Taylor Swift takes the stand in former radio DJ groping trial

Swift testified that David Mueller "took his hand and put it up my dress," though Mueller claims he did not inappropriately touch the star.
8:20 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for Taylor Swift takes the stand in former radio DJ groping trial
Mega superstar Taylor Swift taking the stand in court and in blunt testimony describing details about an alleged groping attempt. We have the latest on the trial. ??? shake it off, shake it off ??? Taylor Swift shakes it off in a fair free way, but she was feisty and defiant in an hour long showdown. Taylor seemed a lot more relaxed than yesterday and seemed confident and I think ready and prepared for what was going to happen today. She was called by the attorney for a former radio D.J., the man she said groped her back side at her concert that was captured in this photo leaked to TMZ. This is a photo of his hand up my dress. It was long enough to be sure it was intentional. Swift used a three-letter word that we won't broadcast so many times it was hard to keep count. It was probably on purpose. She had this phrase that they clearly practiced. That phrase must have been something they believe would work. It's visceral. When she said he grabbed a handful of my bare ass, jurors saw that in their head. We know that imagery or language is remembered. It moves people. Mueller sued swift said he ruined his radio career. He maintains there was never any inappropriate contact except for perhaps bumping Hans, arms and ribs as they moved to pose for the photo. Swift seemed annoyed by that saying he did not touch my rib or my arm. He did not touch my hand. She grabbed my bare -- It was a clear strategy to repeat her strategy early and often. She wanted to paint a picture that said this was not okay. This is not just like a cute little cheeky butt grab. This was sexual assault and not okay. I'm going to keep reminding him of that. When muley sued swift, swift sued back alleging assault and battery. She sued for damages that could total three million dollars, but she owner sued for just $1. Anything more will go to charity. She is spending nine daying in court to fight this. She thinks it's important. When she told her photographer she had been grabbed, they knew she was talking about Mueller. He claimed his colleague was at swift's show that night and said Haskell demonstrated how he put his arms around her, hands on her bottom. Could it be a case of mistaken identi identity? Andrea swift said there is no way I would do that. Taylor said there is no way. It was frustrating. At least they got to talk to them. He tried to pass this off on you. How does it make you feel? Angry. Again, I think of Taylor Swift as a little sister because she was 13 the first time I met her. It's disgusting. Swift also testified there is no question the man who allegedly assaulted her is Mueller and not Haskell. I have a 3D recreation in my brain. I know there are faces I recognize from the last couple of days. Swifties have lined up early for the front row seats. We can handout passes for the morning and afternoon if you want it. Even drawing in a couple of Bieber fans. We were here to see the Taylor Swift thing, but we were here for a Justin Bieber concert and it got canceled. We were close by and wanted to come support her and possibly see her. Across the street from the courthouse, the coworkers are crafting messages for swift and post it notes. I hope she knows she has support and a group of women who love what she does and know that we have got her back. Swift's testimony comes a day after her mother Andrea was on the stand. Yesterday he calls mom and today he calls Taylor. Why put them on so early? This is unconventional. Jurors decide cases early and you need to put on your best people right away. Putting on a crying mother and a celebrity who knows how to connect with the audience as the next two witnesses, I can't offer a good explanation and think it's not a good strategy. Swift said the first person she told was her mother, Andrea who was too sick to be in court today. Her mother testified when she saw that photo, I knew something horribly wrong was going on, singling out Mueller in the courtroom. He sexually assaulted her. That guy. Swift's testimony was unwafering too. My skirt is lifted in that photo and shows the exact moment of the alleged grab. Mueller's attorney asked swift about the photo. Why isn't the front of your skirt somewhere else. He said because my bottom is on the back of my body. They paid close attention. Did you have a good look at the jury? They watched her intently. Some of the jurors throughout have been taking notes. There was laughter when she was funny. She had sarcastic humor and that got chuckles and smiles. She knew what she wanted the jury to hear. This is the story I am going to tell. Mueller is suing for lost wages and to restore his reputation. His body language is much different than Taylor Swift's. He seemed rigid and didn't seem to look at Taylor or his lawyer. He was squarely facing the front. At one point his lawyer came over to talk and David didn't turn around to look at them. He stayed positioned where he was. The radio station executive testified he fired Mueller baize his story kept changing and the photo and an angry phone call from team swift. The jurors are starring to make up their minds. They are not supposed to deliberate yet, but I bet they are making decisions and sometimes they chat a little early. Absent a shock, this case is starring to take a dleairection that will be hard to turn around. Here said I don't know anything about Mr. Mueller. What he did was despicable and horrifying and shocking. This lawsuit is symbolic. She is doing it to draw greater attention to sexual harassment and assault and women who have been through what she said she has been through. And her supporters said they are glad she is standing up. Taylor Swift's testimony was powerful. A little sassy, but just the right amount. I'm supporting her and this traumatic experience she is going through. You know the event. That's the main reason I wanted to come is to get that experience. It's kind of a big case. I think for women's rights. I think that's awesome. By representing women who have been sexually harass and assaulted and you probably will not find a singing woman in the music industry who has not been sexually harassed or assaulted at time or another. By giving that voice to put in stark terms, it's a great look for her and an important statement to make. Even though the trial is expected to last a few more days, it's hard to contemplate any other witness filling in any better. For night line in Denver. ??? The team behind the marvel

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{"id":49151622,"title":"Taylor Swift takes the stand in former radio DJ groping trial","duration":"8:20","description":"Swift testified that David Mueller \"took his hand and put it up my dress,\" though Mueller claims he did not inappropriately touch the star. ","url":"/Nightline/video/taylor-swift-takes-stand-radio-dj-groping-trial-49151622","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}