Snake hunters from India tackle Florida's python problem

Masi Sadaiyan and Vadivel Gopal, experts from India'a renowned snake-catching Irula tribe, scour the everglades to find these giant snakes.
5:54 | 08/05/17

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Transcript for Snake hunters from India tackle Florida's python problem
??? Burmese pythons have few natural predators, alligators, black bears, cougars and tribesmen in India taught to hunt them since they are three. There are tens and thousands terrorizing wild life. Preying on all the native wild life. They are seemingly everywhere. The woman found seven foot python under clothing. We know there's a lot of missing cats in that neighborhood. But in reality they're hard to find. If sources Florida is thinking so Florida is thinking outside of the box. And in the brains of these experts from India's renowned snake catching tribe. Aha! They have been hunting snake since they were three years old. They know things they can't even explain to us. For two months only they come to the everglades to do this. Teaching their techniques to researchers at the fish and wild life conservation commission and university of Florida. We got another one. He got his nickname from wrestling alligators but is just as eager to get his hands on these. He invited us to spend a day on the hunt with the snake-catching combo. So nice to meet you. I'm Gloria. Nashi. I have reluctantly chased down deadly snakes before. That's me sccoworring when a cobra appears. Is he taking it out now? Should I stay right here? Oh, my god. Today I'm putting on a brave face because pythons are not venomous but no less lethal this one swallowed a man hole. We found seven foot alligators inside them. That's what we're going to look for now? Yes. We set out in the swam buggy. Covering a lot of ground slowly. They are laser focused. Their eyes are just shhh. You can see how difficult it is with the landscape here and the color of the snake to start with being all cam owed you have to really, really concentrate. Slid he hits the brakes and the trackers think they spotted the snake trail and see the path these animals carve through the everglades. But this trail belongs to another reptile. We were seeing a trail that looked like a snake trail but is really anal gate Joor trail. They take a knee to roll a tobacco cigarette a routine break that renews their focus and instantly are off again darting in and out of the brush. It's a slow process and so far no python yet. But that's not unusual. It's hard to find these snakes. It is so hard there are numerous python catching efforts around the state. It's not about the money, it's about the everglades. The south Florida management district paid hourly wage to special wranglers and they're trying everything from detection dogs to training amateurs. Hold it would two fingers. Who wants to go first. They even hold competitions to encourage the public to get in onto hunt. You don't think might bite you. It might but then I'll pull it out of there. "Nightline" spent the day with the Cyprus boys who made it look easy. Spotting one from their car. Oh, my god. Just watch it. Come here. There he is. There he is. I see him. And in catching two more at once. Jahhe holy . They caught four that day. Winning the python challenge by catching 33 in a month. Ready. Yeah. That's the same number these two caught in their trip in the sunshine state. Our mission is not yet finished we're getting on to the boats to check some of the waterways because that's where pythons like to hang out. We island hop. Got if. Our team battles some very thick branches. Heading for holes and other potential hide out zbrz in case one attacks. Okay. Where he goes I try to follow. Getting a little challenging. That's far if you have for me. Ah! Despite their previous success the snakes remain allusive on this day. When you approach this problem the goal is not to catch every python in the Florida everglades. Well that's what we like to do but we don't believe that you can ever capture all of the python. What we're trying to do is kind of control it. That's why we have the python challenge, to educate the public Indians in. Helping Florida try to get a handle on their python problem in the Florida everglades.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Masi Sadaiyan and Vadivel Gopal, experts from India'a renowned snake-catching Irula tribe, scour the everglades to find these giant snakes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"49050739","title":"Snake hunters from India tackle Florida's python problem","url":"/Nightline/video/snake-hunters-india-tackle-floridas-python-problem-49050739"}