'Preacher's Daughters': Drugs, Partying and Teen Motherhood

New reality TV series follows three teenage girls as their pastor parents try to rein them in.
5:00 | 03/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Preacher's Daughters': Drugs, Partying and Teen Motherhood
Think we can all agree being teenager is tough now just imagine being a team with a parent -- a preacher. Tonight we're going to introduce you to a young woman who says being bad was her reaction to the good book. She just one of the stars of lifetime's new reality show preachers daughters. Poised to take the airwaves by storm as ABC's Neal Karlinsky reports. If you think following the seemingly humdrum life of churchgoing families wouldn't quite hit the mark -- reality show. So are up got up got your faith in television. Is about to be tested look at the decision. You just made as a Christian lady -- that the decision -- would -- preachers daughters the real and at times jarring -- lost -- stories of three young women. And their pastor parent struggles to rein them in. You need to focus on school this -- -- didn't have been focusing on. Schools and like with the same time is nothing different. We spend today in central California with one of them seemingly typical teenager Olivia Perry. When I say and I got the -- of the -- okay. Thank you must be you know a good girl are you don't do anything wrong. Anxious to prove her classmates wrong and fit in Olivea spent a good chunk of her teenage years living a life. Filled with Sinn. Those hanging out with their own people doing drags turning -- going to parties solid tang and seeing employees. Doing things employees and I honestly loves to light their reaction I would get -- -- then again my -- a pastor and Billick. -- nationally. Here fastest and you're at a party -- In an -- church like but perhaps -- reality TV you like moment -- drained from her feet and parents. Came with a most unexpected consequence. 818 year old Olivia is now a single mother and -- Living in her parents house with her eleven month old daughter -- She says her life is finally back on track thinks 21 -- forgettable weekend fueled by two rogues and alcohol. What changed -- what was the moment. I got my license suspended after he got in the car accident and then the next day I found out that I was pregnant and the next day when he toes just a weekend of both could. Today her parents CPD eaten only is a blessing but getting here wasn't easy. I felt sad and -- -- that disappointment with the -- choices. I would say my faith really helped me get through did you question. Your selves and and your roles as parents did you feel at all like you fail. Yeah I don't think any parent can watch their kids. Go through difficulty -- not go today and went I contribute to this so definitely. The show is filled with this sort of thing including one preacher father's worries that his daughter will turn to -- Was this apostle -- god please don't have them. -- -- -- -- In the -- the -- mom embarrassing her daughter with us sex. Certainly the I am not just talking amount. Penetration and sex and I am not just talking about -- -- not everything. Later this -- mom grills a perspective boyfriend with a cringe worthy interview and written contract. And he kissed her yet. Yeah yeah. Olivia and her family face the uncomfortable moment she tested teller parents she isn't sure who the baby's father is. So you know how -- -- his shot and there's also -- -- -- she could be is spending two days. The critics are pouncing already. A group called one million moms is calling for a boycott of the show before it's aired a single episode saying in a statement. This program is not only offensive to pastors their daughters and families all across the country. But to all Christians to publicize someone struggles for a buck and the little pastor's daughters in the process. These despicable the Perry family strongly disagrees they believe showing off their missteps will help others with their own challenges. You will be. Fairly or unfairly -- I don't mind being accountable for the decisions I -- everything's an idea but I think judgment from afar you know it's unfortunate in our culture you know we have -- a culture where cowardly people can become very brave behind a laptop computer. Olivia is now enrolled in community college she has a job and says. Having -- was the best thing that could have happened and she's no longer embarrassed to be -- preachers daughter. And proud of it now I mean. I love that -- entreaties hundred -- I don't wanna prove it wrong Larry you know rebel against that label like saying OK with it. I'm Neal Karlinsky for Nightline in Oceana no. California.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"New reality TV series follows three teenage girls as their pastor parents try to rein them in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18707483","title":"'Preacher's Daughters': Drugs, Partying and Teen Motherhood","url":"/Nightline/video/preachers-daughters-drugs-partying-teen-motherhood-18707483"}