South Korea Plastic Surgery: The Pain of Recovery

Part 2: After her surgery, it takes Jessica Choi a few months to get used to her new face.
3:56 | 06/22/14

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Transcript for South Korea Plastic Surgery: The Pain of Recovery
A few days after their surgery, Jessica and Christina are recovering in neighboring twin beds. It hurts so -- Both are in excruciating pain. I can't even describe the pain. But at night time, without the pill, I constantly feel this knife cutting through my bones. And I can't say anything, because my mouth is open and I'm drooling, and I have cotton up my nose. All for beauty. All for what? You don't want your mom to come? No. Like if she were to see it and realize -- I can't imagine how she's going to feel. She's going to feel so sad. I don't want to do that to her. You wouldn't do it again? Never, never. Never? Even if you think you look great? No, no, no, never. I would just learn to live with myself. Like I wasn't hideous, hideous. After going through this, I don't want to -- I would just live with it. I would be living with it for 20 years. If I knew what I had to go through ahead of time, there no way I would be able to go Lou it again. There's no way in hell. This is so hard. I feel like I've said. This is so different than what I said. I feel like I hear god's voice saying sweetheart, why did you do this? I made you perfect. That's the voice I kept hearing. Over the course of the next days and months. Hi, today is day day two P of my surgery. Jessica documents her recovery by flip cam. This is day three. I think the worst is past. Day six, the swelling is down. I think he heard the prayers of anguish. I just boarded my flight. As the pain diminishes her extreme regret begins to fade as well. Hi, guys it's me. Still 35 degrees post surgery. Still a little puffier but after that I look great. Back on the other side of the world it's been christithree months since Christina lay in her hospital bed. She's slightly less hard on herself wh she describes her looks. I wouldn't say pretty. But I would say I look better now. I'm happy with my face now, I'll live with this face. But her satisfaction don't come with reservation. I would never go through it again. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't swallow my own saliva. I couldn't eat, breath. It was the worst experience ever. Was it worth it? Yeah. It was worth it. Still if I were to tell all my friends, if they don't have a problem living with their faces, I would tell them not to do it. I would tell them get new friends for life who like their big faces. . As for Jessica, three months after the surgery, the pain she suffered in that hospital bed seems worlds away. I love it. I feel softer. I feel more feminine. I have to say this, Koreans are perfectionists. They perfected a nose that an American doctor just messed up. It's beautiful. But perhaps the biggest take-away is proofing that what seems superficial, isn't always so superficial after all. I feel like the exterior transformation has really been a reflection of what transformation has been going on on the inside of me. Being in the abusive marriage I was in and becoming whole again, it's not as shallow as it may seem at first glance, and meeting the world with the fresh face. Same firecracker personality, but a new outlook on life.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Part 2: After her surgery, it takes Jessica Choi a few months to get used to her new face.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24249703","title":"South Korea Plastic Surgery: The Pain of Recovery","url":"/Nightline/video/south-korea-plastic-surgery-pain-recovery-24249703"}