Jodi Arias Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder

Inside the bizarre twists and turns of the months-long murder trial in Arizona.
3:00 | 05/08/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder
-- -- four months of shocking evidence tearful accounts of self defense and stomach turning details. Of -- grisly killing the -- areas case new transcend today when an Arizona jury found areas guilty of murder. In the first degree but it's not over yet in the wake of this highly anticipated verdict. This same jury now holds her life. In their hands here's ABC's Brian Allen. State and Arizona vs Indiana -- verdict count one. They are the words Travis Alexander's family has waited five years to hear it it -- -- problem first degree murder guilty. Travis -- siblings exhaled in relief and broke down in tears as for the woman just convicted of murdering her ex boyfriend. -- areas dressed all in black barely flinched. It was almost as if she knew it was coming immediately after the verdict areas spoke to the fox affiliate here in Phoenix -- this message for the victim's family. I hope that now that a verdict has been -- that they are able to find peace. -- -- -- Areas also said she was surprised by the verdict. It was an expected. For me yes because there was no premeditation on the card can see how things look that way but. I didn't expect premeditation. Outside the Phoenix courthouse. The crowd erupted as word spread this State's most notorious defendant. Was officially -- convicted killer and Sydney. Yeah. Travis is closest friends Chris and Skype use sat down -- ABC news just after the verdict. -- -- -- -- Best friends -- Travis and tell. The day dying and we did a lot of fun things together. And it hasn't it's been a tough five years. It took those eight men and four women just more than fifteen hours to convict a 32 year old killer of premeditated murder. She stabbed Alexander 27 times slit his throat from -- do we hear. And then shot him in their heads in the bathroom of his Mesa, Arizona home not a big surprise deteriorates was convicted of first degree murder. There was not just evidence that she killed Travis Allen -- admitted that. But the evidence of premeditation. -- was pretty overwhelmed HLN anchor Nancy Grace has been following every sensational -- -- of the trial. But it was as if she were looking that each one in the eyes this teaching them to reverse their verdict juror number one description for. I think truly this is the first time they -- areas has ever been held. Accountable. For what she did. Before reaching this verdict the jury heard four months of tawdry and often tearful testimony. Couldn't believe it wouldn't happen that I couldn't keep anything that -- -- just happened. A remarkable eighteen days of them from -- areas herself. Did you killed Travis Alexander -- June 4 2008. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her defense came right from -- -- melt. That she killed her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander -- before he could kill her. She told the jury of a violent fight for life that happened in Travis is bathroom. On June -- of 2008. The aspiring photographer said she was snapping sexy photos of her -- in the shower. When she dropped his new camera. -- -- -- -- -- -- body slam me again -- tile. From the witness stand at 32 year old even acted out how she claimed Travis lunged at her she told the jury she shot him in the head. But -- can't remember what happened after that. What factors influence. Your -- I'm usually landed in molecular screening and you're really need absolute -- to -- him to answer yeah that -- -- really -- Fiery prosecutor Juan Martinez has a very different story about what happened that fateful summer -- In the bloody bathroom of Travis Alexander's Mesa, Arizona home -- list. Step in the car yeah. They also -- out there are three different ways. Yeah she killed them he told the jury areas -- the Mormon businessman and -- his murder so no other woman could have them. Travis his own friend suspected -- immediately. She and -- Hogan is a true crime writer who has followed this case from the beginning. She interviewed Travis his friends who found his decomposing body five days after -- killed them for her book picture perfect. They go to Travis -- room and the doors locked the roommate goes -- gets the key and as the doors are cast don't then they're hit with this putrid smell. And they open up the door and the light shining from the bathroom -- reflecting off a blood pool on the carpet. And the roommate and one of the friends goes in and they follow this path of bloody footprints. Up into the shower where they see. Their friend lying their dad once the friends -- Travis in this condition. They're obviously panicked but they have an initial thought about who might have done us from the moment of the 911 call people are pointing the fingers Jodi. Everyone and his -- knew Jody was obsessed with them. But at this point detectives have no evidence those friends are right. Until one -- notices a clue a long way from the bathroom. As he's accepting the house he passes through the laundry room and he sees a red smear on the washing machine. And inside is where rediscover the clued them -- this whole case. And that is that is the camera with the photos of him on his last day of his life. Photos -- -- and sexually provocative poses with -- and then the second batch of photos of him in the shower. And then a final batch which are these photos of him and he's bleeding on the ground and he's he's being murdered. That's right the detectives not only had pictures of the couple having sex the day of the crime and then -- shower opposes snapped in the last seconds of Travis -- life. But they actually have a shot of -- areas moving Travis is bloody body. And that's when the lies began. On these police interrogation tapes played in court first she denied being -- Travis is Mesa, Arizona home -- I'm just here to alienate -- who isn't me. When confronted with all of those pictures and a mountain of forensic evidence. -- -- concocted a new tale. That she was that Travis is how's that fateful day when two masked intruders broke in and slaughtered him but spared her. She even acted out the dramatic scene for the detective said. Six years and I heard this. Well -- bringing the detective didn't buy it and -- was arrested for murder she flashed a smile in her mug shot. Since being locked up she's made quite a name for herself winning jailhouse singing competitions -- -- And there -- currently. And granting national television interviews like this one with a show inside edition. Where she made this bold prediction. Nigeria's going to convict me. -- -- Because I'm innocent and you can mark my -- -- -- jury -- convict me well she was wrong about that. Now that same jury will decide if she lives or dies but penalty phase of her trial begins tomorrow afternoon. And could last several weeks. I don't think she deserves the freedom that she would have at summit -- -- life without for all. I think he deserves a life to have somebody on death row -- the worst outcome for me lately. Natural life I would much -- -- -- and later longevity friends and family come spend the rest of my natural life in one place. I believe dentist failed to bring them so I'd rather just have my freedom -- Pacific -- Tonight that statement has landed Judy areas on suicide watch in jail tomorrow the same eight men and four women who just convicted her of first degree murder. Will hear evidence that could decide -- she in fact becomes the third woman on Arizona's death row. And I'm Brian Owens for Nightline. In Phoenix.

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{"id":19139281,"title":"Jodi Arias Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"Inside the bizarre twists and turns of the months-long murder trial in Arizona.","url":"/Nightline/video/jodi-arias-found-guilty-degree-murder-19139281","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}