Hello Kitty Cafe Takes Sweet Tour to NYC

Fans from California to Times Square are eating up this food truck full of cakes, cookies and treats.
2:40 | 10/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hello Kitty Cafe Takes Sweet Tour to NYC
Head for the cemetery! She's the cute queen of a super-lucrative empire. Hello kitty is adding a new jewel to her crown. Here again my "Nightline" coanchor juju Chang. Reporter: Say hello to the latest food truck craze. Attracting a crowd of unabashed fans. I was saying to my boss, I've got to go right now! This is only here today. I took a late lunch break to find the truck. Reporter: From California to times square. The hello kitty cafe is on a sweet tour. Mini cakes, cookies, macaroons all giving fans a taste of this hello kitty state of mind. Some people might know hello kitty from erasers and backpacks and lunch boxes. We're taking it to another level. Reporter: In New York City today, those hello kitty delights all sold out within hours. I kind of wish they had some food in stock. But oh well. Came a little late. It happens. Reporter: The selling secret? Hello kitty herself. She may be the embodiment of cute. But behind those sweet eyes is a very big business. The San Rio company who owns and licenses hello kitty and a host of other characters reportedly earned $8 billion in 2013. There are 50,000 hello kitty products in more than 70 countries. It's a craze my colleague Abbie Boudreau experienced firsthand during the very first hello kitty-con. It's no surprise why last year 25,000 fans flocked this museum in downtown L.A. To celebrate their red-bowed hero on her 40th birthday. Oh my god, what don't I love? She's iconic to us. She's evolved with women and children. So, I mean, she loves her, I love her. I can still be a kid at heart at my age. Reporter: To think it all started with a simple coin purse. Sold for 220 yen, a little under $1, at the time. Reporter: Today this ambassador of adorable is hiding in every corner. There's even high fashion. Hello kitty couture. She's part of fashion. Reporter: From little girls to grandmas and everyone else in between, even some guys embracing all things kitty. I ended up buying a head band. It was too cute. I never liked power rangers, never liked Thomas tank engine, Barbie, anything like that. It was always hello kitty. I grew up with these characters. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm juju Chang in New York. Among hello kitty's famous fans, tennis star Venus Williams who said, I don't carry a purse while I fly because I have my hello kitty carry-on. Who knew.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Fans from California to Times Square are eating up this food truck full of cakes, cookies and treats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"34754320","title":"Hello Kitty Cafe Takes Sweet Tour to NYC","url":"/Nightline/video/kitty-cafe-takes-sweet-tour-nyc-34754320"}