All the Queen's Corgis

The palace corgi whisperer shows how Queen Elizabeth II's dogs are trained.
3:00 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for All the Queen's Corgis
With the duchess Kate out of the hospital and a royal bundle of joy officially on the way Queen Elizabeth pack of beloved -- diesel have to make room for a baby. Which means that one expert will be working overtime to keep the royal coaches out of the doghouse. He said ABC's Jeffrey -- that you can teach even not old dogs new tricks. It made a billion people smile. Double 07 escorting the queen to the Olympics this summer. But it was her core -- that stole the show. As everyone knows they are as much a part of her majesty's life. And those hats and handbags. -- have been on the scene pretty much from the beginning for Elizabeth the second. Probably royal infatuation. Years you don't know less than thirty of the little dogs. They've traveled the world with her. And this year on her to -- to work her adoring subjects brought their court. He's a long -- -- that's cryptic to -- the queen crack -- smile. OK guys -- -- Roger Mumford trains Britain's dollars. What mr. clean score -- and has qualities of his own. Makes a court -- accord. Well that highly trained well -- incredibly good on site. -- a great is hearing. At weddings and Caldwell say that. Big dog in the middle frame -- and they think the role they can also be vicious little -- queens authorities hadn't -- the war. 510 defeat out of -- officers. And bitten her -- -- the queen call when the dogs are disobedient -- good -- Roger. Also known as the -- -- and it still controlled sick suing everybody -- He first got some of the queen's castle in -- twenty years ago when the queen had nine corgi and they will fight. The decree described that the issues with -- -- -- them. Well management and she's incredibly good -- manager you did you hierarchy in dealing with the -- Funded you have to establish some sort of rule -- -- privileges who has access to food -- who goes on the sofa. And and it's a problem -- -- -- have to deal with these instances Rodgers solution for fighting dogs just won't call it human as snake in akin to. They hit sees politics there's just control it's so that's what the queen carries in that -- And should never got into an -- and sons Roger was called again by the palace this summer when there was yet another -- conflagration. Oh it advice to the queen is no different than his advice to the rest of -- dog owners focus on good behavior I -- countries -- hand never shown to the dog and hit them. As for the queen's -- -- percent to report that the eldest -- he died just a few weeks after the Olympics. Now -- soon. -- -- For --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The palace corgi whisperer shows how Queen Elizabeth II's dogs are trained.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17899950","title":"All the Queen's Corgis","url":"/Nightline/video/queens-corgis-17899950"}