Military Members Getting High on Bath Salts?

Meet two Marines who are fighting their own battles away from the frontlines.
3:00 | 07/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Military Members Getting High on Bath Salts?
Assaults they sound so innocuous but they're also known as very zombie drug and for good reason. Incidents across the country caption on YouTube have shown people seem to lose their minds on bath salts and now the problem has built from the streets to the troops tonight Mary and a van Zeller meets Marines with a destructive. -- -- -- in new breed of powerful synthetic drugs. With names like spice and -- selves they are sold openly aired its wheels spice mimics the effects of -- -- now that's cells. Look like their name. But I was strong -- similar to amphetamines or cocaine. The effects highlight no drugs on next. Jordan and his friend who we will called -- started using synthetic drugs at what -- Marines. I was oppressed finally get fat -- or about wheels ago what is it that makes you -- -- you do whatever you want. This feels good Jordan was kicked out a month ago for disciplinary reasons but prince is still on active duty. Which is why we are not showing his -- How popular -- synthetic drugs in the military. It's an epidemic blank. 57%. Had tried or currently do Spicer vessels no world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Marines don't release an official statistics on synthetic drugs means so it's difficult to verify what Jordan tells us. But Jordan says one thing is clear. The drugs are not hard to find one that we -- today is that it can be by anyway. And downtown San Diego about to go into -- head -- to -- -- -- These -- there's cap and parents are becoming the whole time go to Finland -- that today -- the for -- and the legacy of what was. We're doing it. In this shop that's salts are sold under the brand name bubbles and -- -- And they are kept hidden from most customers go walk in with -- -- cut. Acting like -- you'll find they have no problem purchasing the infamous dropped. This case there's. Walked. Six no problem it's easy is he -- -- bath salts might be popular and military. Synthetic drugs don't show up on standard urine tests that all Marines must take. When Jordan was it can handle them he says human teen -- not synthetic marijuana and he also tried back silence. Allison. Exciting and musing intently -- -- time. Me me feel like the public. But the -- was the worst part Jordan says he will never -- bath salts again it's a horrible horrible horrible. Life threatening brain destroying drug that no nation ever -- But Chris on the other hand he's just purchased half of -- And he is anxious to get started. Why now it's -- to likes -- -- All bullying -- -- -- counseling take positive. And we begin patrolling my -- -- and slowing down. My actions. It's Chris takes hit after hit. -- spot start to come out in jumbled waits. It's interesting finding -- -- thoughts the mind set sometimes that -- -- and thus they'll improve fuel way. Telling us. I -- I like. Yes. I think being. -- as thing as soon. Find out how far I can take Chris tells me that when he entered the Marines he was addicted to alcohol. But at some point he switched to synthetic drugs tests. Do you think you'll -- -- -- -- Think that that is soon. Fool. But later when we met back -- with -- -- he was still using the war. And get a cut to get help from. Tried looking deep inside of me. Making a strong play on and -- -- my eyes out but once you've picked up. That substance -- -- my body does he wants to do it. For Chris it may not be much he can do. According to Jordan his friend from the Marines. Professional help. It is not really an option. The current zero tolerance policy for the link or is it no drugs or tolerate be reached out to the Marines for comments on synthetic drug use in the corner and treatment of addiction. And it would told they could not meet our deadline but in the same week that we last spoke to Chris. The navy launched -- massive awareness campaign about the dangerous and fat -- including this public service announcements. The PSA starts with a reenactment of a sailor. Going through and bad bath salt street and people are using bath salts. They're not they're normal cells. In the video lieutenant Jorge left there at the naval medical center in San Diego describes why service members should stay away. -- synthetic drugs ultimately. These people are jacking up their points this stuff that they're -- The navy's campaign illustrates that synthetic drugs -- are growing concern in the military. But Chris -- -- use about his own usage. I've been so long now since November 11 2000 -- Chris says that quitting wasn't entirely his choice but few days after we last saw. -- was pulled over by military police. -- is being questioned about his strange behavior. Chris admitted teasing -- sounds. Chris is now being processed and Marines and says that it wasn't military authorities that convinced him to stop using. I -- my life back to god. That would base incidents -- always -- -- Bible on me and -- weed problems -- I know that this is the path. Even though Chris says he has found god and that it has been weeks since the last time he touched bath salts. The physical -- that the drug is still evident. That's as strong a substance that I've Evelyn -- -- and mile line. With the win coming down off of it yourself and you hope you never do it again. I don't want to do. For Nightline I'm Ariana van -- in Los Angeles. Moved. Our thanks to -- -- -- for -- disturbing report. They this year revealed his team more Marianna on fusion the joint venture cable channel between ABC news. And Univision. Her report inside secret America premieres tomorrow night Wednesday July 10 on the National Geographic channel.

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{"id":19623522,"title":"Military Members Getting High on Bath Salts?","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet two Marines who are fighting their own battles away from the frontlines.","url":"/Nightline/video/military-members-high-bath-salts-19623522","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}