Royal Hoax Tragedy: Could DJs Be Charged?

Australian radio show that pulled a prank call on Kate Middleton's hospital has been cancelled.
3:00 | 12/10/12

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Transcript for Royal Hoax Tragedy: Could DJs Be Charged?
Well in the annals of radio pranks this -- was hardly among the most mean spirited. But -- -- -- attempt to phone a pregnant and hospitalized duchess Kate for the amusement of Australian listeners. Took a very dark terror after a nurse who seemed to fall for the prank was found dead to shock jocks behind the hoax receive threats lost their show. And after days in hiding are now speaking out here's ABC's -- -- -- weighing in with the seventh hospital to check on tight condition. And they managed to get -- -- -- high school. Can you believe what is happening tonight. In just a few days this Australian DJ duo has gone from celebrating their now infamous prank. -- well I would feel less accents and that this is sobbing about it personally. Last night DJs milk Reagan Michael Christian came out of hiding on Australia's channel -- TV. Offering a tearful apology. The entertainment Hollywood. I guess -- was an espionage silly accents that's where it was meant to end but it didn't end there instead it ended in tragedy. With the apparent suicide of a nurse who quickly became the butt of -- royal hoax heard around the world. He shock jocks were themselves shocked. It's shattered -- it heartbroken and obviously. Yeah. Now -- deepest sympathies are with the family and friends and minute guys but that would include. Tell -- what it must be going through it under the -- that we may have played a -- in that is. Congress say he's the think we've been handed final bow front. And we have been told these phone number dot ease the hospital bootleg -- Hilton is currently stand. I have to pack just last week it was all -- from -- -- and -- called up the London hospital where Kate Middleton was recovering from severe morning sickness pretending to be Queen Elizabeth. And Prince Charles. Yeah could speak to cage -- my grandchildren -- get played on the thing can they say they never imagined they get through. Good morning animal health PM just after my -- just -- tank to once he -- initial Tommy -- is -- You keep your commitment and can have an -- -- -- ninety. He's still a hundred people before us would have tried -- we just -- -- such -- silly idea and it accents were terrible week. Not for second and we expect to even speak to tight -- -- have a conversation with anyone at the hospital we want to -- hung -- -- But and that didn't happen. The call was patched through to Kate's private nurse -- some of the duchess is personal health information was given out for the world to hear. -- -- Getting inflated to any country connection quite content consequence came home and -- she's thinking enrollment and. -- you I'm just -- I didn't cool he's an. They do will never could have predicted the tragedy that would follow days later just sent to -- Donna the nurse who first picked up. Would be found debt. We we might find FNN about the same time and I think it was. Swiss bungalow that I had in my life. But things could get even worse for the DJs they've been yanked off the airwaves the radio station canceled their show. All those biting headlines continue and soon they may have to face questioning from the Australian police. Here in the streets of Sydney they're still support for the team kids playing. That was a nice and fresh. -- -- -- contacted me. But the global backlash -- -- from online death threats to calls for prison. The question becomes. As a legal matter. What. Possible crimes were committed by the prank itself. I think it's going to be nearly impossible. To legally connect the prank. To the death. When it comes to criminal charges the station announced it is suspending phony phone calls and advertising -- definitely. The real punishment here. For the. That's going to be the way that they can really suffer as for the popular DJs they may be silenced out of -- radio job. But they have one final thing to say to a grieving family. Sort of that isn't running times and I had that I wanted to just reach out to the religious community hug and say sorry. -- -- very early days for Nightline I'm Cecilia -- got in Sydney Australia.

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{"id":17930213,"title":"Royal Hoax Tragedy: Could DJs Be Charged?","duration":"3:00","description":"Australian radio show that pulled a prank call on Kate Middleton's hospital has been cancelled.","url":"/Nightline/video/royal-hoax-tragedy-djs-charged-17930213","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}