Miss America 2013: Behind the Scenes

"GMA's" Lara Spencer was given access inside the pageant competition.
3:00 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Miss America 2013: Behind the Scenes
From the big shiny -- -- the tiny bikinis to the five inch stilettos for a moment or more. You might forget the Miss America -- actually a scholarship competition while tomorrow night. Millions -- gonna watch his 53 young beauty queens five for the iconic crown. And good morning America's Lara Spencer will be pulling back the curtain on the printing the preening and the mellow drama behind the scenes tonight. She brings us this sneak preview. If your heads high and their shoulders back. The 2013. Contestants parking lot taking. Loaded down with suitcases and downs -- hair dryers and make up. They had to their rooms at planet Hollywood. Where they will be virtually sequestered for the next week and a half. We know her -- are they are allowed no contact with family or coaches the only math each on the younger. They will spend nearly every waking -- -- together and Virginia may assess up close and personal. -- all their hard work really measure is not. His schedule is raging at remember what we did at 9 AM this morning that's better. Packed with fittings. Autographs. Rehearsals you know popular -- acts when winning companies and comes backstage when you're in -- here in the you know. Don't -- you got to go onstage you never know lithium deposit amounts. He's just the second day and already they seem overwhelmed. Even a little dazed look expressing themselves but they do their backs to stay disciplined. And keep a sense of humor. Some make no secret of an extreme need for beauty sleep. Catching cat naps wherever. And whenever we did get up really early -- -- breakfast at -- -- up you breakfast that early so that made meals a little more stuff here than normal love your element here. And there is no rest after rehearsals the -- spring required outings at. And lipstick crash crowns of next. This is a contest of stamina. Yeah. Tonight the women will be bused to a nearby -- yeah. And hundred conversation starts out innocently enough at this stage in the game how hungry -- I'm -- and ice cream. When -- ask them how they're feeling the conversation. Takes a turn tell the truth is nervous here. -- I am not as I'm always getting some kind of we snide remark and no matter what and no -- Well he's going to be a little and few moments the other contestants are taken -- back. But his name has more listening today was one -- my. -- days actually -- other. Heston. -- and -- -- really brought good news unkind things to me and I. I just sat back and I -- you know we're all here as Miss America. And I I don't understand why you're here kind of lasting. What we're aware what's coming from behind. So. Today. -- New Mexico is counting on the fact that she looks different from the others has just the thing that might give her an edge -- -- the bottom line your aunt. How when he went everybody arrived here he was sort of a CD and lines. -- -- -- -- -- -- you know I'm Linda Burnett my whole life I don't always know and I've always felt like Burnett very Smart beautiful -- I don't icy blondes and I feel like they kind of look this same. But and I'm having to. Needed because I'm Candace and that's inconvenient detectives. She may now be dying her hair blond anytime soon but that's not because she believes in all things natural July girls and enhance. -- absolutely. -- I mean this isn't pageant but it's about what makes you feel confident. I actually I'll sell handmade T yeah I've had my surgery and I felt -- about it and my favorite quotes -- -- commented I'm -- -- -- it has to -- net tax incentive. One of the rule book -- plastic surgery. Our young women can do anything that they want to enhance their appearance we leave that solely up to them I believe it is their choice. -- make themselves look as good as they wanna look however they do. Sam Haskell chairman of the board of Miss America says that while plastic surgery is allowed. Contestants must sign a contract before they compete attesting to a clean criminal record. There can be no marriages. And no pregnancy it's what you may not realize that home is that the judging of the Miss America pageant you see on TV. Actually begins a week before the live broadcast. In rounds of preliminary competitions. Up first is the all important interview I think -- home schooling gave me a chance -- really just come. To get to know myself thank my Good Morning America co anchor Sam Champion is on this year's panel of celebrity judges. How do you feel this day. -- two party system is in this country. I think it's extremely divided and it's very frustrating to see how people are not willing to compromise our cameras are allowed inside the interview rooms with exclusive access what is what -- you change to compete for Miss America what did you do in order to win I didn't change and saying I just listen to them. Each contestant gets just. Ten minutes to shine but -- on your favorite sound I love my skin town and I will tell you I am the only girl here. Who does not spray -- And who doesn't -- tanning bed and that's because. I truly the living a healthy lifestyle. When it's all said and die and in the women -- -- honey I have got to tell you. I Miss America and they are emotional attacks -- my platform I -- on my life. Scientists and excited and I know what. Each dream about it you think about it thanks. And in just a few hours someone will realize that dream for Nightline town Lara Spencer and -- -- watch pageant confidential the road to Miss America special edition of 20/20. -- tomorrow night at 8 eastern 7 central right here on ABC.

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{"id":18196711,"title":"Miss America 2013: Behind the Scenes","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA's\" Lara Spencer was given access inside the pageant competition.","url":"/Nightline/video/miss-america-2013-scenes-18196711","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}