Oscars: By The Numbers

The young, the old, the record-holders and the record-breakers at the Academy Awards.
2:20 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Oscars: By The Numbers
It's being. 84 years. Close Gloria Stuart the academy's oldest ever nominee but actually this is the 85 year of the Oscars and by the end of the -- Sunday one of these nine films. Will be named the 85 best picture. Maybe. Because in 2002 beautiful mind wasn't handed its best picture Oscar until almost 1 AM eastern the following morning four hours and 23 minutes after the show began. If you think that's law in 1968. Academy Award at its best foreign language Oscar to war and peace. The 14140. Page novel turned film -- nearly seven hours long. Could see the shortest best picture winner Marty almost five times that same stretch. Speaking of short Sunday's -- -- best actress nominee who -- and -- Wallace stood around three feet tall when she shot her film beasts of the southern wild. That's less than three times the height of the statue she might win. On the flip side two time winner Daniel Day-Lewis stands six foot two playing slightly taller sixteenth president -- tallest best actor winner. The duke John weigh just over six for not counting -- This year Lincoln leads the pack with twelve loves to shy of -- record holder Titanic but that doesn't mean Lincoln is a shoo in for best picture. The most nominated film wins best picture only 67%. Of the time and no actor has ever -- for playing -- president. -- get the edge well being part of Hollywood's first families. -- now. This war. The Coppola's. With the Roman -- -- for co -- US kingdom this year six members of the famous family received a total of 24 nominations. -- winds so why all the numbers finally stack up. Will a manual -- when her first Oscar at 85 -- quill pens and they want lists her first at just nine. Can ultra low budget beasts beat budget buster -- Will Denzel would the second is best actor Spielberg his third for director John Williams -- six for a musical score. For that need to know these up 85 seven. And -- Because the 85 annual Academy Awards airs Sunday seventies. For the west only on ABC.

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{"id":18553816,"title":"Oscars: By The Numbers","duration":"2:20","description":"The young, the old, the record-holders and the record-breakers at the Academy Awards.","url":"/Nightline/video/oscars-numbers-18553816","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}