'Selfie' Nation: Social Self-Portrait Obsession

It's me, myself and I for an American culture enthralled with cell phone self promotion.
3:00 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for 'Selfie' Nation: Social Self-Portrait Obsession
Whether camera shy or not there's a part -- every -- that longs for the spotlight being lauded for hit mr. brains -- special talents. And as technology has revolutionized our ability to communicate with each other. It's also allowed us to celebrate ourselves through boastful tweets humble -- status updates and photos even if no -- -- to snap the shutter. ABC's juju Chang goes for a close up. On -- nation. Celebrity Felix. Even Oscar winners and former first ladies do. We all do. This healthy. The digital self portrait is now the cultural touchstone of our Smartphone in social networking changed here's Eminem at the -- move. Louie CK in the -- -- in the hospital. And Rihanna just about everywhere she -- hundreds of into the southeast with a six point two. Million -- them followers for celebrities that can be crafted marketing or perhaps a deep sea. Some of these have a very high need for approval and for you booths and facts probably the reason they chose to go into -- funeral is because they have that applause hunger. Psychologist Barbara Greenburg wonders if -- breeding cats healthy nation. Twitter even devotes a -- to hash tag -- Saturday. And FaceBook and ins to -- may all be contributing to a generation of self absorbed self promoting self involved over shares. Worthy of parity by college humor. -- you sending out photos of yourself the messages look at me look at me admire -- And message is also vote for me give me approve all give me the thumbs up on FaceBook or a little hearts on instead perhaps. One study looked at 17100 college students over time and found that narcissistic traits have been rising at the same rate as obesity but is postings -- Really to blame. I don't think people I don't know I'm skinny ninth grader grace Bristol and her fifteen year old friends we'll tell you. They take hundreds of self fees every year according to research teen girls are five times more likely than boys to -- -- I think it's kind of combat -- -- competitive and lake a popular issue to you it's bad I think he could hurt people's the only thing. It's really -- with the post more photos where it's my friend who has -- Lux yes but does that make us a selfish culture. Her. That's I think it's -- that just. -- -- -- -- Of course not everyone thinks -- -- -- the downfall of civilization. Self portraiture is considered a classic artistic form of self examination. Norman Rockwell painted -- -- why do we -- -- house I think it's the truth. You see your eyes to eyes -- the window to -- You know and as of food portrait photographer when my study someone I can see Rivera Francona -- it's my right by the way -- wrinkles around that affects. Nigel barker is the globe trotting photographer whose work but the most beautiful models on the planet he made a name for himself on America's top model -- And now hosts oxygen could face Nigel sees itself these. This refuted -- -- vocal -- equation and it was really using effective therapy to inspire people to feel. Better about themselves and in fact as a result -- -- yeah there's an element let people you know if if they feel insecure they don't have confidence. They don't like the way -- look at a picture -- He can really bring themselves down. But -- can easily go -- and likely -- framing. Just foretaste. What kind of healthy shocks like that side pouring chocolate served on himself and self thing is that it is so some companies are like that their life. Exhibitionist self fees. It's all about what you're trying -- -- -- try to get a date or is it just Judy to stay here I had always frontier. It is that it might you have what are you just -- look cool in the picture. They're sending messages you can tell how do you feel about the guy you know in his workout clothes -- like this with the self. I'm not a fan of people take itself is that that shuts off. God without that you may think reflects fewer places which are rippling muscles sought tapped him until it had been -- so many people do that -- face you know that. Why did you. They think they looked at a that's something in this huge threat and minister to register and get it so basically you're saying don't hopes posing -- the west for -- -- -- It's not about proposed it's about you -- a reason why you look great in -- picture we have great real life. If someone is caught the essence of who you off the pose is not new where's the line between being confident and being narcissistic. It's not about feeding the took better than the next president it's just that when you look at a picture -- like. That's me. And I'm -- Nigel says you start with what's on your mind it's not the look on your face why you taking this I want to -- Come in the school. Is with Nigel so. That immediately eagle's body actually stay in that moment and get them -- here. And got -- that was beautiful. And I forgot to look and says his -- -- -- camera away -- -- -- -- beginning of that muscle tighten. They've come. -- camera back. She took her silky skills on location with Nigel wife of former model to see it in action. A look at -- now wouldn't it. I love dislocations and several reasons festivals the graffiti that works and it. It's very creepy the ducks' offense is well with perhaps this lovely detective you're -- what fact Christie's coats of -- I don't know your life. -- my life. Not to mention that a great -- talks with -- fifth of the south building which of course lights us up. Spontaneity. Is the final secret behind it is -- It doesn't just make good filthy. Spontaneity. This is fueling equipment apparently for Nightline and change.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"It's me, myself and I for an American culture enthralled with cell phone self promotion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18885767","title":"'Selfie' Nation: Social Self-Portrait Obsession","url":"/Nightline/video/selfie-nation-social-portrait-trend-18885767"}