Margaret Rudin serves 20 years in prison claiming she didn’t murder husband: Part 2

Rudin refused multiple plea deals and finished her sentence. She believes authorities rushed to prosecute her without following other leads, and is demanding a new trial.
6:40 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for Margaret Rudin serves 20 years in prison claiming she didn’t murder husband: Part 2
Under indictment for the murder of her fifth husband, Ron Rudin, Margaret Rudin went on the lam. Everything that had gone wrong, the way it was handled by the police and the prosecutors, and I got really scared. Reporter: She first fled to Mexico, then back to the states, living under assumed names in Phoenix and Massachusetts. Authorities were chasing her for two years, her face on "America's most wanted." Did you spot Margaret Rudin, call our hotline. 1-800-crime-tv. Reporter: She was finally captured in Massachusetts. I said, this is about Margaret, this is about las Vegas. At that point she was placed in handcuffs with no issues whatsoever. This would be a good example of how she looked upon her arrest. And then she had all her things scattered all over the room. To include wigs. Came across several I.D.S. She took deliberate, proactive measures to conceal her identity. Reporter: This is what Margaret Rudin looked like when correction officerses booked her. People in revere were stunned beyond belief when it came out she was wanted for murder in las Vegas. This doesn't jive with the person that I knew, the pleasantness of her. That's just not something that you can hide. I don't know, I tend to have my doubts. Reporter: Margaret was brought back to Las Vegas and put on trial for murder. Good morning and welcome to "Open court" here on court TV. State of Nevada versus Margaret Rudin. The world is watching as this woman, who has been on the run, accused of murder, is now sitting in the defendant's chair. I did not know the magnitude until trial started. There's a lot riding on the case. And I remember really feeling the weight of that case. In opening statements the prosecution portrays Margaret to the jury as a ruthless, greedy woman who will do anything to get her husband's millions. The evidence will show at the time of Ronald Rudin's death, Margaret Rudin was a 60% beneficiary of the properties and assets that were in that trust. One of the major pieces that the state honed in on was a trunk. They claimed Margaret had stuffed the body and that somehow took it out there, burned it. And now what they're trying to do is tie the trunk into Margaret Rudin. Reporter: The prosecution called an antiques dealer who testified he sold the trunk to her. Investigators always believed Margaret had help transporting that trunk. They pointed the finger at her suspected paramour, yehud Ariel Sharon. In what atmosphere looks to be a major nail in the coffin of the case, yehud Ariel Sharon is called to the stand as a prosecution witness. Reporter: He testified he had thing to do with the death. Did you help kill Ron Rudin? No, I did not. Reporter: No charges were brought against him. Margaret's defense team didn't appear to be up to the defense. And their courtroom antics fell flat. I made a ruling and it sticks! I sort of blew up. I said, this is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. It was, it was a circus. Da da da da da da da Reporter: After a nine-week trial and six days of jury deliberation -- Have you arrived at a Yes, sir, we have. We find the defendant guilty. Reporter: Guilty on all counts. She came up guilty. You know, we were all relieved. You know, that she was going to go to prison. Reporter: Margaret had been offered five plea deals. I'm not going to admit it. I don't care if I'm 110 and I'm still waiting. I'm not going to admit to something I didn't do. Reporter: She was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 20 years. As the years went by, there were lingering questions of whether or not she actually got a fair trial. It was just terrible. Could she have received a fair trial? Yeah, she could have received a fairer trial and better defense but what do you do? Reporter: Still proclaiming innocence, she asks for a new trial, arguing ineffective assistance of counsel. I would really like to be able to exonerate my name. I have the energy to sit through another trial. I would be proven innocent. Infamous convicted killer Margaret Rudin, dubbed the black widow of Las Vegas, has just been let out of prison. I think because of the details of the murder, how heinous it was, because it was motivated by money, by greed, that personally, I think she should have stayed behind bars. Reporter: Her defenders are convinced she didn't kill Ron Rudin. Because there's the physical evidence, just doesn't add up. They didn't have a strong enough lead defense attorney to challenge all the evidence that was admitted at trial. Reporter: That evidence included doubts about the trunk supposedly used to transport Ron's body. There was a twist. It turns out that the guy who originally sol witness that trunk came forward after watching him testify on court Reporter: He said the trunk was much smaller, closer in size to something for roller skates, and a dead body couldn't fit inside. But the jury didn't hear that until after closing arguments. Other questions remain about the evidence found in Ron's car. Four sets of muddy footprints in the car. They never established whose footprints they are. They found clothes in the trunk. Those clothes were never tested for DNA. Reporter: And that real estate venture Ron was involved in. Yeah, I always believed there was fodder in the Lee canyon business dealings, but it never got developed. Reporter: After her release, Margaret moved to the Chicago area. She's now 77 years old. I did not kill Ron. And I have no fear of meeting god and saying, I did not. I'm not going to have my children or my grandchildren live with that. Look at her, her mother did it. I don't care what you think, I don't care what you think, I don't care what you think. God and I know.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"Rudin refused multiple plea deals and finished her sentence. She believes authorities rushed to prosecute her without following other leads, and is demanding a new trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"76013628","title":"Margaret Rudin serves 20 years in prison claiming she didn’t murder husband: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/margaret-rudin-serves-20-years-prison-claiming-didnt-76013628"}