Preacher's Son

Part 2: The Lookout team tracks down one preacher's son, who Feds say took millions.
6:32 | 08/22/13

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celebrating the high life, starring his wife. ♪ I do what I want ♪ then there was this. Preaching faith based investing in churches across the country. Give god grace if you want to get paid this morning. He was charged by the s.E.C. In running what they called a ponzi scheme saying he preyed an church goers who gave him their trust, $11 million. They took the whole website down. Back then the s.E.C. Told us they couldn't find him. His attorney told us he was just staying out of the spotlight. Well, a few days ago we got a tip, if we really wanted to talk to the taylors, we might want to look in kansas, specifically at a shop called panacea massage. In october of last year a massage therapist rented a room. She went by the name liz taylor, not that liz taylor though she did seem to share the late actresses love of bling. She would make comments about how my purse was cheap. I got the impression she was disappointed with her current life-style and depressed about it. She said liz's husband also talked about his career in fortune. Her husband is ephren taylor. He's really smart -- this is her quote -- and he's a consultant. I said what happened to all the money? Well, the market went into the slump, the same answer to the question when everyone has money and then doesn't. They like to whisper all the time even if you are standing next to them. They can't look you in the ears. They don't look you in the ey one day she said ephren was sitting at the front desk and seemed nervous. He was sitting at the desk on the computer. I went to grab a piece of paper and he backed up away from me so hard he hit the desk. When pam decided to install security cameras to protect workers, ephren took note. I was told he said, hey, look, they have cameras, be careful what you say because there is audio and night vision like what's going on. This is when the salon ladies turned into amateur sluths. She had me walk down the hall way and look add her license. Her license is michelle. She googled it and a whole can of worms opened up. They even found our story which viewed online. That's how it all came together. It was all within a matter of 20, 30 minutes. I was like oh, my god. I mean, we had no idea. Apparently while all those investors wondered where he was, ephren taylor was spending his days in a suburban day spa. The salon ladies made the connection. They contacted one of our sources who called "the lookout." A lot of people may have said, you know what, let's wash our hands of these people, let them go. Absolutely not. If you are so quick to take someone's money and just leave them high and dry, you're capable of anything. Our source told "the lookout" team about the taylors activity in kansas and sure enough we caught up with them at an apartment complex. I'm rolling, I'm rolling. Go, go, go! How's it going? What do you say to all those families who say you cheated them? Do you have any answer, those families who say that you took their money? Sir, anything to say to all of those families? What about the money that the courts are ordering you to pay the families? Do you plan to pay them back? A lot of people are hoping to hear from you. Do you have any response, anything for those people? There is a lot of people trying to reach you. An our later as if nothing happened taylor's wife shows up for work. Is this your husband here? You guys running from everybody? What do you say to the court and all of that money that the court is asking you guys to pay back? The families feel that you have cheated them. Is that right? Do you have anything to say to those people who think that you have taken money from them? Do you have anything to say to those families at all? Her reaction was one of the strangest we had ever seen like she was walking the runway at a surreal fashion show. Do you have anything to say at all? Do you and your husband plan to go somewhere else after this? Not a word. The securities and exchange commission would not go on camera for our story. The latest judgment ordered ephren taylor to pay more than $14 million. He could be a very honest business man and be successful but it doesn't appear he went that route. We requested a more formal interview with taylor but the man with the gift of gab has fallen uncharacterly silent. His lawyer said he has no comment.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Part 2: The Lookout team tracks down one preacher's son, who Feds say took millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"20031087","title":"Preacher's Son ","url":"/Nightline/video/preachers-son-20031087"}