Olympian Dead After America's Cup Boat Capsizes

United States crewmembers talk about the dangers of racing the lightning-fast boats.
3:17 | 05/11/13

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Transcript for Olympian Dead After America's Cup Boat Capsizes
Crashing into the water fifty miles an hour can painful even deadly but it's a kind of dangerous speed the drugs. Dozens of the world's best sailors to compete in the America's cup. As they trade risk for their sport's most prestigious reward but yesterday. That -- pursuit of glory ended in tragedy here's ABC's nick watts. This gigantic cash and ran nose -- capsized and broke into pieces -- 72 foot giants on a practice run. Prepping for the greatest -- and -- The America's cup trapped under a hull Andrew -- a two time Olympic medalist a husband and a father lost his life. It's not -- please -- It's through -- and who's doing what he loved. It was his passion. And America's cup stays -- -- -- for the past 111 years. The America's cup is the oldest trophy in sports traditionally the America's cup has been in what -- calling yacht. And a technology that hasn't changed her couple hundred years. In the space of just about. -- -- sailing technology has changed beyond what. Today's boots -- multi million dollar have to brand designed with aerospace technology equipment carbon fiber wait. No remains bill. Fly it three or four times the wind speed and touch maybe fifty miles per hour. It's the most advanced selling technology possible -- the difference between a biplane. And a jet plane. -- -- Jimmy special captioning the US team also slipped on a practice run here in San Francisco Bay. Now was not long -- dry -- these -- with spit. And his -- is -- and this lasts. Just how safe you. And kept sources but -- can crash them out. Please but Troy award pushing -- push the the can be catastrophic. It depends in the reassuring on -- Excitement and the danger that came to NASCAR. The America's cup wants to shed -- -- from pungent blue blazer image and win the youth younger audiences are there. -- traditionalists. Wearing the blazers. Could look at you. I think. -- -- not question. The question and look baucus said -- but nothing against us dogs in but respect the fact is. This is a white Ford they designed this X games type of the -- this wind sail it had -- And it's too extreme. Every crash is a -- catastrophe. There's real risk them and not think people want them as an audience that -- to -- little bit of risk if you're not getting close to caps causing it probably not pushing out of. -- -- -- And the Iraq incidence when people push themselves in the apparatus. To the limits. In this nice. Meeting with a fatality. Once the united -- -- will. -- any action if it's necessary any action they say they weren't even roulette canceling this summer's America's cup. And it -- for Nightline. Sent.

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{"id":19157356,"title":"Olympian Dead After America's Cup Boat Capsizes","duration":"3:17","description":"United States crewmembers talk about the dangers of racing the lightning-fast boats.","url":"/Nightline/video/olympian-dead-americas-cup-boat-capsizes-19157356","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}