Mother meets the son she gave up for adoption 45 years ago: Part 2

Deborah Garza, who was 16 years old when she gave birth to Rob Martin in 1972, said she had longed to meet him one day.
8:49 | 07/27/18

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Transcript for Mother meets the son she gave up for adoption 45 years ago: Part 2
lifeering really itive, moon tion. Reporter: Genealogt Pam Slaton I oner way to ro an don'tee and leukemia patie who's been sear mhe for Y success. Your bigst fears openth? Ejection again. Don't know I's ever looked F me, I don'tnow if she ever followed me. She made that Dion N to have me in her life. Butwould be T, I'd love to have a mother. We will see, I G. I didn't tnk I'd be is axis. Pam? Fally meet. Ood to meet you. Howreyou? Ho are you feeling? Good, go, I feel great. You lk good. T very much. Repor Wal throwhat she UND. Firstfirst. Your name at birth Garza, okay. Nice tyou, M Garza. Reporter: She reveals the city of his birth mother. Deborah garz Wow, debah Garza. Was 16. Wh you were born she absolutely did not want to give you okay? Let me let you get a breath.whew she wants you do know los you very much. Wow. S thether thing she wants to talk to youe her a rmation about you.e doesn wtou've been going through with the leukemia. I didn't want to thinkthat,you know, you wereearchingor her forhat reason. I don't want to, know, come B in, the first thing I do istasking her for stuff. Repr: Pam giv H his birthther'shone numbed heads out. All right, enjoy. So long. Prettyheav everyight - I don't know tol about it, to be quitenest. It's ird.I mean, finding out that she exists. Speaking to a biologily meer the first time is nerve-ckny adoptee. But rob other hurdl to overcome, how to break thes to his mother that he's sick. Don't knohow I'm gotole this phone call. Repor in Virginia two Hal blings, Mandy and J.R., and their You ready? Hourfter Pam leaves, with his wife Jackie by his side, rob finally makes the call. Hello? -- Debora Yes? This is -- uh -- ib. Your -- Your name rob? Yeah, my --ah. Rob. Rob martin. Martin. Yeah. Wow. It's gat to hear youice, ac it's very strange. Y never expected this day T . N either. Dreamed of this. Always. I never forgot you. T's --T's amazing to hear. Idn't know anything ab you.'t know WHE you were I didn't know who Ted you. I heard- I didn' S you after you were born. Who'sour mom? Jacqueline martin, she was a hospital. So she knew mymama. Reporte R and Deborah at the same hoal andve arrange for the birth anddoption T all ppen under their control. Thob decides to share what he's bn S nerus about telling to his birth family. I do W to tell somethi'm battling leukemia right now. I'm in mission. I don't want you to think se you hing. But tonowhe came from and for my daughtero know meon't wantou T think thatt'w, because I want bone marrowr anything. You needed it, I would give it. Are you okay,thgh He's gotmonth. Onee month ofchemo. I'm I mission, I went into reminfast. Reporter: Rob's newfound family offering that lifeline if he E iadditioned it they posed to mt after finishes his cancer tris one of E greatest days of my life, I W you do know that. This is the B of my life, let me tell you. Ur face now. Oh my god. I'm so hpy for you. I was literally like ripped from herawayo strangs. Mother had answers forme and her mother had ars her. And both ofm chose take to the grave with them. We botenied a information. It's almost L we'vead the same existence for -- about eachther45 ars. Repter: A weeteot in? I'm xious. R: Rob is gettinghat will be his last chemo tment. Now we're running That marks end of fiv right there. That drip. 'M go onnect it. Thank you so much. Yay! Reporter: The next month -- Whoe going to go E? Ule rob. Reporter: Deborah and her familye up fromet rob for the firstime. Jusnt to see M. I'm this close. I'm excited. It. How areou feeling about today? I don'tknow, mean I'm pretty nervous inn. Intect meetingsomeone, person F the first 'S new. Definitelyew. Heart is ppithis is nerve-racking. Anetmily? There she is. Oh od. That's grandma! Hi! Hi. Hi. Oh my god. Reporter: This LE there E moments with feelings deep, emotions so rno words. I've been waiting for this 4 yes. I never thought I happen. Always knew it was G happne day. I gave up hope Are youoing to touch him the whole T yes, iam. E other wouldwant to se the otr. I did want him. Was told, just forget, move on, you'll get ove it you haveore kids. Do you ever or it? NER get O it. Now. Nom over it. Yeah. Reporter: The siblings piece togeer, T actuallw in the sameborhood in new rkcity. This big, complete puzzle right now. No we did not passach other million times. We did. There's ne asically grew up in the same streets an ev though W WER't togeth, we were ill together. So what now? No's got a big family. Yeah. Now we -- it'sor trips planned. Definitely, yeah. Reporr: Certainly there whatfs, a the sweetableuestion- what truly comext? C And we't Crabfest is back at

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{"id":56859773,"title":"Mother meets the son she gave up for adoption 45 years ago: Part 2","duration":"8:49","description":"Deborah Garza, who was 16 years old when she gave birth to Rob Martin in 1972, said she had longed to meet him one day.","url":"/Nightline/video/mother-meets-son-gave-adoption-45-years-ago-56859773","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}