How 'Star Wars' fans Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich prepped for 'Solo'

After being cast, Glover and Ehrenreich reached out to the originators of their roles, Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams.
6:21 | 05/24/18

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Transcript for How 'Star Wars' fans Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich prepped for 'Solo'
Reporter: The summer season's biggest back story is here at last. "Solo: A star wars story" taking viewers to new worlds in that galaxy far, far away. The origin tale of Han solo, the franchise's most charismatic figure. Brimming with bravado and derring-do, the role made Harrison Ford famous with the original "Star wars" trilogy. I love you. I know. Reporter: Four decades later, 28-year-old Alden ehrenreich -- Had a really good feeling. Reporter: Way cool in the millennium falcon cockpit. Even when the ride gets bumpy. Push it! Getting to actually fly the ship, it's like really fun. When we jump to light Swede it goes zoop! It's crazy. That's a good version of the sound. Might want to buckle up. It looks crowded in the cockpit, actually. Yes. It does? Because they told us it wasn't going to look bad. They told us there was like -- they're like, it will look more spacious than it is. I was like, really this because my leg is in my face. Captain Landau call ris yen. Han solo. Reporter: Alongside Han, playing a younger version of Lando calrissian, Donald glover. This seat taken? Nobody's in the seat you'd be taking from. I just wanted to do this, the sense of competitiveness that's honest about the characters. I win through being smooth, he wins through being a cowboy. Who gave you confidence that you could take on this role? No one. The movie doesn't open with hillsideling up to a bar with swagger, it opens in a very different place and he's got a very different feeling. So kind of incorporating all that element and making him feel like a real performer. Get ready! Reporter: Han looking for adventure and a lost love. Since when do you know how to fly? Reporter: Finding a wookiee bff. 190 years old? You look great! Chewy. Wearing a giant fur. Wearing a huge -- you can't use the restroom when you're wearing it. Like you can't take it off. Being chewbacca really is about your endurance. Reporter: Solo's on the rise leads are part of a generation of actors introduced to "Star wars" movies and merch by family members. My father gave me the Lando toy. I bit the lightsaber off of darth vader and gave it to Lando. You bit it off? Bit it. It was connected to his hand. You chewed it? Just kind of -- I had a green lightsaber. When I went to do my screen test, it was like, oh, I've pretended I was on the millennium falcon before, so it felt comfortable and cool. Reporter: After being cast they reached out to the originators of their roles. The main thing for me with meeting Harrison, we were about to start the movie and no one had talked to him yet so it felt weird. I wanted to kind of go and get his blessing on the movie. We talked a lot about his whole career trajectory and it was great. He was just awesome. Reporter: Glover made contact with the original Lando, Billy Dee Williams. And he was like, no, just be charming. He's like, Lando's eclectic, he's charming. I was like, okay. He texted me too. Really? You have his phone number? I have his phone number. You don't have Harrison's phone number? No. He didn't want to bro out with you? In the end he's like, if you're ever in Wyoming, come up. I was like, yeah, so anyway. How do I get there? I just say that, kid. I don't mean it. No, me and Billy Dee, we go to the grove sometimes. Hold hands. You know, just talk about life. Reporter: Real life did intrude when in June 2017 solo's original directors, Phil lord and Christopher Miller, were ousted by Lucas film, a company statement citing different creative visions as the reason. Ready, and action! Reporter: Ron Howard hired to take over. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think that it was a great story and a great script and that they were going to be wonderful in it. Reporter: Howard would hone in on making his "Solo" a rite of passage for its heroic main character. I thought that every relationship and every action scene was meant to be a test of Han solo. I think the "Star wars" movies at their best are full of not jokes, but humor. What do you think? Well, what do you know? Reporter: That meant focusing on ehrenreich's performance from the start. He was feeling a lot of pressure. What is Han solo? How would Harrison approach it? I said, let's dispense with that, just table it moment and moment. The ship has probably never looked better than when Lando had it. Reporter: These days no one is having a moment quite like Donald glover. ?????? thanks to his acclaimed series on FX, "Atlanta." ?????? and under his childish Gambino musical alias, his widely held song and music video "This is America." Yet for the 34-year-old multi-talent, it's important to stay above the noise. Those moments are lived. Processed. They're just lived. And you'll miss the best parts of life. Reporter: In Ron Howard, "Solo" has a storyteller who acted for George Lucas in "American graffiti," directed for him with the fantasy "Willow," and had his action film debut in 1977. "Grand theft auto." Didn't gross as much or gain the acclaim that "Star wars" won. I did think of some of those high-speed chases as we were working on "Solo." Reporter: This one ending on Hollywood boulevard with a world premiere that featured a red carpet and a millennium falcon on site. I've never had a movie where you walk in during the premiere and they clap for you coming into the theater. They're like, don't let us down, bro! Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Chris Connelly in los Angeles.

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{"id":55401656,"title":"How 'Star Wars' fans Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich prepped for 'Solo'","duration":"6:21","description":"After being cast, Glover and Ehrenreich reached out to the originators of their roles, Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams.","url":"/Nightline/video/star-wars-fans-donald-glover-alden-ehrenreich-prepped-55401656","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}