Moving Nightmare: Undercover Investigation

Part 2: ABC News confronts the owner of a NJ moving company over family's Arizona move.
8:00 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for Moving Nightmare: Undercover Investigation
For the ramel family, it was time to make a cross country move, everything they owned boxed up. But then they said their moving company tried to take signed, sealed, delivered into extra cash on delivery. We were there when the cameras rolled, and you will never guess what we found. Once again, here is nick watts. Reporter: The ramel family is moving from maine to arizona, but there is a problem. The moving company has demanded 4,000 extra buck that the family says they don't owe. Eventually, they caved. I said we have the money. Reporter: But they actually didn't intend to pay moving express any extra money, only what they owed them. They were in arizona that morning, would the express truck actually show up with their stuff? We have their place seriously wired, cameras hidden in moving boxes, tucked above the garage door, looking like security cameras. And then the eye glasses I'm wearing. I'm in disguise, by the way. Outside, the law lies in wait. The moving company has told the family one price, now the price is doubled. Reporter: The retired new york city cop moved down here to take it easy. I said let's make a deal, the law is the law is the law. Reporter: Finally, the truck pulled in. Oh, here they are, I see an unmarked truck. Sergeant from weights and measure measures. I'm going to have to collect a check before I start to deliver. I want to talk to you first, come on. Reporter: But wait a minute, who is this guy? He is not the man they met in maine, the one who drovep with all their belongings. Reporter: Are you in any way affiliated with a group out of new jersey? The owner? He is a good dude. Reporter: This man says his name is jay, hired by moving express was his job. And he excuses himself to call the owner. Out of your control. It doesn't matter he says, we're going to the weigh station to have a weight. I'll have to put it in storage until you guys figure it out. Reporter: Did you hear that? By law, if jay hawk takes their stuff away right now, the ramels can file theft charges. They see him strapping everything up, as if to leave. Tying everything up, or if you don't give us the money, we'll leave with your stuff. Reporter: Strow takes his cue. Good morning, buddy, I'm from the department of weights and measures, I understand there is a dispute. I don't care about the weight, I'm a contractor. Let me see your driver's license. Reporter: But jay hawk's day is about to get a lot worse, they have called in the local cops. Sorry, I had a couple of corona. Is there alcohol in the cab? Reporter: He blows a .01, so no ticket. He has a hole in that one, which puts him out of service, you can't have that owner t-- on the tire, you are going to get shut down. Reporter: This is the man responsible for the travel across country. Hardly the shiny truck, the family looking for reliable movers, turns out jay hawk doesn't even have a valid driver's license. That is a suspended license. That is it? That is the only thing you got? That is what he is telling me. Reporter: Later the police say they found this marijuana in the car and the empty liquor bottle. But it was the suspended license that got him arrested. Later, the ramel family got the owner on the phone, the man demanding 16,000 bucks. If I really owe that, we'll pay you. If I weigh 8,000 pounds then you already have the money. Reporter: So we set off to the weight station. We waited with baited breath, what would their stuff weigh? Would it be closer to the 8,000 pounds, the original estimate, or the 16,000 pounds that the family says mr. Garmay's guys claim it was. They're saying it was 16,000, it was 10,000. Reporter: Even though their weight was more than the original estimate, jay agreed they didn't owe an additional 4,000 bucks. I would like to say they're out of trouble and the wicked walk right into it. Reporter: Now oush search was on. We decided to hit the road, to jerse jersey. Is mr. Garmay around? Reporter: Seems like moving express is one truck, a handful of guys and a shabby warehouse. I have the contract, that may refresh your memory, they were given an estimate of $8,000 pounds, your driver showed up, said 16,000 pounds, he refused to load the items. Reporter: We speak to him, he evades our questions, ducking like a champion boxer, to help me follow along, mr. Garmay provides a blueprint for his defense. This lady, some places do not weigh. Reporter: There are, in fact, seven weigh stations in maine. If I weighed the truck, she is not going to believe me. To my guys think she -- why didn't your guy weigh it? She didn't want to weigh it? , She did want to weigh it. Reporter: That is not what joanne remembers, here is what she told him. Here is the deal, I tried to get him to weigh it several times, he refused. She lied to you. Are you telling me the truth? Reporter: Mr. Garmay is not backing down. I lost money. Reporter: I think you guys ARE ÑiINEFFICIENT, YOU'RE BAD AT Math or you're trying to rip people off. I'm not trying to rip anybody off. Reporter: Listen, you say you're an honest man. I'm trying to be honest with you. I mean, you know, listen, some customers take advantage of you. Reporter: You don't think that mrs. Ramel is taking advantage of you? Of course, that is the reason she is not paying me and I'm going to sue her. Reporter: Thanks for your time. After we contacted the department of transportation about our story, they wanted to be sure we knew they would be looking into moving express. And to date, mr. Garmay has not filed suit. In the meantime, the rammels are enjoying a hard-earned victory. Out playing, after he took their cash, most importantly, they got their stuff back. I'm nick watt in phoenix. Nick watt is good.

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{"id":20149885,"title":"Moving Nightmare: Undercover Investigation","duration":"8:00","description":"Part 2: ABC News confronts the owner of a NJ moving company over family's Arizona move.","url":"/Nightline/video/moving-nightmare-undercover-investigation-20149885","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}