How the Presidential Election May Affect the Trump Brand

Trump's empire of hotels, casinos and products are still alluring to his supporters but his controversial campaign may hurt his namesake brand.
6:27 | 11/05/16

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Transcript for How the Presidential Election May Affect the Trump Brand
It's allegations like those along with Donald Trump's divisive campaign rhetoric that may be doing long-term damage to his businesses. We've seen threats of boycotts to his businesses. We go to "Inside the final 30." P. Reporter: Posh hotels, luxury condominiums, high-end fashion and one name in com -- trump. I'm really rich. But now the man that built the empire. They're bringing crime and rapists. I don't know what I said, I don't remember. Grab them by the . But after allegations of sexual assault -- It was like he was an octopus, like he had six arms. Reporter: And comments directed toward minority groups, veterans and the disabled, is the trump name an asset or liability? This is Tim o'brien. Has this campaign help or hurt Donald Trump the brand in. He runs a hotel business that depends on people feeling good about being associated with a building with his name on it. Women are turning baah backstheir backs on him. It's going to have a seismic influence on him. It's already in force. There's an all-out battle to have the brand removed. When you moved in four years ago, were you bothered by it? I didn't think about it. Now I think it. His name is thinks his greatest asset so what a great way to attack him. Beth Bernstein said she booked conferences and weddings at a conference in Chicago for years. That was until news broke of this infamous recording. She wrote in her blog -- I simply cannot walk in the doors any longer. I will be following up with my contacts to. I'd really like to buy you everything, if that were possible. The man and the brand, inseparable from each other but iconic as well. The scale is what brings the people, the on U lens, the size. Casino. Steaks. Even a board game. Not always successful but daring and different, constantly redefining, reshaping, barrelling into the presidency with "The aand even roo. What we don't know is how it could impact his presidency. It's not clear what Donald Trump would do with his business if he became president of the united States. He's talked about putting it into a blind trust. I would probably have my children run it with my executives. And I wouldn't ever be involved. The idea behind a blind trust is that a third party takes over your portfolio so there are no issues and conflicts of interest. Now, in this case trump's portfolio is his business, it's his name. So what happens there? It's unclear. Reporter: Also unclear, how all of this impacts his net worth. A total net workt, $8,377 million,54,000. Caller: That number has been disputed, in part because of his refusal to release his . Ivanka's clothing line has been through the boycott. Shannon Coulter says her hash tag has been used by more than 125 million people, a movement large enough to have gotten ivanka's attention. I wonder what you say to the women who started this grab your wall wallet, but I we fer to talk about the women that inspire the brand. What was the core product in the trump brand. If you think about his portfolio, his target would real really. Donald Trump is essentially the 1% and he lives a very rarified lifestyle. He has products that are luxury brands. They aren't pitched to working class Americans. But his core base is working class Americans. Tonight the trump organization telling ABC news that the brand, quote, remains incredibly strong. We are seeing tremendous success across business units, adding, we continue to outperform . What he has done is surface some very disturbing issues and trends around race, chauvinism, sexism, but it's out there on the table now to be discussed. Up next, we've gone from

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{"id":43321895,"title":"How the Presidential Election May Affect the Trump Brand","duration":"6:27","description":"Trump's empire of hotels, casinos and products are still alluring to his supporters but his controversial campaign may hurt his namesake brand.","url":"/Nightline/video/presidential-election-affect-trump-brand-43321895","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}