New Mommy Wars: Avoiding Synthetic Chemicals

Jessica Alba and others have launched "toxin-free" products, but is all this concern necessary?
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for New Mommy Wars: Avoiding Synthetic Chemicals
And good evening. Jessica alba may have starred in many movies, but for this wife and mother, her most important role could be something entirely different. Alba is on a crew said to eliminate toxic chemicals in our homes. Does mommy know best? Here's abbey. Reporter: This is the jessica alba most of us are not used to seeing. This is our customer service. Reporter: Giving us a tour of her company. Inspiring clothes, whatever's on someone's mind. I'd love to hang -- Reporter: The actress famous for roles in dark angel -- sin city -- she grew up, filled out. Reporter: And the fantastic four is taking on her most serious role yet, warning moms about what she says are the dangers of toxic chemicals in every products he use. Addresses all those. I had an allergic reaction to a baby laundry detergent. Reporter: She became concern when had she was pregnant. I'm an adult, who knows what's going to happen with my baby. I did research and found out there are a lot of toxic chemicals in every day products and I was more horrified to find out there were toxic chemicals in baby products. Because it has healing properties. Reporter: Alba's concern propelled her to be people avoiding synthetic chemicals. She met an author who wrote a guide back. I asked him, what products do I buy. Well, this company does that one thing, and this company does that one thing. Gosh, why isn't there a company that does everything. So stressful. Reporter: They created honesty company. This is the headquarters? Yes. Reporter: A mail order business using ingredients they say are safe and tested unlike conventional products. The raw materials inside the products, they don't have to report them or prove they are safe. Do you want almonds? Reporter: They are not alone. For the last seven years allen has made it her mission to avoid chemicals in the home. I do everything to stay from chemicals and more toward plant-based ingredients. Reporter: And everyone in the family lives by her rules. Can I have a bite too? I want them to be normal and enjoy taking baths. I still let them have their princess toothbrushes and things like that. Is the cost worth it? Happy wife is happy life. The rule in our house is for stuff related to body, health, food, I never complain about that. There are other things, excess clothing and things like that, I'm going to argue more about a pair of shoes than something my kid's going to bathe in. Reporter: We grew up with the brands still in the grocery stores today. If a product is in the store, you want to think it's safe. You assume that it's safe. I think people -- you outsource your trust to retailers. Unfortunately they -- we don't have the regulation in place to hold chemical companies accountable for the toxic chemicals in products. Reporter: But how much does it cost to live a chemical-free lifestyle? Advocates say it can be done on a normal budget. We're going to target and I'll show you the areas with the natural selections. Go to the area, read the label and make my choice. There's five simple ingredients, if the best part, 97 cents. Reporter: With demand growing, small businesses are selling beauty products to stainless steel bottles. An alternative to plastic. We use only stainless steel and silicone, no plastic. Reporter: This is amy. These were the canaries in the coal mine, and their reactions to every day baby products made me realize there are some chemicals in the products. Reporter: It's veritey.Com, a website devoted to toxin-free products. She's part chemical policeman and part chemical coach. We are going to my first client's house and doing a kitchen cleanup. We are going it look at the products and help her health up her home. Reporter: She's working with a mother of three today. When you see on tv an advertisement, picking up, wiping down their children's toys, okay, so it must be okay, it must be safe. Just because it's sold in the store, on tv or in the magazine, doesn't mean there's been any kind of regulation for that product, for the specific ingredients. Reporter: There are more than 87,000 commercial chemicals. In europe, many are banned, in the u.S., Only 11. Oven cleaners a filled wi withes toens. Reduce your use of plastic. I'm not worried about the first ingredient, water. Reporter: To the nursery. I'm wondering about the baby wipes. It's found in a lot of personal care products, from deodorant to baby products, but also in anti-freeze. Reporter: The lotions don't make the cut either. Fragrance in lotion, it's a no-no. They're qualified as trade secret in the industry of personal care. So a company doesn't have to disclose what's in a fragrance. The reality is that can be 150 more ingredients on this label. Reporter: But is all this concern an overreaction? U.S. Manufacturers say their products are safe. According to the american chemistry council, more than a dozen federal laws govern the manufacture and use of chemicals. And chemistries in every day products are being used safely. Many people agree. Right now I'm cleaning the mirrors and using windex. It's a product I have used and my mom used it. I keep using it. Reporter: She's a mother of two who says she's not worried about the conventional products in her home. The things I use as far as i know do not have chemicals that harm my family. And they work, so I'm not willing to pay more for products who are organic. Reporter: She blogs and trumpets her embrace of mass brands. These are conventional products that I get at a big box store that are cost effective and keep my house clean. I've never looked at the label for this. So -- and to be honest, I don't care. If it works for me, I'll use it. I feel that american families need to be aware that they're being exposed every day to chemicals of unproven toxicity. Reporter: Phil says there are cause for concern. We have been looking for carefully at connections between exposures to toxic chemicals in early life and bad developmental outcomes in children. The research is saying we need more research, if anything. And right now even though the research is ongoing, we don't have a lot of conclusions. It's reasonable to be confident that the products in the stores are safe. They shouldn't be worried about trace chemicals or low-level risks. Reporter: Jessica alba isn't waiting. Nearly two years after starting her company, and 7.5 million products sold, it's grown to 50 items, diapers to lip balm and led-free candles. We have a mission and the planet we want to leave our children and our children's children. So we created the solution. Reporter: I'm abbey, in los angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jessica Alba and others have launched \"toxin-free\" products, but is all this concern necessary?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21091394","title":"New Mommy Wars: Avoiding Synthetic Chemicals","url":"/Nightline/video/mommy-wars-avoiding-synthetic-chemicals-21091394"}