The series of steps of denuclearization of North Korea

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a historic document taking the first steps to denuclearization and a pathway to peace.
3:31 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for The series of steps of denuclearization of North Korea
David Muir reporting from Singapore live on this special edition of "Nightline," we're watching history made hern siapore. The historic sum, the first time ever a sitting U.S. President has met with north Korea's leader, in thiscase, dictator Kim Jong-un. They have signed a letter just a short time ago here in Singapore. I've been talking toartha Raddatz. I want to bring in Tom Bossert, as well, former homeland security adviser for the trump administration and, Tom, I took note, in this agreement they both signed, Thi letter,here is no mention of sanctions and yet in the last 24 hrs secretary of state Pompeo was pressed repeatedly, will you ease economic sanctions, give sort of economic relief before there is total and complete denuclearization? He indicated there would be no easing of the sanctions and yet no mention in the letter but that doesn't surprise you? No, it doesn't surprise me. Here's why, those sanctions are extant conditions. Inlace now and won remove them. 'S not only a compelling step for us to take but inntive. At this point duclearization and here's how I believe we presented it to the north Koreans has a number of steps that starts with disarming, missiles and nukes and moves to dismantling and disabling. It has to do with their fuel cycle development and take a littlelonger. What the psident and secretary Pompeo have said we won't remove sanctions until you've taken those first three steps. The fourth being long-term verification. We might provide benefits before 15 years I would imagine. You do recognize some will look at this and say it allows for at least a little bit wiggle room here that perhaps there will B phases here as far as the economic sanctions. O be honest, no, I actually think is a literal blueprint for piece. If both sides honor it is the first ever blueprint for peace that involves concessionsn both sides that are real. The north Koreans are going to view what president trump did today as a real set of conditions. He honor and respectedome of their deep, deep security concerns and inturn, see if they tru him and do the right thing. The president did give up some on the U.S. Side as well, Jon Karl talked about the concessions involving the war games and other issuest the president will have to questions Abt once he gets back home. You might have seen the end of the domino theory here today I. I wan to bring in colon Steve ganyard. What you heard George say earlier involving U.S. Military presence in and arod the Korean peninsula, the war games and the president saying that he's asked himself who pays for these war games? Are they really necessary? Thi we can -- I think we can do without them for awhile was the U.S. Will provide security guarantees, this whole summit R revolves around those words. You won't give up you nukes unless the U.S. Says we won't tack you. This is the key and the breathtaking irony here, David, is that just a few months ago, you had this president saying wee about to use military rce and now he's saying, we're going to guarantee your curity. And, in fact, president trump will take credit for that rhetoric and foraking this happen by using that rhetoric, ratcheting up the stakes T make Kim Jong-un realize what the stakes actually were and bringi him to the table. Colonel ard, our thank to you. 'Ve talked so many times dung what appeared to be the near escalation and now we talk as history is made here Singapore.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a historic document taking the first steps to denuclearization and a pathway to peace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55830520","title":"The series of steps of denuclearization of North Korea","url":"/Nightline/video/series-steps-denuclearization-north-korea-55830520"}