New Moms Rush to Shed Baby Weight: Is It Healthy?

Ordinary women shouldn't feel pressured to live up to Hollywood standards, experts say.
3:00 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for New Moms Rush to Shed Baby Weight: Is It Healthy?
Used to be that after woman had a baby she took some time to stay home take care of the child and her -- Other baby -- came off gradually but no more -- last inspired by celebrity moms like Gwyneth Paltrow. Many women are going from the delivery room straight into the gym. Adopting strict -- to look as slim as their favorite stars but is the big business now of fast fitness promoting an unrealistic and unfair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the red carpet and splashed across magazine covers gorgeous stylish and he credibly in -- new mom sometimes looking better than -- just months. After giving -- It's been nearly impossible ideal to live up to. But that's not stopping many regular -- from trying part of a recent and some -- -- disturbing trend to lose pregnancy -- Faster than ever. -- Carlin is a stay at -- -- to kids toddlers Adriana and Brooks. -- -- Welcome to still cycle and intends indoor cycling class where you can burn hundreds of calories in a single ride -- This is it's a favorite -- for many moms looking to shed that baby when. When -- letter to children back to back that she wanted to get back in chief and finally focusing on herself. It's been Kennedy challenged the -- Yeah I guess who's really making it -- second -- Even if she won't look like a supermodel she still feels the pressure to try. -- think they're so many. He got very -- just out these women that maybe two weeks later there and he's not. Each full cycle instructor nick -- says mom's trying to lose the baby weight -- some of his business. -- -- I would say a large percentage of my clients are moms and. I would say -- upwards of 80%. And they are she's doing just one last week. They -- doubles triples and quadruples. -- -- -- -- -- -- that this baby body boot camp can relate to pressure family. -- everywhere they're working out even the -- of their babies are big enough to crawl. When I was teaching a class -- is the people came five days a week. In fact an entire industry has sprung up around moms who want to look hot pushing -- stroller and even before. Tracy Anderson has built her brand around seeking celebrity moms pit bulls Doreen and after pregnancy really keeping our -- Is listed as we possibly can during pregnancy she trade Hollywood -- blisters and went into business with their -- and friend when it held true. But for most moms. Looking like Gwinnett. Isn't possible to to think that. Partly responsible for kind of created that standard that would have to look a certain way. I hate that actually I really do believe that every single one of -- is. Really beautiful line especially were beautiful woman were working to connect to our body. -- were working to be our personal -- I think that's beautiful isn't fair to expect women to have. Recently had a baby -- get into shape so quickly first of all everybody's life is unique. As soon as your doctor -- thank you to work out you half to start re connecting your body. With hard it is that you know what it's like to start working out again after being pregnant it's the worst thing at bar. Medical experts agree it is healthy exercise during pregnancy pact directly over your shoulders perhaps sadly her son Donovan days of -- in bad and eating for two. Like I Love Lucy yeah. How much. Could -- obsessed with your weight while pregnant and immediately after adds another story. A recent study in England of 700 pregnant women found that one in fourteen suffer from an eating disorder. Lower than the general population but higher than previously thought. The fact is when you're surrounded by that kind of imagery when it's airbrushed and photo -- It actually does affect how we feel about her body image we can't move it. So I think women actually feel like they fall short. They feel like they haven't done it the right way -- -- enough and that's problematic. Celebrities unlike most of us have. Armies of people to help them get their post baby died. I have patients in my practice who are celebrities who exactly is -- work they spend four or five hours. In the -- every day three to four times a week I was -- think did. But at the same time I -- every day women who have full time jobs or maybe have a baby at home. They have to -- home after work they would much prefer to spend time at their children and -- and. I didn't take a little longer. It's hard for some celebrities to -- -- ashy and is working out -- Tracy Anderson but has been skewered in the tabloids for gaining weight. I feel badly for her because anybody -- -- do that. Under that pressure of being photographed all the time and you know like -- -- -- your pregnant think the last thing you and again making going to be -- slats knew I mean you like. How it still Anderson's positive that -- body will be back and better than. He's putting pressure -- no I'm not I'm confident in her. She seems excited about the moment that she if it hit the -- get getter her body back and she -- obviously -- that I know how to do it and and I -- in his -- he showed up. You know he'll do it but for real -- -- are doing it out her. I want to look after having kids and I wanted to you'll be able kids for Nightline I'm -- parents in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ordinary women shouldn't feel pressured to live up to Hollywood standards, experts say.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18937349","title":"New Moms Rush to Shed Baby Weight: Is It Healthy?","url":"/Nightline/video/moms-rush-shed-baby-weight-healthy-18937349"}