Shark experts share tips on how to avoid a deadly encounter with sharks

Shark experts from shows "Laws of Jaws" and "Sharkwrecked," which are part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, spoke to "Nightline."
7:38 | 07/26/18

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Transcript for Shark experts share tips on how to avoid a deadly encounter with sharks
It's a thirty year celebration and only the biggest stars and athletes can helped ago. Jack. From seven foot tall NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal coming face to face his biggest fear. Sure to if you. Olympic ski Lindsey evolve even UFC hall of Famer Ron have lousy pitching we hate to face and make it. Harder. Art art it's sharp in this news bigger than ever. It all that accident is playing out in time where sharks are circling our national consciousness once again. As attacks continue to make the headlines coast to coast sharks the latest scare you are looking at shark attacks on two separate beaches just last week the third general boys and a twelve year old girl will bid on two separate beaches. The New York City area. Once he. Arranged I want and then this side off the coast of Orange County when it. Yeah. Well. Yeah oh my god oh last year there were 88 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide. 53 of those were in the US alone and while those numbers have remained consistent the last few years the images when things go wrong. Are never easy to see. These encounters are no joke in yet there are some people like nick LaBeouf and Mike malisse. That thrive. Under the water into stuff like this on the record. They say don't blame the sharks. You know most of it is human error dance you know. Our lack of understanding of getting in the water and an environment that we're not comfortable with. It's dads their home. And I found myself here in the open ocean off the coast of lay on the doorsteps of their home. In these guys are dishing out tips on how to avoid deadly counts can I get the sense. Did. Did did you guys get a little bit of an adrenaline rush being out there and one of. I've never felt more call in more relaxed. Then surrounded by other users believe it or not it's one of the most beautiful experiences you know. The duo was part of discovery's shark week you can avoid homer. Every bat incident that house was sharks both are featured in the show the loss of jobs are marking what they call. The keys to survive by reenacting here wing real life incidents. One of them this 2017 shark attacked it left a 49 year old scuba diver dead. In Costa Rica those attacks by tiger shark while on vacation. They say the mistake she made she turned her back on the show. The bug stressing that theory himself watched the sharks have folks kids. When he turned his back a lot of. And as I turned around. You can see just veer off Brett Berry and. This shows and bruising you know you should always maintain eye contact the show the dominant posture. And it shows where another predator in the water and we don't look like Britain. It's going to be a difficult and maybe even a learned skill to be able to actually. Faced a shark in the eye when you're in these close close contact. Yet and most people who want us away. And that's really not what you wanna do with and most sharks because it's gonna show the predator for spray. But sometimes its historic you don't spit takes the first by. Mercury mine that I had an outright ordered. When he Koran chanting boy entered a scratchy trichet may shark attack somebody borders have tripled in the last few years the team. Has another test can simply smacking the water rule help prevent an attack. Search and artistic thinking here better than it's now that come to insert sound that's. But interest sharks getting confused the sound people make most lasting on the boogie boards in bed a possible break. I think. I knew then that it can help or can get them interested in the sound incentives may be yourself. But there's another person making a sound and the sharks on new Cirque rank over towards a sound investment sounds. They say depending on the move you make in the water you can either distract or attract the saw. What's the difference between this kind of this noise that like a dead animal would make in this mourned him splashing we'll of course Latin with government. And let's suffering. It's a fish and it's. Twitch in a certain way. I think sharks might be attracted to that didn't pick up and energy or pulsar whatever sounded visible if you make. Yeah come invested. They guys convinced me to dive in and learn the techniques they could prevent a fatal attack. That would under the villain. Is demonstrating to. A quarter billion quarters as it repetitive sound. Catalina. Those little written explanations that are the sounds that attracts sharks instead they say. This scare the sharks away I'll slap in the water is what you gotta do. So how much force should you be using music. And the clerk. So we're gonna pick that pocketed it right here near the end legally downing it would everything he had. Penetrated shock waves for hype today it's often easier said and done. Shark experts told the go there and James Clancy know what I'm talking about. I know what it's like to be paid and it sucks to go through the former Australian navy diver who lost in form and a leg. To a bull shark in 2009. In the show start wrecked airing tomorrow on discovery the divers themselves and extreme conditions. At one point tyranny re created shipped back. Been simulating what they've survived. In shark infested waters. Out in the middle they see the two are trying to stay afloat and at one point they got Compton. And have to fend off that team of tiger show. This does not harm kindness to others get a lot more stressful just in the twilight haven when the shocks and you was low light levels. That was not why we can say that shocks coming out us until it was the very last second. We how to magnets pens getting through its had just returned to Dieter so we got into that. They saw my always give us in the enclave snapping pines and I'm not pump into the white ribbons tonight. Pushing them away. Having to physically. Personal way without fans. And I think just keep them keep them. Behind us despite the close encounters. Both men say it's actually the sharks we have more to fear they'll calm when you'll come with them says a real mess that. And how the hound don't have respect but he battled the buff agrees he says this sensitive respects. Can go a long ways. I think it's really important serious concerns change in the way the next generation these sharks and fortunately there iron. They kill over a hundred million a year now and our population is going down 400 million charge for good and we're. It's a real sisters. Hopefully we can get that perception changed and people understand. You know sharks are friends. And we need him in the ocean in the balance. South. Oppressive as the right. She are correct airs on Thursday on discovery's shark week continues through Sunday.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"Shark experts from shows \"Laws of Jaws\" and \"Sharkwrecked,\" which are part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, spoke to \"Nightline.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56830978","title":"Shark experts share tips on how to avoid a deadly encounter with sharks","url":"/Nightline/video/shark-experts-share-tips-avoid-deadly-encounter-sharks-56830978"}