Pope Benedict Delivers Farewell Address

"Nightline's" Terry Moran and ABC's Christiane Amanpour describe the scene in Rome.
3:00 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Pope Benedict Delivers Farewell Address
In Vatican City a day unlike any other in the past 600. Years as thousands upon thousands gathered to bid farewell. -- tiring Pope Benedict the sixteenth. Right there with them my co anchor Terry Moran who brings us the latest from Rome. Today. Greensboro road -- while Benedict the sixteenth had a hard act to follow John Paul the second one of the most charismatic leaders on the twentieth century. -- -- -- in many ways has been a troubled. But today on his last full day as well all that seem to matter back there in Saint Peter's Square is that. Was there with the faithful. One. It was a sweet swan song -- a glorious -- morning in Saint Peter's Square. A huge throng of pilgrims turned out for Pope Benedict the sixteenth -- general audience. As he drove to the crowd in his Pope mobile one last time they press pool they cheered they reached out to. Firm farewell. To this soft spoken old man who shepherded the Catholic Church for almost eight turbulent years and now is laying aside the keys to the -- Your -- listens he spoke to the pilgrims to the listening world personally. Let's start to get times but also were calling it difficult moments as scandals and troubles -- -- -- there have been times when the seas were rough and the wind against us and said. As in the whole history of the church it has ever -- and the lord seemed to sleep and -- the news. He kept the faith you and one their hearts. -- What if and it went back there we're joined now by Chris -- level for ABC's global affairs anchor Christiane first Pope Benedict the sixteenth. His legacy will be added. Think that he's going to be known as a very intellectual Pope a professorial Pope a Pope who. Deeply loved it sheds and deep evening news stay. Not a charismatic Pope like John Paul the second not this doesn't really. Had this cult following elect the wrong stuff and created a -- -- this evening John Paul the second. And Pope Benedict as you said had a -- act -- that today. You know and I'm doesn't usually -- his heart on his feet I think -- to an extent. You could see the emotion you could see that he was struggling not just with what he said -- the joy of his. Ministry and it is paid his seat but also of the difficulty in the strongest suit had. The TP talked about the shopping Schwartz's. And of course referring not just -- the world problems but to the problems that have rocked the Catholic. The frightful. Sex abuse scandal that erupted first in the US and then came here under -- -- to -- his attempts to deal with it. But not having finished the job and people wanting to clean house and to move on from this thing that is so damaged the -- And let me ask. -- put on your global affairs anchor had. For Catholics obviously that's an important moment beautiful moment anyway for non Catholics around the world. Why does this matter boy you know I think that I thought about this -- -- -- Roman Catholic. And yet the Pope is always be -- states. He's always been somebody who doesn't just minutes to two Roman Catholics that his movements his pronouncement. What he says what he does when he goes the fact that he's visited. And sort out by -- world -- -- makes it much more than that. And so what he does and says affects many other -- but it matters because it's one point two billion souls in the world. He's the only faith needed -- will be such a big flop and as I say who else rules a billion people other than the heads of China and India. Major major news event for Catholics and non Catholics like -- thanks very much. He doesn't forget tomorrow is the departure Benedict sixteenth and then begins discussions about who comes next thing will be here.

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{"id":18614828,"title":"Pope Benedict Delivers Farewell Address","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline's\" Terry Moran and ABC's Christiane Amanpour describe the scene in Rome.","url":"/Nightline/video/pope-benedict-delivers-farewell-address-18614828","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}