'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 3

July 1999: Dr. Susan Nagele helps provide healthcare in impoverished, war torn southern Sudan.
6:31 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for 'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 3
I have to go remember when day and Clinton in the moment. They could it Thailand door what we were using to examine patients listening tour practice binds them. Earth. And the child was just a bad well. Tests came in bonds and missed. Jumped over like this and I looked them and I if they bring one ton of them like at five boom. He. So we did what we could turn that child is causing other children that we were doing was handing out. Flour and Oreo. And their parents would take at home and feed their children. And six weeks later. That talent came through the do or and he was Tim's own. And so at that moment when you feel like you can't do one more thing he just kind of make it through today. And then when you see something. Like that child get better if you meet thing. You know that. You made a difference with baton and didn't committed with. Them. Oh. Now she's coughing bitch I think. My first thought was TV. And her liver is large and very. Lenient lines. So she could have gone and that there to it from ten. It's. When no other young men I'd like to be a part of time. It looked have healthier lives. And it comes from my baby then. What we are giving me share with and then hit Oakland. Yeah at Alpine Bob Hope. We gradually look at how to improve my health care and education. They're they're very marginalized and they're very. Susceptible to being taken into account written print and read in ninth. In a very rich time he could couldn't take it Benton. You really need to learn how to. He Karen thousand and that from around the month. And I think that takes time. And and respect. When. Had a leg are the core. People's lives. And let it go. Had an older man. How mainland pickets known people think. Cattle herding is pregnant and in some length may be but he says he knew it teaches children responsibility. Teaches them. Their their role in the family and the community what they're supposed to do. And that man hasn't think and they had no more had lost all their accounts they had. No customs that had always given their lives meaning and and parameters. And the children were growing up without. Some guidelines can. Good. All of this hunger. For the most part is caused by war. I mentioned as an extra room for. This reason why these people can in 1000 teen. And they know that they're good arm. Who produced Clinton. And it's very degrading to them if and the. If there was to be a peaceful solution. The war can never be many mean years of trying to help people. We solve the conflicts among themselves. The on the hurt and the trauma that they've experienced from the war. You know maybe for this generation. Those generations that lived through the war maybe it will never give of the healed completely. Guess I was hopeful children. And I think it's also important to look at sit on in the context of the whole world. No this conflict going on for a long time. And and people can feed that. The united kicked get upset about protecting right. Very in Iraq and so they format known flies them. And the rest of the world it's very concerned about. People in Kosovo are being mistreated by America and and those are all very serious situation that no action. And I think defendants wonderful. Life with many concerned about it here to our well none from Switzerland. Couldn't we also distance he won't bring people together continue. To find some tests way to follow. The problems have caused this way. We are a country that was founded by dreamers people who look at it man ignored immeasurable odds. Since innately seems the logical child of those dreamers. No win issue must that no one person could solve the problems that face Sudan. Knowing also that no problem will get solved no disease will be conquered. No child made well. Let someone tries. Its is innately the child of mid America. Said why not me. Have to report for tonight Good Morning America tomorrow morning I'm Aaron Brown in Washington for all of us here at ABC news that.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"July 1999: Dr. Susan Nagele helps provide healthcare in impoverished, war torn southern Sudan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"45098826","title":"'Nightline': Making a Difference - Part 3","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-making-difference-part-45098826"}