'Roseanne' canceled after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet

Barr's since-deleted tweet about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett sparked a public firestorm and the show was canceled within hours.
8:43 | 05/30/18

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Transcript for 'Roseanne' canceled after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet
Eporter: With that single inflammatory tweet Roseanne's rising imploded today. Within hour the highly anticipated ret of one of TV's most beloved shows, "Roseanne," canceled. Roseanne Barr effect banishedhollywood for this race tweet. Muslim brotherhood andnet of the apes had a baby equals V.J. V.J. Referred is Valer Jarrett, former advise president Obama. Barr deleted the twend eeted an a to Jarret saying inpart, forgive me, my joke was in B STE. Almost ne thoughtwas funny. Within hours a's pulled the P on the show saying Roseanne Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnan and inconsnt with ouralues we decided cancel her show. Bobig CEO of parenompany Disney, adding there was only oneng T do here, height thing. Racism isn't politically correct.I don't thk this is a joke. I think this is actually a racist tweet. And needs to be dealt with as such. Reporter: Valerieet the target of rose S tweet, said iger reached out and apologized before mak the news public. She addressed the controversy tonight on MSNBC's townln racism. Firstall, ink we have to turn it I a teaching moment I'm fine, I'morried Abo all the people out the who don't have a circlf friends and follower who come right to their defense. When you first H about the tweets what did youthink? I honestly did not think ABC would cancel theshow. I thought that they would bid eir time, put out stements, pull the show from tion. Reporter: Later today,ulu and viacom following suit, pulling pasde of the comedy from their platforms. That includedts first run in the '80s a '90s. Then her ag, icm,ropping her saying she violated our values. It's a shocking end to th number O show on tvse emiere in March grabbed 27 million pairs of eyeballs. A sw that the network, the ca and man Americans had so muope for. I on my way to the set of E "Roseanne" show for the "Roseanne" show reboot. It's been 20 years. M so happy to see you. Pretty amazing. Very exciting. But I very emotionally overwhel. This is one of the biggest Stors of theear in television now. Roseanne already whuge.it was number one. It came on like a freight train. In the tings. Ma a lot of Mon for ABC. For them to so swiftly cancel this sh they' going to take a hit. Reporter: A show made for this moment Roseanne's TV family, the ors, are just like any family. Complicated, funny, and politically diverse. The liberal left side ofhe family tree, rosean sister, Jackie. What's up, deplorab Reporter: And on constive side, it was Dan androseanne, T politically into ee to the ly. Nk you for making America great again. Repor their roles resonate with metalrica with some he highest numbers of viewers inits like Tulsa, Citi, and Pittsburgh. We spent time with ABC news contributor and conservative pollster frank Lunz whought together a of Democrats a Republicans focus group to see if "Rnne" would bring them together or drive them art. What is it about the curre political environment that M "Rnne" so powerful? It gives Donald trumot areas voice N normally seen popculture. Democrats like to show as or not more than the reblicans. I don't F it offense it with the jokes I feel it's a good balance. It's having a family that's ha BNT dialogue with other. Whereas people among trends are don't you to talk about ? And I said, becau I don't want to argue with you. Dad, tell her how stu she's being. That's neverked out for me. Dan! Reporter: The Connor fa return on March 27th was highested comedy ede O any nrk in almost four years. It was far beyond any oth W show. All the shows you think of as the biggesthows in television, oseanne" was bigger than that. That wouldn't be th Jean Na, would it? Reporter: The show, history of pushing boundaries since its de in 1988. Thee no exception.thconnors' son, , D't want to kiss the black G his school play. I donant to kiss Gina! H, you're doing it. I hate you! Fine, you't have toiss me. Reporter: In the reboot D.J. Ends upried to that girl. Barr'sntire cr was built on raising eyebrowsegning with her standup act in the 1980s which took a fra look at familylife. This is her very first appearance onional television Reporter: On "The tonight show." I hate the word housewife, I preferomestic goddess. Reporter: And T national exposure Ledo H own sitcom. Ineal life, rnne Barr isn't all that different from B arrump supporters. Ave you loo at the ? W things are rse. Not on the real news. Reporter: The president capitalizing on he popularity, reaching out toongratulate her on theuccess O her new show. Even look atroseanne, I called her day. Look at her ratings. Everyone saw Roseann and Roseanne Connor a pretty much the same person bec ey were both trumpsupporters. The difference was rose Connor mostlyt it in, roseanneras screaming about it every day onial Medin every interview. It was cloud the entire . Reporter: Where TV Roseanne left hertroversial words hind on the Soun stage, the real Roseanne documented H social media. If you go through her Twitt feed, after 2013 see that it wasn't as much as a onf, as much a snapshot. Repr: In a now-deleted tweet from 2013, rosnn said this about another afriamerican woman in the Obama adstration. Susan rice is a man with big swinging balls. The reality is Roseanne's histwith these sort of rerks in regards T african-amers had already been mented. Yet the network deced to reboot her show anyway. Maybe pps they thought she had changed, perhaps T thought was a one-offnd she wouldn't do any that offensive. Orter: Barr a retweeted far-right conspiracy theori as well as a host ofther offensive cents. So the thing might saved show is if Roseanne Barr had acted little more like Roseann con? Yoseanne Barr has been controversial over the year but people managed to look pt that to a certain degree, until now. Have you scrolled through her twi feed I have. E's a lot of conacy theories. A of nastiness. It's really too bad. Aot of people now aref work who really depended on this B, and it's unfortunate that tweets and sl media killed this show in the end. Reporter: Teaction came swiftly from those working O the show. Mean Wanda Sykes, a consulting producer for the Seri, quitting this morni even bthe show was officially canned. Actor Michael fishmang he ndemns these Sames vehemently, calling today one of the hat in life, adding he's vastatedor those who pd producer and actress Gilbert calling the new sad and difficult, adding they've created a showeparate apart from the opinions an words of one cast member. Tonit Roseanne apologizing to E 'S cast and crew. But would be too late. ABC isreplacing "Rose Ann" "The middle" in the Tuesday 8:00 P.M. Slot. The message is clear even for network TV comedy ico. There is a. When do we stopaughing at things that really aren't Y? En do we stop laughint things that are racist and tentially sowingeeds of dissent with each the Can they do a inoff? What happens to the casnd crew? This was ultimately nice revisit. But I think ABC's probably thinking at this po they came back they ha their run, they got gatings, and this is it. Reporter:or "Nightline," I'm Matt Gutman in lngeles.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"Barr's since-deleted tweet about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett sparked a public firestorm and the show was canceled within hours. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55524805","title":"'Roseanne' canceled after Roseanne Barr's racist tweet","url":"/Nightline/video/roseanne-canceled-roseanne-barrs-racist-tweet-55524805"}