How 'Quantico' Star Priyanka Chopra Dealt With Race Issues

Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, who plays Alex Parrish, sings, dances, acts and is a one-time Miss World.
6:32 | 09/29/15

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Transcript for How 'Quantico' Star Priyanka Chopra Dealt With Race Issues
sei hre zue ngtawhkihantix. If youave any these, stophantix an ca yd R doou Tell yr doctorbout any historof mentahealth priyanka Chopra was already a bollywood star and the winner of the miss world pageant. Now this singing, dancing, acting triple threat wants to make it in America. Here's ABC's nick watt. I'm a huge fan! Tell me how much. Reporter: Do you recognize this woman? Probably not. Not yet, anyway. ? Reporter: Priyanka Chopra is a bollywood superstar, box office gold over there. There are places on this planet she can't walk down the street without being mobbed by adoring fans. She's a kind of Indian scarlifer. Miss world 1999 is -- miss India! Reporter: She's a one-time miss world. Absolutely delighted! Reporter: She sings, dances and acts in bollywood blockbust blockbusters. ? Reporter: And now a twist of fate. I met Kelly lee, vp of casting for ABC, at a party. Reporter: And to cut a longish story short, Chopra landed the lead on a big primetime American TV network show. Welcome to the FBI academy at quantico. I had to do the American accent very hard. It was very hard for me to roll myers. It took three days to say -- okay. Alex Parrish, counterterrorism task force. Reporter: "Quantico premiered has it night on ABC. Please, I've already figured you out. I think there will be a lot of the messages that come out with "Quantico." How well do you know these people? I don't understand. The bigger picture is going to be let's try looking at people other than the obvious. Let's start, okay, so you're Indian, do you love chai? Actually, I don't. I don't do yoga. Which is horrible, I'm a bad Indian. Reporter: Terror attack. An explosion rocked grand central terminal in New York City -- Reporter: Thrusting young FBI recruits -- pulse-pounding plot lines. And just a little loving. It's a sexy show. You will see good-looking people will have relationships. But it will never be like not tasteful, know what I mean? Who are you? Reporter: Bollywood, where suggestive flirting reigns, was perhaps the perfect training ground for this. Jack in the box, do we have time? Reporter: Chopra did go to high school here, she's not a total fish out of water. Although high school here wasn't a happy time. I had some major like racist issues when I was in school. Really? It really got to me. Racist issues, schoolyard bullying? Yes this one girl hated me, Janine something. It's because of you I became this, Janine. I should find you on Facebook. She was just really evil to me. She hated me. She and her coterie of like ten girls were these bad-ass girl hot would throw people into the lockers. Reporter: A ? ?? Te1 sat mgete Texert1 une Li She isidedly not you town girl coming fefar-dtchedreams of success. Her pop single "In my city" was the NFL Thursday open. ? Come to a party in my city ? Reporter: Some people didn't like a foreigner as the face of a very American sport. There was a lot of user comments that called me an Arab terrorist. I was offended on two accounts. One, why is every Arab a terrorist? Second of all, how am I Arab? I'm Indian. Haters going to hate, potatoes going to potate, who cares. America's been hugely encouraging to me and extremely accepting. Reporter: She rolls with it. I think I've been a famous person for long enough to know that you can't please everyone. ? I feel so ? Reporter: Chopra recorded with pitbull "Exotic." Apparently you get a lot of offers like that. Generic, exotic, foreign roles if you're a certain color. I was the exotic Arabian princess. The shows have always been a little bit in the box. I like to think outside of the box. Are you telling me you think one of these people is a terrorist? Reporter: Which brings us back to quantico. Chopra was drawn to the Alex role because her skin color wasn't written into the script. You already know what happened next. She was ethnically ambiguous. I want to be taken seriously as an actor, not for the color of my skin. They've arrested me and they won't tell me why! I read 26 scripts, I remember. "Quantico" was my favorite. Then I met the makers. They met me, liked me, I liked them, it just kind of happened. Reporter: Play an ass-kicking FBI recruit falsely accused of being a terrorist. She showed ginger zee a little of what that entails. Hit. Fall this way. Well done! Reporter: Chopra's star is rising here in America. Crowds are gathering. An established celebrity elsewhere almost starting anew over here. You come here with very little currency in this country. Correct. So how are you -- They say America's the land of dreams. And I've come here with wanting to be the best that I can be. Reporter: Aim high. The face of a primetime network show. There's one thing I know for sure about precede yawn Ka Chopra -- she's not afraid of anything. I'm nick watt for "Nightline," Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, who plays Alex Parrish, sings, dances, acts and is a one-time Miss World.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"34118067","title":"How 'Quantico' Star Priyanka Chopra Dealt With Race Issues","url":"/Nightline/video/quantico-star-priyanka-chopra-dealt-race-issues-34118067"}