Lulu App Lets Only Women Rate Exes

Women can rate guys on things like character and kissing, but is it all in good fun or just mean?
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Lulu App Lets Only Women Rate Exes
chase. So you can. Cc1 Test message Good evening. And thanks for joining us. Dating online has never been easier. It's not all wine and roses. The hot new app lulu is stirring up controversy for its anonymous, often snarky reviews of men. Some find it down right offensive. I went inside the brave new world of dating to find out. This one has pitchy exes. That's like a no-no. Obsessed with his mom. That's a definite no. Panty dropper. Reporter: These women are doing something women have been doing for generations, even centuries. Talking smack about men. A lot of hitting quit it. Reporter: But the age of the smart app have started a new revolution in dating. It's called lulu and exclusively for women. Ladies like Sara, Kate and Renee can check out anonymous reviews about potential boyfriends, written by their exes, friends and former flings. As soon as you meet someone, that's sort of your first go-to is oh, what can I find out about them without being creepy. It's essentially yelp about men, made up entirely of clever hashtags, categorizing his best and worst trades. Manscape. Lulu is spreading like wildfire with a million users over the globe. But some call it man hates, sexist and bad for women. It's completely an application about judging pop people. And would you want to be judged yourself? Absolutely not. Of course, websites like cheaterville and don't date him girl have let women publicly shamed misbehaving boyfriends for years. But the creator denies it pits women against men. She says it's about knowledge, not revenge. Some of the most popular ones are #will act silly. #Cleans up good. #Epic smile. Yet there are plenty of negative ones, too. Quite a few. There's a worst of section. #Hygienically challenged is one. A lot of people say men are being rated in a way that's demeaning to a guy. That a man is reduced to a snarky hashtag. We live in a world where we get references for an important job or if you're renting or buying an apartment. I really think that why not get references for people we're going to end up in relationships with. I think it's equally as important. Smarter decision making. That's what lulu is all about. If you have this one, if you're a date and they have a hash cheaper than a big Mac, the whole thing going through my head is okay, I guess I'm paying for this date. Get the check and go to the bathroom. Still loves his ex. You're not going to be able to get that out of your head. I'm Sara burns. I'm 23 years old. I moved to New York City nine months ago. When a guy asked me out, I have been guilty of looking them up and seeing their hashtags and their ratings to make sure they're okay. We decided to play a little lulu matchmaker by setting up sar Sarah, a self-proclaimed super user with my producer friend's Alex. I'm Alex. I'm 26 years old. He's got an 8.3. Above average. Respects women. Skin like Butta. First time I heard of lulu, the lulu app. My roommate told me. Oh, you know you're on this app called lulu. The profiles are automatically culled from a woman's Facebook friends. The girls who reviewed him have hooked up with him. And that's pretty recent. A few weeks later, the date is on. It's the big reveal. Come on out. Oh, it's very nice. Very understated. It's not too forward. Perfect. It says hi, I'm a friendly first date. Sarah has the advantage here. She's read all about Alex on lulu app. But Alex is going in blind. My blind date knows everything on lulu. I'm a little excited. Do you feel it's a little unfair that you have all this background information on him and he knows much less about you. I was thinking about that. I'm nervous to meet him, but he must be beyond nervous to meet me. Do angry men ever contact you and say this is unfair? We get angry men who say they hate lulu, it shouldn't exist. They're going to create one the other way around. And then we have guys saying this is amazing. This is needed. Thank you for building this. That's why we know we're doing something right. Lulu only allows women to review men they're Facebook friends with. And they take measures to ensure that men can't bust into the girl's only conversation. Guys have tried to break into lulu in the hundreds of thousands. How do they try to break in? Try to create fake female accounts. They try to change their gender. So how do you bust them? Can't tell you. Oh. While lulu has certainly found a huge female fan base, many men are not amused. Lulu is a bad application because it's a hopeless application. It's a reckless application and it's a pointless application. Paul Brunson is a professional matchmaker and author of "It's complicated." He says lulu is a dangerous way to start a relationship. I think this turn submission that's important in our lives, perhaps the most important thing we'll ever do is date in a committed way and get married, it takes something very serious and it makes it a game. It's just not a game. While our lucky back lor Alex is waiting in Manhattan, we hopped in a car heading across town and gave Alex's lulu page a final once over. Wow, he's handsome. Isn't he? My rating was pretty good from what I saw. I saw some comments, one was a mama's boy. Yes, I do love my mom. So I guess that's pretty accurate. I hung back at the bar as the two of them are about to meet for the first time. Hi. We finally meet. It's like the biggest table of all time. How you doing? Alex. Sara. Nice to meet you as well. I just moved to New York a year ago. That's nice. How have you been doing? Do you like it? Yeah. I love it. I think it's going well. I think they have chemistry. I hope there's a little bit of chemistry going on. Yeah, she's pretty cool. Does it seem a little unfair that we looked a at your profile and talked about you the entire way over here. It's a little unfair, but at the same time, I'm really a laid back person so it's like everyone is going to form their own opinion about you. But you're not appalled and offended by the site? No. So you already think he's different than his profile? Yeah. In what way? Maybe not the hashtags. He's more down to Earth, funny. One of his hashtags was, like, boring. At least you can -- ouch. Burn. What did I do on that date? Good luck. Going to leave you crazy kids. The quicker I get out of here, the quicker you'll have some fun. After I got out of their hair, they wined, they dined. They even exchanged phone Numbers offcamera. He was captain fun, down to

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{"id":21633383,"title":"Lulu App Lets Only Women Rate Exes","duration":"3:00","description":"Women can rate guys on things like character and kissing, but is it all in good fun or just mean?","url":"/Nightline/video/lulu-app-lets-women-rate-exes-21633383","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}