Robin Roberts Returns to 'GMA'

"GMA's" Josh Elliott recounts highlights from his co-anchor's first day back after medical leave.
2:42 | 02/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts Returns to 'GMA'
Very special one for IBC family as Robin Roberts wish all of us Good Morning America from the anchor desk for the first time in 100. 74 days to celebrate her triumphant return. Is good morning America's co anchor Josh -- Hi it's Robin and I have been waiting 174. Days to say this. Good Morning America it was welcome home party five long months in the making. This morning Robin Roberts returned to Good Morning America anchor chair after having had a bone marrow. -- -- -- -- -- And I realize that this is real this is actually happening. She returned to hero's welcome with messages of support pouring in from across the country Good Morning America and welcome back Robin -- And from all of her friends on team Robin. We're all very have a -- back in the morning is so good to have you back I love you we may issue a a -- celebration after arduous -- that began last June. When she first told us but it is something. That is called MD yes my little plastic syndrome a rare form of blood cancer. And that she would take medical leave from Good Morning America to receive a bone marrow transplant on my teammate -- My family there at home I love you and I'll see you soon get. Sister -- and was a rare perfect match and would -- her donor. To prepare for the transplant though she had aggressive chemotherapy which laid waste were immune system. This journey. Much about the mind that is the body but slowly Robin regained her strength and working with among others and medical team. And a yoga and struggled. Stronger and you. Eventually Robin was well enough to return to GM made little rehearsal and I thought I'd like. And even to the road trip -- -- sample. It's home. To her beloved New Orleans. All of -- preparation for two day. First guests. A couple of those doctors and nurses have such wonderful care of her for all -- months. When can I -- bag. That in the name. -- Landon didn't end. But they didn't want her to -- easy at least for the first week. We didn't exactly have been minds and interviewing mrs. Obama and -- and there is -- an -- as an easy start but as they now know. As do we all easy just isn't Robbins style I think they see. -- -- --

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{"id":18553780,"title":"Robin Roberts Returns to 'GMA'","duration":"2:42","description":"\"GMA's\" Josh Elliott recounts highlights from his co-anchor's first day back after medical leave.","url":"/Nightline/video/robin-roberts-returns-gma-18553780","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}