weekend a medical examiner performed an autopsy on Epstein but released a statement saying that their determination is pending further information at this time. Medical examiner's offices often want to see any pictures, any video, hear any witness accounts before they announce their determination of cause and manner of death. I'm told, though, there is no doubt in the medical examiner's office that Jeffrey Epstein took his own life by hanging. Reporter: A private pathologist, Dr. Michael bawden, observed the autopsy at the quf Epstein's lawyers. I think what happened to Jeffrey was he felt trapped, that he's never going to get out of this. Quite possibly in the back of his mind is there's always other things they could potentially charge me with. It's like a house of cards that he's living in and the cards now are starting to tumble and he can't control them. Reporter: But the lack of official information has put conspiracy theories into overdrive because of Epstein's circle of connections. President trump who's known to retweet conspiracy theories even retweeted one about the Clintons because Bill Clinton had been associated for a time with Jeffrey Epstein. It's shameful that the president is retweeting conspiracy theories about the Clintons, and it would be shameful if another person of the president's stature was retweeting something implicating the president. Because there's no evidence to support it. Reporter: President Clinton did have a social connection to Epstein but his office has denied he knew anything about Epstein's terrible crimes. President trump also knew Epstein. In a 2002 profile in "New York" magazine before any allegations surfaced trump called Epstein a terrific guy adding "It is even said he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side." But just last month the president denied being close to Epstein. And he he was a fixture in palm beach. I had a falling out with him a long time ago. I don't think I've spoken to him in 15 years. I wasn't a fan. Reporter: Michelle lacota says she was 15 years old when she was recrueltied by another high school girl to give Epstein a massage. And he kept saying god, you're just so beautiful and sexy and gorgeous. And it was making me feel really uncomfortable. Reporter: Lacota told investigators in a police interview at the time that Epstein sexually assaulted her. Then he wanted me to rub his he kept asking me to go lower and lower. He was kind of talking to me like letting me know fw his sex life. Reporter: Another accuser court nir wild says Epstein becaused her as a teenage girl. I'm brought by someone sxels we're massaging him and after about 30 minutes of that he asked the girl I was with to get way downstairs. After she left he asked me to get comfortable, to take my clothes off, that I could leave my bra and panties on. So I did that. And he just wanted me to stand next to him as he like, you know, touched me and stuff like that. As he masturbated. And then that was that. Reporter: Wild says she became part of Epstein's alleged recruiting scheme. For every girl I could bring he'd give me $200. Reporter: It's a burden she's carried for more than a decade. I just held so much guilt for ever having somebody do that or introducing that to mb's life. Reporter: In early July federal agents banged open the door of Epstein's 7-story, $77 million home on Manhattan's upper east side. They say they found hundreds if not thousands of female nude or partially nude photographs. Some of the photos seemed to show underaged girls. And inside a locked safe, compact discs, one allegedly labeled "Young miscellaneous news 1." The charges are very serious and they carry with them a sentence of a maximum 45 years in jail. Reporter: Epstein pled not guilty to one count of sex trafficking and sex trafficking with conspiracy. The July charges against Epstein were not his first. In 2005 investigators identified more than 30 alleged victims. Federal prosecutors prepared a 53-page indictment against Epstein in 2007. But in a secret plea deal he avoided federal charges in exchange for pleading guilty in state court to two felony prostitution charges. He served just 13 months in a county jail and registered as a sex offender. Despite Epstein's death today the attorney general assured the public that the case against him is not over. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy. The victims deserve justice and they will get it. Reporter: Now investigators are hoping that other women will come forward. Michelle echoing their call. Your voice is very important. And it needs to be heard. Nobody should ever treat anybody the way he has and get away with it.

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"The accused sex trafficker was found dead of an apparent suicide on Saturday. Attorney General Barr said Epstein's case would continue and that he was \"angered\" by the jail's \"failure\" to secure him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"64937363","title":"Jeffrey Epstein's death behind bars raises questions about investigation, NYC jail","url":"/Nightline/video/jeffrey-epsteins-death-bars-raises-questions-investigation-nyc-64937363"}