Trayvon Martin Case: Widespread Outrage

Protests have cropped up nationwide, demanding justice for a slain teenager (OAD: 03-22-2012)
4:36 | 06/05/20

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin Case: Widespread Outrage
Good evening I'm Terry Moran it's this story that's ignited fierce passions across the nation as allegations of racism and miscarriage of justice terror apart. A small Florida town three weeks ago trade on Martan an unarmed black teenager. Was shot down by a white neighborhood watchman who claimed self defense. And has not at this point been arrested. And it's caught the public outcry that spread like wildfire ABC's Matt Gutman brings us the latest now. From Sanford floor. This is the face of seventeen year old tree Vaughn Martin. Whose death has provoked weeks of demonstrations in massive Internet petitions and tonight around New York's. And in this small city of Sanford Florida a vote of no confidence where its embattled police cheap. These are just the latest twist in the case and it's galvanizing the country following the shooting Barton. On February 26 he left his father's the agency's ousted by skills and iced tea during the NBA all star game making his way along this path. In crime watch volunteer George Zimmermann spotted it began to follow him. Totally always get a word about it but what can you via WWW. But Zimmerman does anyway. He begins chasing him. This guy looks like he does now Lugar he's on drugs or home. As we lured from his girlfriend Martin at this point he's terrified. There were lots. Done equally certain. ABC news was there exclusively. As she told her story to the Martin family attorney. But there which actually costs probable. Let alone spend what you got. And I've pushed. Soccer Great Britain. A touring to 911 calls. I thought it is speaking at hand what he think he sure they're run right back. How are pretty players and I spit it out here only. The residents reporting these chilling how else. The single gunshot yeah. It is until. Zimmerman immediately claimed self defense which investigators on the scene accepted. But investigators also ignored key witnesses ABC news has learned and fill to contact others like Martin's girlfriend. The police department definitely needs to go back re interview everyone and anyone has any information as well as the FBI guarantee that's what they're gonna do that's going to be their first stop. And all the wild Sanford police claiming they are handcuffed yours plug along the lowest called stand your ground. Passed in 2005. It allows someone to use deadly force when they feel threatened since the law justified homicides in Florida have jumped threefold. Twenty states have similar laws but Florida as is seen as the most extreme could really would run a very. In fact another man on trial for manslaughter in Florida right now is invoking the law to try to get the case dismissed and back in 2007. Norman boarding fired fourteen bullets into a pair of men he thought were gang members under the law he walked free. Is it remained hasn't been charged with a crime but even friends say he might have gone too far too this is the route to Georgia remedy is to take. In his nightly patrols this frank Jaffe was a former block captain of the local crime watch and worked with Zimmerman. Pulling out his weapon and shooting. Seems extreme it it doesn't really sound like self defense to most people hear about it I agree with you but then again something ramp that. Print this altercation to the point where. You so that would force. Patent and you know we have. Boy who was killed and we just can't bring their quarterback. Sam my heart goes out. Martin died a John go. Come on credit Serb indicted. Dead out here only. Unidentified and unclaimed for 48 hours because of apparent police red tape tonight trade on Martan. Is anonymous no more. Okay okay. And tonight in New York. Martin's parents joined the. We're god. Water. Boulevard. Baton. I live or what we know there and back bonus until you just before three day. More than a thousand people marching supported the teenager. Whose name is known around. I'm Matt Gutman for Nightline in Sanford.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Protests have cropped up nationwide, demanding justice for a slain teenager (OAD: 03-22-2012)","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"71079860","title":"Trayvon Martin Case: Widespread Outrage","url":"/Nightline/video/trayvon-martin-case-widespread-outrage-71079860"}