Sheryl Sandberg: Empowering the Young 'Lean In' Generation

Facebook COO talks to high school girls about not being afraid of success.
4:43 | 06/08/13

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Transcript for Sheryl Sandberg: Empowering the Young 'Lean In' Generation
-- saying you can't have it all but Sheryl Sandberg comes awfully close at 43 Sandberg. Who's a director at Disney ABC's parent company is the highly respected. Chief operating officer of FaceBook. Put in -- net worth in the billions. She's also happily married with two young children and yet she wants even more specifically. Choice whether to join her in the professional stratosphere we welcome to Nightline ABC's chief business and economics correspondent. Rebecca Jarvis. She is perhaps the best known business woman in America the billionaire CLO -- FaceBook. And an evangelist of empowerment -- leaving you can do something. Is the first and necessary -- to doing the best selling author of -- it. But the message he delivered today to a group of -- doesn't high school girls was. It's okay to be afraid the goal is not -- -- -- they probably aren't imitating either. We caught up with Sandberg at sequoia high school redwood city California. Where she was talking to what she calls -- -- in generation. And I had Condit myself -- when I get these have opportunities. To nearly it's over mom mean it that way thank -- -- us. But some parts I felt is. Like the messages and advice she was giving -- really strong -- -- it and I wrote the book. Sandberg wants young women to know that success can be measured in many ways for you personally. Would you call yourself successful. -- -- So. I ever to hold -- saying that we need to be comfortable with -- fast. And I still feeling comfortable calling myself successful you can call yourself if that is the challenge. Well I have to you because I wrote a book telling me to an important change the status quo. We're gonna have to get more comfortable myself included so -- I am a huge that's. I am leaning in and I will I -- my success but also trying to help women out there and there's. Today it's these young rats weather in the girls' room or at an early morning meeting they flock to ever. Yeah yeah. Before it was well. We're not. Hi how he became pregnant and associations if you asked me. It's. Here's. She went home and -- you. It's a movement that began with this moment if he worked for some guy who used to sit next to you and really he should be working for you. You're -- feel undervalued. The commencement speech -- garner just two years ago she ignored doubts he had to speak out for women. -- -- it was born. Success is every single woman out there. Feeling fully empowered and having the tools to dream and -- dreams and no she can make it -- -- I really believe things will change particularly with this generation I believe in his young generation we call our little -- -- She just the girls to raise their -- they'd ever called -- Every garment really shot up a comic book -- cute. Anomalies and don't dictated don't feel -- carrying. -- but as they got older I can understand the difference between being bossy and just -- my opinion if I asked senior weren't. Raise your hand if you're caught bossy as a child on our hands but you know we just don't call boys boxing because of -- stereotypes. She wants to stop the stigma that makes girls and women -- York. And boys and men -- -- tight grip you're talking about about you wanna be assertive you wanna be a leader but as a girl you also have to be nice. -- is basically a line main -- have to cross. Since Sandberg message to women is to demand what they want. What else did she want. I feel them right where I want to be doing something I really believe and. -- -- speculation that Sandberg could be positioning herself for another parole. Is that a possibility now not running our offense you're not running not running -- -- -- this is all -- -- -- -- -- big -- And her biggest piece of advice to today's graduates. Ask ourselves. While -- -- if you were -- Bentley and -- can't do that congratulation. Even if the answer is this I would compete with -- Santa exact -- didn't bring it on business. -- for Nightline I'm Rebecca Jarvis in -- redwood city California.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Facebook COO talks to high school girls about not being afraid of success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19353783","title":"Sheryl Sandberg: Empowering the Young 'Lean In' Generation","url":"/Nightline/video/sheryl-sandberg-empowering-young-lean-generation-19353783"}