'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 2

July 1999: Dr. Susan Nagele helps provide healthcare in impoverished, war torn southern Sudan.
5:06 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for 'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 2
We don't know when or how it sac bases innately decided on her whites have. We do know that shortly after finishing medical school she considered and then rejected going to Central America to help or there. It was she decided to dangerous. So she chose Africa which letter to the Sudan a bear she has lived and worked for eight years so now common lived and worked with for awhile. To this safer place she calls home. Look to more or the Oakland and this says repairs that was opened up in October of 97. But give us our sins and bring it tonight. The diet affairs asked to kill TV and problems to come here and so. Bother me a trainer and father ten gallons and opened his parish. And and I defenseman. I came in December. And Lawrenceville when my Kenyans that life can monitor and war. All agreed. A school you. He is. I was born in it for Catholic and herb will remember pools it was a fairly with one. And gradually if I. Got through nineteen years some things it's been able to make some decisions for myself that. Would. Really. Are are based in the gospel teachings of genes. And we. Per. This morning came for another regular presents him. Squeezed into patients here on Mondays Wednesdays and fri and yes tried new recruits pregnant women to come and that. The majority of the cases there probably group the skin disease bonds. The only building they have direct can IDs to two quotes that were built regional this story and what won't. When that program was finished. Yes you can use these have. You the Haitian. And cancer June Kenton. Me. In. This. A the child was burned for days ago on her forehead when felon proof means. It's a common problem because at ninth and its core of the children's sleep and I'm. And we hope that with the next several months will be up to build a dispensary that have a cement floor. And the grass roof. People who survived child and make it. And strong. And they deserve every opportunity I get them. Yeah. I think that's part of through different from. In but the people here have their own land that cam. And in fact my Frist can now hang out tonight how can we really wouldn't be disturbed if a way of life. And then I realized that every single men here have begun. And so it's not somebody hasn't. Outside world has already made in round didn't mean. There's guns all the there's all sorts of I've weapon couldn't move and they are all destructive and Karen mind. He. The war is hard. And when's it going on phenomenon. In people with so little hope and feeling like they're forgotten how but he cares about them. The wore what is by far the most difficult thing. Everything. I know you you can learn to live with. Very little. You know and hidden. As long as there's. An adequate amount of modern doesn't have to be learning I didn't hear about them. But not have peace and not be able. Planned for your featuring children's future. I would think both.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"July 1999: Dr. Susan Nagele helps provide healthcare in impoverished, war torn southern Sudan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"45098786","title":"'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-making-difference-part-45098786"}