Mall carjacking victim's widow takes the stand at murder trial

Jamie Friedland testified at the murder trial for her late husband, Dustin Friedland, who was killed in a mall parking lot in Short Hills, New Jersey.
7:20 | 03/17/17

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Transcript for Mall carjacking victim's widow takes the stand at murder trial
wrenching testimony from a young widow who witnessed the murder of her beloved husband. The first of four trials in an infamous carjacking case outside a mall in New Jersey. On a night that turned from celebratory, to a nightmare. I saw him put the gun to Dustin's head, and I heard bang bang, ssh. Reporter: Chilling testimony as she recounts the moment her husband was murdered right before here eyes. And it was so fast. Reporter: This week, the first of four men accused of this 2013 murder is on trial. What had been a good day became the worst day of Jamie's life. And the last day of Dustin freedman's life. Reporter: This man, 36-year-old basseen Henry, charged with carjacking, unlawful possession of a weapon and first-degree murder. Prosecutors say he drove the get-away car. He's pled not guilty. It was December 15th, 2013. Just days before Christmas. Jamie and Dustin were leaving the mall in New Jersey, they just finished dinner to celebrate their anniversary, and the purchase of their new condo. We walked to the car. He opened the car door for me, as he always did. Reporter: She got in and buckled her seat belt while Dustin walked around the back of the car. She said she heard muffled conversation and thought her husband was making friends. I turned around and I saw Dustin standing in the middle of a person, a man on each side of him. Reporter: Then seconds later, gunfire. I saw him put the gun to Dustin's head and I heard bang bang ssshh, and then the windows shattered of the car, and then, like in slow motion, it played out. I saw the taller -- the taller guy, I saw him walk around, and he opens the car door, he leans in, he points the gun at my head, and he said, get out of the Car, . And I said, okay, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going. Reporter: Mall Goers nearby also heard the shots. I heard, pop pop pop pop. So I ducked. Reporter: The mall was put on lockdown. They said there was an emergency and nobody could leave the building. Reporter: According to Jamie, the two suspects ordered her to get out of the car. Within seconds they sped off with the freedlands' range rover. The car door slams and they skidded out of there. I just knew when I turned around, I knew what I was going to see. What did you see? I turned around and I -- I turned around and I saw Dustin laying there in a pool of blood. And I ran over to him and I -- I couldn't get my phone to work because I had just got it at the apple store, it was right when the thumbprint came out, and I thought it was so cool, and I couldn't figure out how to unlock my phone to call 911. So I leaned down, I was on the floor, covered in his blood, and he was covered in his blood, and I held my hand to his head and I was screaming, I was screaming, stay with me, stay with me. And I see his eyes and he's looking at me, and he's gasping for breath. Reporter: An onlooker called 911. Jamie Freedland waited in the parking garage, holding her husband in her arms, trying to keep him alive. When you were holding Dustin, were you able to communicate with him? I was screaming, stay with me, stay with me. His eyes were following me, they were focused on me, he was blinking, he was gasping for breath. But I know he heard me, I know he heard me, but otherwise, he -- he could not talk, no. Reporter: According to Freedland, 30 minutes later, the ambulance still had not arrived. 911, is this an emergency? Yes, it's an emergency. I'm at the short hills mall parking lot. My husband has been shot. Reporter: The ambulance was there, but unable to clear the low ceiling of the mall's parking garage. Emergency responders had to use a gurney to bring Dustin down. He was then transported to the hospital. The doctorshen came up to me and told me that there was nothing else they could do. She's a critical witness in this case, not just because she can provide the human side of the impact this had, but because she was there. She's the eyewitness who saw it all happen. So she's important, both emotionally and in terms of actual testimony. Reporter: She's filed a civil lawsuit against both the mall owners and the security company, claiming they didn't provide adequate security. If you invite the public to shop at your mall, you better make sure it's safe. This mall didn't, and they need to step up to the plate and take responsibility. Reporter: The mall attorney tells ABC news, they don't comment on pending litigation, and the security company denies any wrongdoing, placing the blame on the four suspects. Here you have the defendant, someone who is accused of murder, talking about possible prison time for life. In the civil cases, you're talking about responsibility, money damages, and there it is the mall being sued. Reporter: But security video shows Dustin may have been the victim of elaborate planning. This footage released by Jamie's attorney allegedly shows the killer's SUV in the parking lot three days before the murder. Her attorneys say on this day, the suspects first stalk this white SUV in their two-tone suburban, before they appear to tail it out of the mall. My colleague sat down with retired NYPD detective. So they're testing security at this point? Yes. And they're confident that they can do their carjacking whenever and however they want. Reporter: Now look at this video from the day of the murder. That lurking two-tone suburban is back, parking next to a white car. They're hunters, and they're looking for their prey. Reporter: Minutes later, with no shoppers in sight, the car is driven over to the next parking lot, where prosecutors uay they find their target, the freedlands' SUV, and that's when, according to police, they take his life and his car. I just knew when I turned around, I knew what I was going to see. Reporter: In this case, all four suspects are being tried separately. So this widow will potentially have to testify three more times as the rest of the accused see their day in court.

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{"id":46194171,"title":"Mall carjacking victim's widow takes the stand at murder trial","duration":"7:20","description":"Jamie Friedland testified at the murder trial for her late husband, Dustin Friedland, who was killed in a mall parking lot in Short Hills, New Jersey.","url":"/Nightline/video/mall-carjacking-victims-widow-takes-stand-murder-trial-46194171","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}