Kavanaugh nomination: Committee moves Judge Brett Kavanaugh forward

But the floor vote is delayed a week as the panel asks the administration to direct an FBI investigation into "current credible" sexual assault claims.
7:46 | 09/29/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh nomination: Committee moves Judge Brett Kavanaugh forward
I was S aaulted and nobo believedme. I didn't tell Y. Re telng aen that they don't matter that they should S because ifl you what happened to them ye goi to ignore them. Orter: The lasti pain ofsexual asslt laidar for one senator to what Y're tling me right now, look at me WHE I'm talkingoyou,'t look away from me. E tell me it doest matter what happened to reporter:eff flake, the republicrom izona, aaay roo yeah ch MARIA gallaer who say they're survivors of sexual hat you aoi lowing somneho actual violated a woman in the suprcourt. This is not tolerable. Reporte Sor flake, a key swing Vo, was H W to judicry committee, plning toote to confirm judge kavana on's hiest whenheomen court nomie. You H children in your family -- Reporter: Anna MARIA spoke by phone to ABC news. We weren't really Wil to let him gohout actually looking at us and forcing him listen to our stories and making hiderstand T G the mes tt he was sending to country. I'moing to call on senor flake- Reporter: Hours later in Mont no one S coming,lake put the brakes on kavanas confirmati Rorter: Calling for an FBI investign into accusations byr. Blasey Ford that Kavanaugh locked her I room and drunkenly attacked her WHE they re both S. We ought to D what we can tomake sure that well diligence with aominatio this T. This country's being ripped aparhere. R: It was a breakthrough in a bitter battle that has divided theat and count and reached aever pitch after sterday's emotionastimony. What degree of cer you believbrett Kavanaugh assaulted you? 00%. I've N sllyed anyone, not in high school, not in college N ever. Reporter: Republicans stunned by flake's decision, H title choicut to agree with only a two-ority in the senate seteier Mitch Mcconnell needs every republin vote to confirm to the Mitch Mcconnell is an incrly power he' only ser the votes. The ft is T he did not control the if he does not H 50s ready toupport Brett Kavanaugh all. Reporter: S after the senate judiciary committee formally requested that presidtrump ord the FBI T nduct a limit invtigation into the aations defense T granted. Just want it to wor out thiote to happen immeely. But the were bhent a corner on thione. They H the FBI to investige. For posbl replacementmp says is thappeng, H is not even thinking about one. After the day's dustsettled, senator flemented on S rpng move. Ry toring pple togetr little, do something that republicannd some mocrats, at least, could agree Rter: Allalong, Dr. Ford has made it cle she welco an FBI investigation. You sficallysked F an FBI investid you not? Yes. Reporter: Adding that an inveigation cod help fil in the gaps in hermemo you still just butistent THA T FBI shouldnvestigate your recollection and your claim? Like I could be helpful I that wa the case in providing somof the detailhat maybeeople a wanting to know out. Reporteuring yesterday ar the democratic senators sedan about the need for investion. You resist that kind of vestigatio Sir, I welcome - I hearing last week. I'm asking Abo the FBI investation. The CMI figures out how to ask thequestion I' datever. I've been on thehone multiple times withmittee couel -- Dr. Kavanaug W you supportn F investigation T now? I do whaverhe committee wants -- Psonally dyoink at's the bt us to O answer? Epr: In a statement Brett kavanasaid I've don everything they have requested and W ctinue to cooperate. Do think that eo re background inveation andoget heottom of the allegatio agnst judge I Thi holds promise of delivering a result tt does feel lik it's about more than just politics, right, is a downerious accusations, tg to figure out if TRE cro evidence, then allowina to be taken on judge kanaugh with full action. Reporter: For now it's in the hands of thou heo do new interviews with D F and judge Kavanaugh. You have to recrte the life 36 yearsago. Because it's the only way you'r Regar basis ancanou actuayet to the thisccurred? Reporter: Dr. Ford herself woulbe theey person for turned FBI irs to interview. Her testimony contained ser vid and precise tails, for attack wit Brett Kavanaugh's friend, mark judge, who she says wasn the . What is the strongest mem you? The strongest memory of the incident,omething that you ot forget? Au th laugh -- the uproar yus laugerethe two their un at my EXPEN Reporter: Dr. Flso offed specics THA C easily be checked, include she S jge short after the alleged attack wor a local supermarket. I cinly wlde I could be more helpfo every I I knew the date that orked at safeway so that I could give a more spec date of the assault. Yould obvusly inter him, yds to when worked there, and see what that posbly triggers for her. Reporter:jue, a vering alcoholic and cancer survivor wrote book "Wasted: Tales of axe of the cracter high scnt passedutdrunk. The charter'sname, Bart o'kaugh. arto'kavanaugh?yes or no. You'dav to ask him. Reporter: Now the FBI just gh th.ter markgerote th cooperate. So far no one has been to corrate details of wh Dr. Rd says haened that night 36 a. And the FBI hasnly been G on W T investigation. You're going earn very N one week and the probls that you'll get to th end tk and you may have justs far as figuring out -- even finding people in week. So you may have very limited or ew iormation a end of one week. Reporte W clock now ticking and afact-finding mission undway, the stakes dnhigher and Ford, judge Kavanaugh, the entire un wait. Next, a griin

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"But the floor vote is delayed a week as the panel asks the administration to direct an FBI investigation into \"current credible\" sexual assault claims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58166895","title":"Kavanaugh nomination: Committee moves Judge Brett Kavanaugh forward","url":"/Nightline/video/kavanaugh-nomination-committee-moves-judge-brett-kavanaugh-forward-58166895"}