Why Some People Want to Re-Define the 'Plus-Size' Model Label

Amy Schumer recently took issue with the inclusion of her name in Glamour Magazine's "Chic at Any Size" issue.
7:58 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for Why Some People Want to Re-Define the 'Plus-Size' Model Label
We start with the social media backlash led by the TV and movie star Amy Schumer against "Glamour" magazine. What they put on their cover and the debate it has sparked about body image, women's health, and whether the term "Plus-size" needs to be scrapped. Here's my "Nightline" coanchor juju Chang. Reporter: She's the it girl comedienne. What size are you now? I'm a 4 at old Navy. Okay, so an 8. Yeah. Reporter: Unafraid to poke fun at herself and all the body shamers out there on her hit show "Inside Amy Schumer." What size are you thinking your new body's going to be? I'm definitely going to be a size 2. Congratulations that's a great size. Reporter: Labeled the queen of comedy, there's one label she's not laughing about, plus-size. The comedienne taking issue with "Glamour" after being included in the "Chic at any size" special issue featuring Ashley graham. Schumer highlighted alongside Melissa Mccarthy and Adele as women who inspire us. The "Train wreck" star taking to instagram. I think there's nothing wrong with being plus size. Beautiful, healthy women. Plus size is considered size 16 in America. I go between a size 6 and 8. And she goes on to say, young girls seeing my body type, thinking that is plus size? Not cool, "Glamour." Not glamorous. Her blast going viral. Are you surprised to be caught in a Twitter war with Amy shumer? Nobody can outtweet Amy. Reporter: Cindy levy is the editor in chief of "Glamour" magazine. I'm sorry she didn't like being named on the cover and I'm sorry she wishes her piece hadn't been included. But I'm confident that the message of the issue, which is that there are great clothes out there for all of us, is one that will relevance Nate with readers. Reporter: "Glamour" magazine is on the forefront of the plus-size revolution, now a $20 billion market. I don't believe Amy Schumer is plus size. That's not a term I love. The cover line says, women who inspire us. We felt the audience for this special edition would be inspired by her completely hilarious and constant, consistent message of body positivity. Reporter: Which is why "Glamor" made her its cover girl last August and the UK edition gave her the trail blazers award last year for her messages of body positivity. I'm not going to apologize for who I am and I'm going to love the skin that I'm in and not be striving for some other version of myself. Do you regret including her in the issue? I don't regret including her. I like Amy, I think she's hilarious. I'm sorry she wasn't happy with it but I think women enjoy what she has to say on the subject of body image. Reporter: The special edition, Ashley graham who made a splash as a "Sports illustrated" swimsuit cover girl, says the term "Plus-size" is outdated given 60% of American women are size 14 or larger, sparking many women to ditch the label altogether and embrace a body positive movement. I think when people say, let's get rid of the word plus, what we're meaning is we don't want to be in a box. We don't want to be labeled. Reporter: Model Candace Huffine is featured in the same issue, now speaking out in the hopes to redefine what it means to be "Plus-size." I just decided, why are we treating it like a dirty four-letter word? Why can't we change the definition, take back ownership of it, and prove to everyone that a plus-size woman is healthy. I'm a size 12/14. So this is the body I'm meant to be in. What would it take for you to be a size zero? It would be impossible. You would be going after an unhealthy body? Which is why when I had that choice 15 years ago to lose weight to get a contract at this agency or to move forward, I'm very grateful that I didn't even try to go down a road that wasn't meant for me. Reporter: Candacenow part of a group of curvaceous women represented by img, the same agency responsible for top models like Gisele, Kate moss. We say, if you're a model you're an img model. We opened up the conversation on diversity in the last two years. Reporter: A conversation that led img models president Ivan Bart to create the curves division. The name pointedly rejecting the industry's plus-size label. Ashley graham and Marquita among the women who captured the attention of magazines and designers. When I saw how successful they are, how much revenue they generate, it opened our minds about how important this industry is right now. And how much opportunity there is. Reporter: And the perfect opportunity to send a message to young girls about what is a healthy body size. Girls like Tessa Embree, who this week sparked a similar conversation after writing a letter to her gym teacher refusing her assignment to calculate her body mass index, bmi. I am just beginning to love my body like I should and I'm not going to let some outdated calculator tell me I'm obese because I'm not. Reporter: The eighth grader refusing to let her health be defined by a number. Tells Sa and her mother say their physician deemed her healthy, giving her more of a reason to speak out about her body insecurities. I realize that I eat healthy, I work out, I play softball at least five times a week. And I'm comfortable in my own skin. What would you say to middle schoolgirls who are asked to calculate their bmi? Do you love yourself? Are you happy with the way you look? That number means nothing. Do the things that make you happy and that gets you the furthest in life. Reporter: But this conversation around body image is crossing gender lines. The absence of big guys feels like a form of body shaming. It kind of does, like shaming by omission. It's showing that, well, we don't find this attractive, so we're not going to highlight it. Reporter: At 6'6", 26-year-old Zach micoh has been signed as the first big and tall male model. Everyone said, you're the first plus-size model. I remember thing, that can't possibly be true. Reporter: That's because from a young age Miko says he struggled with the same types of anxieties women have long been confessing. I grew up with crazy body image issues and self-esteem issues and insecurities based on my size. I always felt like this big kid that was made fun of. I still have nightmares about being dragged to the husky section by my mom when I was a kid. Reporter: With the average waist size on men measuring 39 inches this once big and tall in each niche market is going mainstream. Hello, I'm chubby shorts male model of the year. Reporter: Chubby shorts boasts of real men wearing real shorts. The retro brand ditching the six-pack model look and embracing the dad bod, in an effort to reach their core customers. With hundreds of thousands of followers on instagram the label is hotter than ever. I would have been interested in fashion when I was younger. I know I would have. But it wasn't available to me. It really is a blind spot that fashion has, so crazy. Yeah, so I'm really hoping that we can get past that and get designers on board and realize just the money-making potential they could have. Reporter: Regardless of the label, it's undoubtedly a heavyweight market. In the end, it seems Amy Schumer is putting the plus-size misunderstanding behind her. Posting this whimsical clip in a skimpy bikini. Writing, bottom line seems to be, we are done with these unnecessary labels which seem to be reserved for women. For "Nightline," I'm juju Chang

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"Amy Schumer recently took issue with the inclusion of her name in Glamour Magazine's \"Chic at Any Size\" issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"38243684","title":"Why Some People Want to Re-Define the 'Plus-Size' Model Label","url":"/Nightline/video/people-define-size-model-label-38243684"}